Prepping for Season 18, we get some PSAs.

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May is an EL-Diver. And the locals are gonna have a festival so the team joins in.

This one alien is putting up a hell of a show. And against two Ultramen.

A new student has started to admire Shinjiro. At the same time, there is a third Ultraman in the streets. I wonder?

The Force prepared for their underwater battle. But they find that their enemy is a bigger opponent then they believed.

Heather is in danger. Krogan and Vigo have their eyes on a special lens in her possession. And a twist.

The Force are introduced to the Resistance leader on an island city. There is a festival going on and Hiroto and May question there purpose.

Dagger becomes concern about his sister's obsession of finding their father. But when he goes to Hiccup for help with a clue about him, he finds that they may know where he could be.

Shinjiro grows ever more into a full fledged Ultraman. Meanwhile, Rena's concert has an extraterrestrial guest in the back.

We see Kazami's old force here. The guy finally starts to learn what he needs and actually improves.

A twin-centric episode. You can tell how excited I am.

The new season of Death Battle begins. There are changes. Some are improvements. Others, well, I have to ask: WTF where they thinking!?!?!?!

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Inspector Endo is not gonna sit by and let the SSSP take over this case. Especially when its connected to his daughter, tangentially as it is.

The DiVERS have another big mission. But they are still terrible as a team. Meanwhile, Kazami is realizing how low he really is.

The Dragon Riders got back their isle, but now they have another problem. Involving their dragon guest.

Another mission is at hand. Par is feeling extra moopy today.

Morbius the Living Vampire. Yet most are gonna take about the two other actors in this.

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Shinjiro learns about a side of Japan he had no idea about. Meanwhile, police are being bushed aside by the SSSP when a string of strange murders happen.

The search for Relia is one as the group finds another facility. Hopefully, they can find an answer to their Kronos problem.

Kronos is desperate to acquire Relia, so Emmerson proposes that the Federation take her to safety. Fidel reluctantly agreed and they departed. But things don't go well.

The bad guys have the Edge and the Dragon Eye. Hiccup is in a bind. But gets encouragement from a very unlikely source.

The DiVERS have another mission to prepare for. There is still a bit of drama within the team.

Some time free so lets do some grinding.

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Shinjiro has been preforming some good deeds. Saving people who got into accidents. Breaking up hostage situations. All for a good PR. But now he has to do what Ultraman is best known for: killing aliens.


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