Filmmaker Mikki Willis writes:
"In this video, I share a few critical secrets I've learned after serving over twenty years on the frontlines of many of our nation's biggest scandals and protests. Please take 7 minutes to watch this video, then SHARE IT FAR AND WIDE."


Our Birthright
I've been a human rights activist for almost 20 years. As a documentary filmmaker, I've been on the front lines of many of our nation's biggest scandals and protests.

From that perspective, I've been an eyewitness to the rise and fall of numerous people powered movements.Nearly every organized resistance I've been a part of has ended just inches from victory for the same critical mistake… infighting. When members of the same group turn against each other. It often begins with whispers about the most prominent spokespeople of the cause. These rumors typically sound like “I hear John is controlled opposition” or “some people are saying Jane is compromised.”

While the use of infiltrators and agitators is a very real thing, I've yet to experience one scenario where such a label was accurately applied, and suspiciously, these labels are always branded on the people who are making the most progress. With the degradation of their reputation, goes their contribution to your life.

Prior to social media, people actually sat down to dialog through their differences. Today, without solid evidence or sufficient inquiry, we go directly to our keyboards to vent our suspicions. Even after the rumor is proven false or simply fades away, some level of doubt and division always remains. This is all by design. “Part of what allowed so many people to walk away from Assange was some of the MeToo allegations that had surfaced and that were ultimately discredited, but stuck in people's minds.”

The voices of propaganda are masterful at this game. They knowingly run a false story, then retract it, knowing the lie will reach millions, but very few will see the correction.

“Amy Coney Barrett's religious faith is being called into question again. She belongs to this People of Praise group, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled them a hate group.”


“When I stated that People of Praise had been deemed a hate group, I just got them mixed up with another group. I conflated them. Ah, okay, that happens. You know, it's easy to do.”

In the words of former CIA director William Casey. “We’ll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” The planting of divisive rumors is one of the most common tactics used in psychological warfare. As the lies bloom, like worker bees, well-intended citizens pollinate the masses with poisonous disinformation. What the gossiping bees fail to realize is that they themselves are doing the work of controlled opposition. They are literally, unwittingly working on behalf of the very forces they believe they are resisting. Again, all of this is by design. While we've all been distracted by the latest trends and tragedies, everything that has influence on our behavior has been infiltrated by an agenda to control our thoughts. Whether their goal is to make us purchase a product, vote for a political party, or submit to experimental inoculations, there are forces at work who understand the functionalities of your mind far better than you do. Their goal is total control. But because they are the few and we are the many, they can only achieve total control through the age old tactic of divide and conquer. “You're either with them or with us.”

Never before have we been so divided. Divided by politics, religion, nation, state, race, class, gender and now vaccine status. To better understand how we got here.

Consider these three quotes from The Art of War by Sun Tzu:

“The Supreme Art of War is to subdue the enemy without fighting”

“Victorious warriors win first, and then go to war.”

The secret lies in confusing the enemy so that he cannot fathom our real intent.” Though Sun Tzu who lived over 2500 years ago, his work remains at the heart of our CIA, as well as, the Chinese Communist Party's strategy today. It's no coincidence that around the same era as Sun Tzu, the words “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” were first recorded. It is Unity that will save our communities.

“As you see in the audience, Muslims, Christians, Jewish community, Democrats, Republicans, white, black, everyone all in between. This is the example of what you get when you choose to attack all members of the human family.” Our greatest power is our numbers. Hence, the relentless effort to shatter us into broken fragments.

As their agendas are being exposed, the dividers will stop at nothing to cover their crimes against humanity. They have bunkers. All we have is each other. The good news is, that's all we need. Though we are intrinsically interconnected, our minds are being wired to obsess on our differences. Contrary to social indoctrination,

Brandy Vaughan Was a Big Pharma (Vaccine) Whistleblower ~ She Died an American Hero on December 7/2020
Covid-19 News November 4, 2022
'Brandy Vaughan' educates a room of medical practitioners and demonstrates just how corrupt and dangerous Big Pharma really is. Brandy Vaughan, 44, was initially a pharmaceutical employee who sold Vioxx, a painkiller medication sold by the company Merck. It eventually came to light that Vioxx was found to double the risk of stroke and heart attacks in people. Merck, knowingly continued to distribute the painkillers, knowing its prospective dangers. The medical journal Lancet estimates that 88,000 Americans had heart attacks from taking Vioxx, and 38,000 of them died. Merck, eventually had to settle the biggest pharma lawsuit in history, to the tune of 4.85 billion dollars to thousands of people.

more at Freedom Rules:

Article: Brandy Vaughn, a Merck whistleblower (she began her career as a top Merck rep) who became an outspoken advocate for safe vaccines, founded Learn The Risk to fight the wave of mandatory vaccination laws initiated by the pharmaceutical industry. Brandy died suddenly on Dec. 7:

Grant gives us updates on whats happenin at the WEF meetings in Davos, and what really is the agenda we have to be aware of.

