Memory Bubble

A new day sees new life in nature.

10 minute ambient music.
10 minute meditation and relaxation music.

The Energy from the sun shines on all receiving life below.

1 hour ambient music
1 hour ambient meditation music.

Ambient Infinity track list:
1 Create Inner Peace
2 Cosmic Influence
3 Meditation Time
4 Pure Om Vibration
5 Drifting Free
6 Breathing Exercises
7 Undercover Darkness
8 Ambient Awakening
9 Remedies for Stress
10 Sun Energy
11 Self Healing Meditation
12 Light in Shadow
13 Mental Tranquility
14 Misty Moonlight
15 Perfect Well-Being
Chris Zabriskie
16 Take off and shoot a Zero

The government have changed their guidelines, measures and message since the beginning of this covid 19 "pandemic" for a purposed goal.

Music by Joy Division - love will tear us apart.
The lyrics of the song are deep and meaningful and seem relevant to the present time.

The detail in plants and Insects shows design and order from a higher intelligence. Nature is the place to relax and unwind, a place to connect in conscious awareness to the Divine.

30 minute ambient music.
30 minute meditation and relaxation.

Snippets of captures in time, laid back, as free as the breeze flows. Nature will always present so much.

As the rain pours down on this urban woodland, I feel the spirit of the trees within the consciousness of life.

Music inspired by Native American Indian flute and pan music. 30 minutes of ambient flute relaxation music.

Relaxing and reflecting, and feeling at ease in nature's garden. Inspired by Native American Indian music, this spiritual sounding music breaks all language barriers.

30 minute ambient music

Nature is the place to wind down, reflect and enjoy the senses.

Ambient music.

As the world is designed to be inverted, rise above the perception trap and think for yourself, question everything. Be present in mindfulness and see life in its truest form.

Down in the valley the valley so low
Hang your head over, hear the wind blow
Hear the wind blow love, hear the wind blow
Hang your head over, hear the wind blow

Roses love sunshine, violets love dew
Angels in heaven, know i love you

If you don't love me, love whom you please
Put your arms round me, give my heart ease
Give my heart ease love, give my heart ease
Put your arms round me, give my heart ease

Write me a letter, send it by mail
Send it in care of, the Birmingham Jail
Birmingham Jail love, Birmingham Jail
Send it in care of, the Birmingham Jail

Build me a castle, forty feet high
So I can see her, as she rides by
As she rides by love, as she rides by
So I can see her, as she rides by

Down in the valley, the valley so low
Hang your head over, hear the wind blow

What we are seeing is like a game of chess played against us, pieces that make up the board, connected, strategically working in unison, for the NWOs ultimate goal of check mate--total control.

The playlist below are some examples of their strategies, yet more people are now coming forward, making a stand and speaking out.

Please check the channels out from this playlist.

FVP Angel = State sponsored terrorism and child abuse

FVP = Italian Leader slams false covid 19


FVP Angel - Urgent - within the next few weeks

Chris UK - nurse says it all

EF waves - netherlands police break up anti-lockdown protest

Chris Hayes - a stand up doctor

Chris Hayes - Jabs

Mindfulness - Army update Liverpool interview

Chris UK - EMR in London is High

Nigel Farage - The truth about illegal immigration

Liberty of Death - Nigel Farage the mainstream media not reporting illegal immigration

P900 Coolpics - WHO official it's time to remove people from their homes

Orbsrealm - know your enemy

Ingested Red - UK Police State 3.0 Quash All non compliant protest LONDON

A Sunday morning walk through an urban woodland corridor, on my way to the supermarket, I am greeted by nature's little gift, reflecting and being mindful of the current situation of the "pandemic", I share a few thoughts.

Followed by some footage of amazing nature recorded over the past two years, of orbs in the woods, the flow of the forests, and a night investigation at the old mines with a dear friend.

The world is inverted, but life is real, nature's beauty and mystery is real, your awareness experiencing itself in the nowness of being is real. This is eternal.

They go for your mind to subjugate your soul. Sharing a chat with a good friend. We are all in the same boat, let us stand together,exercise our human rights and say no to the corrupt system.

Clive de Carle - We can fix this now

FVP Angel - 5G Activated in UK - Dead Birds everywhere

Chris UK - nurse says it all

The information is out there to make your up your own mind.
If it rains on one man's house, it rains on us all.

What a sight to see two hawks circle the clear sky as the sun Shines down.

Track: Fatboy Slim - Bird of Prey

Across the Irwell Valley, a once busy industrial area, the Bolton canal, Clifton Junction Station, the power plants and factories, the old mines of Wet Earth Colliery, nature has now reclaimed this abandoned place and life teems there.

Track: Lobo Coco

Visited the old wet earth colliery. Three EVPs came through.
1. "A friend helping", clear with a raspy voice, maybe acknowledging my intention to communicate.
2. "Why?" Possibly questioning their situation.
3. "Yeah", subtle and possibly in agreement of moving on to the heavenly plane.

I miss those care free times, the rave nights we shared here at Philips Park Hall at the end of the 90s. It is sad to see the building in dis repair, but like the decay, nothing is permanent. The lyrics mean a lot.

Track: Johnny Cash Hurt

Spring sees new life born and nature wake up, baby geese on the lake, new buds and flowers rise. The smells of wild garlic and spring air.
Summer sees life in full bloom, the foliage, wild plants and flowers in full glory, as a woodland Corridor shows the forest folks structures and signs.
Autumn sees the golden colours emerge, leaves fall on the floor and much detail to the mini beasts under the logs.
Winter sees the snow fall gently as a curious Robin redbreast pops by to say hello, the light reflects off the blanket of snow.
Sit back and relax, see our woodland wanders.

It was such a pleasure to see this little bright shining orb in the beautiful forests

Track: Chris Zabriskie

The light, the sound, nature presents many gifts of wonder to experience

Track: Lobo Coco

Using the dowsing rods or a spirit box are ways to communicate with energies of the aether. I was surprised at receiving class A EVPs based on the house's history.

Nature provides an infinite and beautiful range of life, from the physical to the non-physical, and boundless in layers of detail

Track: Synkro Fields

The spirits connected with me for that moment. The first, at a head stone I found in the woods, a clear EVP comes through on the spirit box. The second, at the old mines, a child spirit's footsteps and moan can be heard with our own ears. And the third, in the railway tunnel, a faint "hello" is picked up on my mobile phone.


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Nature presents many things, its deep detail, all forms of life to the physical and non-physical. Her energy is pure. Wandering the woodlands, abandoned places, out in the open, embracing the known and unknown, with music and visuals of my steps .