Jordan Peterson discusses the people who speak with him after his events about the positive impact he has on their lives with Joe Rogan.

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The loss of deterrence is very dangerous, matched only by the effort to reclaim it.

The world is an unstable, dangerous place because people have come to incorrect conjectures about US power. The loss of deterrence is very dangerous, matched only by the effort to recapture it.

Thomas Sowell discusses the notion of reparations for African Americans, pointing out that treating slavery as if it happened to one group of people in one nation is shortsighted and naive.

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Bret Weinstein discusses how Left and Right Libertarians are natural allies and have the advantage over authoritarians of both the Left and Right who can't stand one another.

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Highlights from the SpaceX Falcon Heavy test launch, February 6th, 2018.

A questioner asks how Sam Harris' conceptions of religion differ from Peterson's. Peterson talks about how the so-called 'New Atheists' dismiss religion too casually, insisting writers like Harris and Dawkins never grapple with the arguments of religious thinkers and lack an understanding of the psychological utility of religion.

Walter Williams discusses how greed - wanting more for oneself - leads to people helping one another, which is the basis of a free market economy.

Niall Ferguson thinks social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will crack down harder on Conservatives as the US Mid-Term elections approach. "Conservatives are simply going to be at a disadvantage. The algorithm is already in some ways skewed"

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Don't let people inside your head. It isn't obvious they know what they're doing.

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Owen Benjamin discusses how poorly Liberal comedy reflects what audiences actually find funny.

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