I really do not think I need to comment here, if you believe in untested shots on babies, you need to leave my page immediately, and consider moving to another country

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum is underway right now in Davos, Switzerland. The globalists are meeting to decide how they will control you for the next decade of your lives. But who is Klaus Schwab? You won't believe the dark history of the man that sits at the helm of the WEF. Investigative Journalist Johnny Vedmore joins us on today's show. Also, a massive new Twitter files drop shows Big Pharma censoring Americans.

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about World Economic Forum head Klaus Schwab appearing to threaten anyone who pushes back against the Davos agenda; John Kerry getting a God complex from fighting climate change; Al Gore freaking out about financial investments in fossil fuels; Yuval Noah Harari wanting people to get ready to live in the virtual reality metaverse; Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla getting excited about microchips you can swallow to make sure you take mandated medicine; the latest news about the efficacy of the kids COVID vaccine; the new owner of the Miss Universe beauty pageant, Thai billionaire and transgender woman, Anne Jakrajutatip’s speech declaring that Miss Universe will now be about feminism; Scotland wanting to ban cars; Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough having a meltdown about people’s reaction to the talk of a gas stove ban; San Francisco announcing it’s plan for reparations for slavery with it’s proposal to give 5 million dollars to each of it’s African American residents; Eric Adams continuing to regret NY being a sanctuary city due to the amount of illegal immigrants that have come to NYC on migrant buses from border cities; Kamala Harris saying that there is no border crisis since we have a secure border; Matt Gaetz appearing on Timcast IRL to tell Tim Pool how the deep state recruits freshman members of congress; Robert Malone’s warning about the globalists; and much more.

Unfortunately many people fell for Scam 1 and took the poison shot, now seeing the effects of it all around the world. Scam 2 will be launched on all of us in the next few months. Hopefully everyone learned the corruption of the government. Do not let them take away any more freedom. Everyone needs to come together and fight against the globalist, and keep our freedom. This is not about a virus, its all about taking everything from you. BEFORE 2020, we all survived the worlds viruses and had the freedom to choose. Tell me what changed in this world between 2020 and now, NOTHING. GOD gave all of us a perfect working body as long as we stay healthy and take what supplements to keep a strong immune system and stay resistant. STOP and do not let the governments start fights amongst us because of race, vaccinated or not, and religion beliefs, We all need to come together as one and take our FREEDOM back

This episode from The Simpsons from TWELVE YEARS AGO is so eerily close to what has been forced on us ON PURPOSE for the past three years during the Plandemic. How the situations in the episode are so similar to everything we’ve had to deal with that was planned is almost frightening, like it was a premonition, like they saw this coming.

Do you get the feeling digital id is being hyped by every government, corporation, financial institution and globalist-connected NGO as "the way of the future"? Well, you're right! But why is this being pushed so hard right now. Don't miss this important edition of The Corbett Report podcast where James lays out the digital ID agenda and how it serves as the linchpin of the entire global enslavement grid.

Another year of #SolutionsWatch has come and gone and so it's time for James to take a moment to take stock of this year's episodes. What resonated? What didn't? What can be applied moving forward? What new developments have taken place? Don't miss this comprehensive year-in-review edition of Solutions Watch.

Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine, breaks down the "mass formation" phenomenon that makes it difficult to reason with those who have fallen victim to the globalist leader propaganda. What we have been going through over the past nearly three years is a form of hypnosis, similar to what the German people experienced in Nazi Germany during the holocaust. Hear what he says is the hope we have before a total takeover.

Merry Christmas everyone. Time for all to come together and fight big pharma and the governments to take back our freedom

Marc Morano of joins us to discuss COP27, the morphing of the climate scam into the COVID scam, and his new book, The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown.

Marc Morano on The Corbett Report
The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown
Introducing Climate TRACE
World Health Organization: One Health
Watch: Anti-UN ‘climate agenda’ protest: Skeptics Morano & Rucker ‘glue’ themselves to museum glass in Egypt & are ‘removed’ by security – Fake handcuffed ala AOC
Who is Bill Gates?
SCIENCE IN CRISIS? | Precipitous fall from Climate, to Vaping to COVID19 (Morano on Regulator Watch)
Good News: Global CO2 Emissions Plummet During Covid-19 Lockdowns. But For How Long?
Avoiding a Climate Lockdown
Jane Fonda Calls For Biden To Act On Climate At Washington Rally
Masks to again be required in Alameda County in certain settings
Interview 1645 – James Corbett on The Delingpod
Meet Paul Ehrlich, Pseudoscience Charlatan
Ehrlich calls for sterilizing agents in the water (NY Times 1969)

By The Corbett Report

Our enemies are multi triljonaires and billionaires, whose unlimited financial resources allow them to buy and deceive the whole world. If you want to see humanity liberated from their grip, then please support Stop World Control, so we can open the eyes of millions worldwide. Together we can do the impossible!

