Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius with his marketing for new movie Borat 2! He or the marketing team for Borat 2 knew if they released snapshots showing Rudy Giuliani in what could even possibly be seen as creepy or perverted, the media and twitter would run wild with the story. We heard nothing about Rudy Being in the film until the day before, and guess what? More people watched it on release just to see that one scene than probably would have even known about the movie otherwise. Cohen is Very Smart.


Twitter erupts as footage comes out with America's Mayor Rudy Giuliani with his hands down his pants, on a bed, next to a young woman. This is all part of the New Borat movie coming out soon. Fake news is at it saying the girl was also underage because as part of the scene Borat burst in saying "she is 15"!


President Trump walks out on 60 minutes interview with Lesley Stahl. Why did he walk out? Because she is Old! Well deafferent sources say different things, but apparently it was a heated interview and he said they had enough footage.

Tiffany Trump Throws 27th Birthday Bash in Miami. Twitter erupts as everyone freaks out as a Trump has a party while they all suffer.

Amy Coney Barrett Does Not Know First Amendment according to the media spin. My thoughts on the the thirds day of the ACB hearings after she stumbled on saying all 5 protections under the First Amendment

Amy Coney Barrett Said Sexual Preference instead of Sexual Orientation during Day 3 of her Supreme Court Nomination hearing. Apparently, this is a widely known offensive term and all LBGTQ community members should be terrified.

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