The Series Finale.

After a short time with the daughter of her mom's boss, Reggie strives to be a bit more fancy. The Witch takes note of her insecurity and hatches a scheme.

Its 2017 and EXOFRAMES are spreading fast all over the world. So fast that countries still against them are failing to come up with a good countermeasure against them. While they stick their head in the sand trying to deny the changes happening, PMCs and Mercenaries see the potential of these alien machines and become well known.

This episode felt like they were in a rush.

Reggie brings her 'collection' to Endless where its getting really messy and gross. Fortunately, Esther finds a resident who can help organize the mess.

Its 2016 and some armies have started adopting Exoframes into their forces One example is the Indian Army. The JSDF send an exchange officer to see the effectiveness of the frames in an area where the local army is having border disputes with Pakistan.

The Captain of the Guard, unable to go against his daughter but torn between serving his kingdom, retires from his duties. He passes on the title and responsibilities to Eugene. Meanwhile, there is a new Flynn Rider going about.

Reggie and her friends discover an abandoned grocery store on Endless. Its food on the shelf show their embarrassing and scarred memories.

A trip back to the year 2015. One year since the alien merchants, dub Peddlers, came to Earth to trade. First world countries are attempting to regulate the exoframes extensively. But developing countries are embracing them with open arms. Bowman is part of an American task force deployed to help stabilize growing unrest in Cambodia when his tank battalion get swarmed by exo using locals.

Mother Gospel is BACK!! Or not. Either way, it leads to Raps and Cas to work together.

After a very annoying day at school, the trio try to be cool teacher on Endless after the locals learn a bit about school.

An original Mecha Anime released on Youtube.

An Earth where alien merchants trade skeletal frame mechs for limestone. Everything has changed.

Cassandra goes to the Spire, the one with Calliope the annoying girl, to take a specific item called the Mind Trap. Calliope manages to inform Rapunzel and she with Eugene are going to the rescue.

Reggie and her mom go to the mall so they can get Reggie a dress for a wedding, and Ester is coming along. Todd stays in Endless for some boy time.

So Rick made a clone of Beth last season. And we go into a Star Wars.

Its Eugene's birthday and he learns that he is actually a year older than he though. To add rain on his depressing revelation, Cassandra crashes the party. And she looks good.

The Witch has an idea when they see how Mack and Beefhouse resolve their issues.

A camping trip planned by Jerry goes Sci-fi when Rick receives a phone call about someone he banged about to have kids. That someone is a planet.

A clue to Cassandra's whereabouts leads Rapunzel and Eugene back to the island of the little leaf people.

Reggie finds some old home movie VHS taps about her and Dustin, her brother, playing make believe. She wants to finish the series but Dustin refuses so he tries to finish it herself with her friends.

It all starts with a vat of acid.

Pascal gets a dragon. That's pretty much the title.

Esther and Todd want to try to figure out the mysteries of Endless while Reggie thinks that's boring and pointless.

Rick and Morty find themselves in a society of facehugging aliens and they escaped causing alot of death and destruction. But they forgot something: Summer!

New red glowing rocks are sprouting in and around Corona that makes people see their worse fears. And if the effects remain too long, victims will be frozen by the fear.


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