Testing out a combo helmet cam/rear view cam setup on this ride. I revisited the same area as last time to check out another trail. This one had some rough ascents/decents. I managed all of that with no issues, but then crashed right as I was leaving when my rear tire slid out in a slick patch of dirt (it had rained the previous day). My knee is very sore, but I had fun!

0:00:54 - Descent 1
0:02:58 - Descent 2
0:06:27 - Ascent 1, pucker level 2/5
0:09:35 - Ascent 2, pucker level 3/5
0:11:15 - Ascent 3, pucker level 1/5
0:14:14 - Crash

I decided to check out an interesting looking area not far from me that I'd spotted on Google Earth. Since it's my first time here I was just putting along looking around, didn't get much speed until later when I was leaving. The camera angle on this video is a bit too low, sorry about that. I had the GoPro pushed upward in the chin mount as far as it would go. I'm looking for a new mount that will let me get a better angle.

0:01:12 - This is as fast as my KLR will go. Indicated 85, GPS says about 80
0:01:47 - The scenic areas of this highway
0:03:31 - First trail
0:06:44 - Checking out a construction site
0:07:43 - Second trail, more interesting than the first one
0:11:28 - Homeless person's camp, unoccupied. I spotted 3 of these out here.
0:13:44 - Dropped it!

Recently I discovered that my first PC, the TRS-80 Model 4P, was still sitting under a desk inside an office building that my family owns. I thought they had gotten rid of it long ago. This machine sparked my interest in computers as a kid, something I wound up making a career out of as an adult. But does it still work? In this video I power it on for the first time in probably 20+ years and try it out.

0:01:14 - Looking it over, and the story of this PC
0:06:38 - Powering it up
0:13:20 - Trying some software. "Scarfman", a Pac-Man clone
0:14:42 - "Attack Force", a clone of the arcade game Targ
0:17:44 - "SuperNova", clone of the arcade game Asteroids
0:18:51 - "Galaxy Invasion", clone of the arcade game Galaxian
0:20:17 - "Invaders", clone of the arcade game Space Invaders
0:21:22 - VisiCalc, the first PC spreadsheet software
0:22:21 - "Car Race"
0:23:23 - Wrap-up, more details on the PC and how it's holding up

Testing out the classic Milkdrop visualizer with Spotify and Tidal

In September 2018 my wife and I went to Maui, staying at Kahana Beach. There was an EagleRider nearby so of course I had to rent a bike and go for a ride. The locals told me about Kahekili Highway and Hana Highway, full of twists, turns and scenery. I rode out to "Halfway to Hana" and ate some of their banana bread (it was delicious). Then I turned on my GoPro and rode back. Here's the footage from that ride.

Man, it was an emotional rollercoaster. Staring at beautiful scenery one minute, staring at an oncoming truck occupying the entire road the next. Blind corners on top of blind corners. Narrow, single lane roads. No shoulders. No passing zones. Water on the road in random places. Cars & trucks stopped in the road. People walking in the middle of the road. My stomach was in knots at the end, but it was a good ride! I trimmed out most of the sketchy parts in this video to focus on the fun stuff, but left a few examples in.

0:00:07 - Hana Highway
0:02:30 - Water in the middle of a corner
0:05:37 - Kahekili Highway
0:10:10 - Starts to get sketchy here. Very narrow road with very blind corners.
0:10:23 - An example of what to expect if you're riding out here!
0:10:57 - Corners so blind, I was playing "Marco Polo" with oncoming traffic using my horn
0:11:38 - If you get behind someone you're stuck, unless they're cool like this guy. Always be this guy :)
0:12:21 - Moments like this make it all worth it.
0:13:32 - Watch out for fellow bikers
0:14:13 - Rain, because why not?
0:15:36 - Back to Kaanapali to top off the tank
0:16:10 - And dropping the bike off at EagleRider

In 2019 I found myself on a business trip from Texas to Woking, UK which is only about a 30 minute drive from the legendary Top Gear Test Track. Being a long-time fan of the show, of course I had to make that drive to try and see it. I had emailed both BBC and Top Gear the prior month asking if it would be possible for me to just to get a photo at the track and leave, but got no reply. So I decided to just drive up and see what I could do. Not much, it turns out. After failing to sweet-talk my way in, I drove around the back of the airfield where the track is and was just barely able to glimpse some cars going by. So the drive was basically a nothingburger, but it was still exciting to be that close to the hallowed ground.

0:00:33 - Driving up to the gate, talking to the guard
0:03:07 - Driving around to the back of the airfield
0:03:46 - Walking a trail at the back of the airfield, trying to catch a peek of the track
0:04:42 - I found a spot along the fence where I could barely see and hear cars on the track
0:06:47 - Driving back to Woking. I included this footage for friends and family to see what driving through the UK countryside was like, others will likely find it boring.

The view from turn 15 at COTA during a MotoGP race.

The first motorcycle video I made, several years ago. My GoPro was pointed a bit too low on this ride, but at least the sound is nice. I miss this bike sometimes...

During my last trail ride, I had a low speed crash as I was leaving. I injured my knee in the crash, it got swollen with fluid which I had to have drained by the doc. I've spent the past weeks recovering from this. During that time I found out that the Bureau of Reclamation has now designated some federally-owned land near San Angelo for off-road vehicle (ORV) use. This is exciting because to my knowledge it's the first such area in Texas. I'm planning to upgrade my riding gear for better protection, do some maintenance on the KLR, and go check it out!

Following a friend out of Karlsruhe and into the Black Forest on a Yamaha XT600.

A few clips from this private event for NetApp Insight 2018

A quick video I shot when I bought my Rega P3-24 a few years ago.

Back in 2010 I was in the wind energy biz. Here's a vid I shot on my iPhone 3GS of us moving one of the tower sections in the storage yard.

If you have a HF ham radio and want some laughs, tune into 14.313 and grab some popcorn.


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