"The best documentary ever!"

“This is the shot that needs to be heard around the world!”

“This is simply one of the top 5 most important videos ever produced and seen.”

“Should be required viewing by all humans on earth.”

“What a brilliant documentary.”

“This is a brilliant piece of work.”

“THIS!!!!! Thank you!!!!!”

Submitting humanity to the rule of elite cyborgs
CRY FOR FREED0M reveals the officially promoted agenda of globalist organizations to create a new species of "humanoids" or "cyborgs": humans that will be genetically engineered and technologically enhanced, to greatly increase their physical and mental abilities.

These cyborgs will become the new masters of this world, they say.
According to the World Economic Forum the difference between these humanoids (created by the elites) and the original humans (created by God), will be similar to the difference between humans today and chimpansees. There will come a separation between humanity (homo sapiens) and this new species (homo deus). "Deus" is latin for "god". The reason they name this new species homo deus, is because they literally believe they will become gods.

CRY FOR FREED0M exposes their agenda, to protect humanity from this hellish plan.
I know many of you are busy with other things, but please, take some time to watch this. It will blow you away. Use the following link to go to the film, and I beg you to share it far and wide. The whole world must see this. We have to wake up, and rise up to resist this nefarious plan.

Real Housewives Star and business mogul, Bethenny Frankel, made waves on social media when she went off on how taboo it’s become to even question the possibility of suffering an adverse reaction from Covid-19 vaccines.

#BethennyFrankel #RHONY #SkinnyGirl #VaccineInjury

Video Released: 11/18/2022

Those who could never "structure" the world, have no chance of "restructuring" it. Those who could never "set" our world in place, have no chance of "resetting" it either. The idea that human beings (or their technologies) can control the world and everything in it, is both illogical and dangerously irrational. The problem is not in proving why ideas like the "Great Reset" cannot work. That's the easy part. The problem is in limiting the amount of economic damage and human suffering that such reckless pursuits needlessly cause.

Doctor tells of threats against her if she does not comply with the new vaccine protocols

Supercharged by the recent ACIP vote, the new hot-button topic of medical freedom is seeing politicians scrambling to appease an ignored, but massive voting block that could be the key to an election day victory for candidates on the right side of history.

The Florida Department of Health (FDH) conducted an analysis through a self-controlled case series, a technique originally developed to evaluate vaccine safety, and just announced some shocking results.

In a press release discussing the findings of the study and announcing the new mRNA Covid-19 vaccine guidance, FDH wrote, “This analysis found that there is an 84% increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death among males 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination.”

Alongside the study’s publication and findings the state’s Surgeon General, Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo, has recommended against males aged 18 to 39 from receiving mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. “Those with preexisting cardiac conditions, such as myocarditis and pericarditis, should take particular caution when making this decision” reads the recent FDH press release.

A link to the study and a short description of it posted to Twitter by Dr. Ladapo was promptly deleted from the social media site because it “violated the Twitter rules” according to the company. Yet, after prompt public backlash, Twitter capitulated and reinserted the Tweet.

In the past week, Liz "Trader" Cheney, Barack "vomit" Obama, and Hillary "Cant tell the truth" Clinton, has all gone to Arizona to discredit and campaign against Kari Lake, and Blake Masters

Groundbreaking comedian, JP Sears, discusses his new comedy special, Please Censor This!, and the frightening global war on free speech and how comedy has managed to break through it.

Jimmy Kimmel and everyone in the audience that applauded his remarks, should go straight to hell. These heartless assholes have no sense of respect in life. GOD will judge, and you will ROT in HELL

Del Bigtree Responds to Calls for Amnesty: "When You're Ready to Repent, I'm Ready to Forgive"

Before we grant amnesty to those who pushed the unvaccinated out of society, stripped away our livelihoods, and treated us as though we had leprosy, there is one question that the pro-lockdown / pro-mandate crowd desperately needs to answer…

What exactly are the actions that took place for which you are seeking amnesty?
Because until you can acknowledge what your mistakes were, how will you learn and not repeat those same mistakes? And to those who had their livelihoods destroyed or businesses shut down, couldn’t you make an effort to say, “I’m sorry”?

But we’re not really seeing that. What we see is a shift of public opinion, and those who are now in the hot seat want to erase history — move on to the next distraction as if nothing happened.



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