This man is responsible for me being radicalized! Miss this dude!


118% esoteric curb stomper!

You think you’re URBAN SURVIVAL? You ain’t shit!

I wish there were groups like this here

One of the better discussions I have found.

If it’s not 54 plus then you’re a pussy!

All true

Constitution will protect us

There’s been no evidence that Germany ever documented final solution agenda. Unknown to most is the fact that there has been many final solution plans on how to exterminate Europeans.

Charlie Kirk is a prime example of the left right dynamic being a façade. Both are merely a means of artificial control. Listen to him and tell me how he’s not a Trotskyite shill.

Credit to the one that put this video together

White revolution with two of the best minds on the subject.

Best video I have seen with hard facts of race and conditioning.

One of the better videos I have seen. Credit to whoever made it.

There is no political solution. White terror crews Minecraft.


History is going to repeat itself and this time it’s total Aryan victory or death!

This is the great Satan! They want to eat your children. Study them so we can save the fucking race!

Tribute to the gentleman that this video

This video is called the rape of Germany and the real holocaust of World War II.

Total Aryan victory

Everything on video is true and want to thank the beast barracks

On the day of the fire.... finally wake up the white mans desire!

Government made the incident disappear......but they can’t make the terror they saw go away!

Once you accomplish your first step with the basic understanding of the DIFFERENT levels of UNIVERSAL TRUTH ASCENDANCE MENTALITY you are encouraged to start eat PILLS! TYPICALLY SIEGERS start with the 6 million pill, then the second step on how many countries have thrown them out PILLED. Then you find another hatePILL WITH the black plague PILLED! Most aren’t even white enough to comprehend the legendary final pill..........THE UHURU PILL!

Little known fact:


They were all 115% Nordic enough to take the UHURU PILL!


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If you don’t respect the cosmic order of terror and the fact that children don’t get a free pass then your not even white anymore! If you list Hitler as one of your preferred mentors then.......HE IS A FAILURE AND FAILED THE WHITE RACE! HE IS ONLY A REMINDER OF NON WHITE ACTION AND DESERVES WHAT HE GOT! Where he failed we will succeed!


I don’t want to save the white race I wanna fucking purify it!