Follow the Media2Rise crew as we go behind the scenes with the American based National Justice Party and interview its board members as well as speak with those in attendance.
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The Idea: This documentary series is the first milestone in our multimedia project.
For too long have our voices been censored, and our words misconstrued leaving us in the role of playing the reactionary.
Our actions have always been shown through the lenses of our political adversaries.
We will change that! This project will serve those throughout European civilization who have been slighted for defending their nation and identity. Media2rise will enable this via:
1.) allowing the voices of the censored to be heard.
2.) showing a correct image of our people, activities, and behavior.
3.) fostering awareness of the truth to build stronger relations & reputation with the public.
Media2rise will serve as another way of creating a counter-culture to the left by covering everything from private events, demonstrations, concerts, etc., while also creating our own entertainment from within the nationalist lifestyle.

The Goal: To offer a media outlet that will counter the leftist-controlled media and the narrative that is used to degrade the efforts of nationalist movements and personalities. We wish to give our own people a voice to promote our ideals in a positive and truthful presentation. We believe communication to our people is the key to winning hearts and minds. For too long our movements have suffered without an outlet that can offer this style of documentation in a modern and engaging way.
We will tell our own stories. We will communicate our own ideals. We are media2rise.