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STUDENT LOANS become DEBT SLAVERY because the GOVERNMENT sells the loans to profiteering shark BANKS that add immoral fees to trap young naive students into decades of DEBT SLAVERY #inflation #students #studentloans #debt #education #freedom

After 20-80 years of research showing anticancer benefit of #vitaminD = still no official population-wide endorsement.
But create a cockamamie drug platform endorsed by know-nothing psychopaths, comedians, and profiteers = mandatory injections of a do-no-good harmful $$$ drug

Tucker Carlson Kevin Bass FoxNews NEWSWEEK

Author/personality Kevin Bass states that censorship, marginalization, massive transfer of wealth, unscientific quarantines/masking and limited approval of high-profit drugs are "the way science works." This article is a complete psych-op of empty apologies and zero consequence to pacify the population and let criminals escape under the cloak of "amnesty", understanding, and empty apology.
This entire Newsweek article is nothing more than a limp/empty apology to pacify the population while leaving the corrupt pharma-media-political system perfectly intact and poised to repeat this plandemic hysteria wealth-transfer shutdown/"Reset" again and again.
Beyond calling "the marginalized" ignorant of science and language, he labels them as "dissidents" which is the same term used to describe anti-American terrorists that were blamed for the infamous "911 terrorist attacks"

In this spontaneous video Dr. Vasquez reviews recent government policy designed to keep people sick, weak, dependent and deficient. Notice also that a minor change in a bad policy could convert it into a spectacularly great policy. For downloads and other videos please see the pages on the website dedicated to
1. vitamin D
2. antiviral nutrition
3. Chapter 6: neuropathic pain, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), Sudeck atrophy
4. Fibromyalgia:
5. Migraine:

New Chapter 6 deals with complex regional pain syndrome, CRPS.
#pain #fibromyalgia #migraine #complexregionalpainsyndrome #CRPS #RSD #LBP #neuroinflammation #centralsensitization #vitaminD

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VIDEO: Antiviral Use of the Amino Acid NAC, N-acetyl-L-cysteine (1hour42minutes)
VIDEO: Antiviral Nutrition against Coronavirus (1hour)

“without propaganda there can be no large-scale immunization” Lancet 1938; get more information at

Dr Vasquez presentation 2016 Naturopathic Conference in Barcelona


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