My "Pillar of Consciousness” is a 14’ tall pillar of human history, a meditation on humanity’s evolution. In a metaphorical sense, it describes the process of evolution from mineral and bone, beginning with the Human Skull as its material base, evolving into Reptile, our oldest relative walking this earth. From reptile it ascends into a bird, or more specifically a Phoenix to symbolize transformation on into the Cro-Magnon, an enlightened being, finally evolving into the Goddess, the height of human evolution and spiritual growth. It combines ancient symbolism from pre-dynastic Egyptian, Olmec, Sumerian, Vedic, Incan, Mayan, Chinese and Viking culture, mythology and lore to communicate a long lost creation story about who we really are, where we come from, what we are doing here, leading to a deeper understanding of the self. It tells the story of a symbiosis and interrelation of life forms, of ancient mystical interpretations of the metaphysical realm, of wisdoms encrypted into relics left by our ancestors from megalithic cultures long ago, of a conscious awakening, a consciousness that rises out of matter, consciousness being the most powerful act that a living being can experience. I believe that this renewed understanding of our past will help us be more in tune with our now, leading to a more hopeful future for us all. Peace, MEAR ONE


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