Formosa Colonial Soft Spoken Media Archaeology ~~「 大阪府下に新設中の日本一の無線電局」 (1923-01-06)
From the Taiwan Daily News (臺灣日日新報), reading an article about the construction of japan first Commercial Radio Wireless Station.

Soft Spoken reading ~~ definition of different wireless Oscillators used in early days of the wireless telephony. Reading from the french Encyclopedia of Radio (1926).


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Bonjour ! New to Bitchute....thanks to Styxhexenhammer's video ! I’m french and live in Taiwan for quite a long time. Mainly working on contemporary Art projects and Media Archaeology .

I’ m creating video exploring the early years of wireless technologies in Taiwan, as well as the construction of a “Wireless Imagination” in the Japanese colonial community.

I read in soft spoken/ deep voice (ASMR) articles published between 1922 to 1926 from Taiwan Daily News (臺灣日日新報) publicizing the new wireless technologies and culture, as well as the development of the wireless infrastructures through the Japanese Empire.

Time to time, I draw electrical diagram published before 1926 from colonial archives, meditating on the path, and trying to visualize the long gone apparatus they were meant to describe.

In the my blogs, I explore the patterns which underlie the development of a “wireless imagination” and how they are the glimpse of something more.

I hope you enjoy the listening experience, and if you want to learn more about the content of the articles, please go to my blogs, Medium for Mandarin, and Minds for english.

Minds : https://www.minds.com/Mecanologue

Medium : https://medium.com/@mecanologue