In this episode we have to sneak through a pirate mother ship.

We gotten eaten by a fish, let's try do a rescue mission :(

In this episode we have access to a certain laboratory area let's take an unexpected tour.

In this episode Fish problems.

It's like jail except we get Items from it and we get to keep our stuff.

King Dodongo can stream fire, but, we have a deku shield and some bombs.

We have a few new items to our arsenal let's see how they can work for us inside of another dungeon.

In this episode of Metroid Zero Mission show off some rooms with Acid in them.

For the next few episode of Ocarina of Time I decide to try something experimental, Streaming and then editing those streams for youtube.

In this episode it's Super power time are we going use them with good intent or for purely revenge, you decide!

We meet the gorons who have questionably written food issues.

In this episode of Zero Mission, we have a few route choices to us, which one do we take?

Note I do use a sub-optimal route, To elaborate on a point I demonstrated, it is possibly to explore a later area, however the tricks required are rather difficult to perform. I like to consider routes that are easy enough to replicate, but like to demonstrate how one can sequence break these games, having a balance is difficult any constructive feedback is helpful as always.

I like the world Building, I just don't like repetitive exposition.

Welcome to Metroid Zero Mission In this Let's Play I will be going for 100% while attempting to do several things out of order.

After making it to the end of the deku Tree and encountering our first boss we are faced with Exposition!

Welcome to Ocarina of Time. After being introduced to Navi. I begin searching for basic equipment and supplies.

Clear the Robot Masters then..

In which I attempt to get as few exits as possible.

3 stages down, who's next?

The third season will be delayed, this is discussed while I reflect on how All the seasons of Super Mario Randomizer have went. It may in the future be a stream.

In this series I will let a random number generator choose my stage order, who will be my first?

There are getting less and less stages left to finish, progress on this Randomizer just can't be stopped that is all for now. More post commentary.

Due to some technical issues, the original audio was lost on a couple videos. Original reactions will return on episode 10.

In this episode we face some difficulties.


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