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Having a blast in St. Lucia visiting the local markets, the over look of the pitons, and the volcano baths. If you are looking to visit this island and you are thinking about going to the volcano baths pass. Unless you want to share your personal space with 20-30 people you don't know at all times.

So I went to google to see what other people had posted about the St. Lucia volcano mud bath experience. Man it must have been nice to not have 1k+ people there with you at the same time. Our experience now that they are pushing this excursion to make money with packing this area with as many people as possible is much different than what I found on Google. unless they limit the amount of people that are allowed to be here at one time this is a hard pass from me as an excursion.

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First island stop on this cruise. Beautiful beach; there was a chance of rain. Cool bar on the beach that was available to host many people during the rain. Candid beach music at the bar. Magens Bay FTW! Go see one of the top 10 beaches in the WORLD! Highly rank this experience much better than a jail cell.

Also finally found the name of the bar we drank at during the storm. It is called Magen's Point Bar and Grill. Cannot promise all the shenanigans we experienced at this bar but, I would still recommend this place.

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Though it is a personal opinion and I can not speak for other people that have been arrested in Old San Juan. However in my personal time that I spent in a jail cell in Puerto Rico I 100% say you need a person like Juan fighting for you to not be locked up. I will forever be in indebted to you as you are the most awesome Oficial de policía I have ever meet no matter the country we have been to.

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Taking part in the night life with the wife in San Juan Puerto Rico. What a fun night. We had a blast meeting a lot of the locals in Old San Juan. So much that I personally met a local Oficial de policía. That is a story for another time in the comments if you would like to know more.

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Riding horses on a beach, well riding horses somewhat on a beach. Either way this was an amazing day. I high recommend this excursion if you are ever in Antigua "Wadadli".

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Trying to figure out how to get all my camera gear in one bag. There is nothing worse than getting to a location like Old San Juan Puerto Rico and not having the gear you want to take photos and videos with. So let's get everything packed and get on this plane to paradise.

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