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Tom's article on BOYS RAPED MORE OFTEN THAN GIRLS -- or his youtube titled Do Boys Face Childhood Sexual Abuse?


Censoring Sucks.


Boys Encouraged to Wear Nail Polish, Massage Each Other at Gender Neutral School



This is from the article:

"Scholarship based less upon finding truth and more upon attending to social grievances has become firmly established, if not fully dominant, within these fields, and their scholars increasingly bully students, administrators, and other departments into adhering to their worldview."

and this:

"While our papers are all outlandish or intentionally broken in significant ways, it is important to recognize that they blend in almost perfectly with others in the disciplines under our consideration.

The biggest difference between us and the scholarship we are studying by emulation is that we know we made things up."

This is the first episode of the You Can't Make This Shit Up! series. Paul and Tom discuss a variety of current events stories involving false allegations and their huge impact on men and boys. This stuff is lethal and most people are completely unaware.

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The articles:

13 year old taken from school in handcuffs due to girls accusations of sex assault

Washington Post on Brett Kavanaugh accusations

NC Woman bites man's testicles:

This one says he testified that he was going to move out.

Our positive story....
College student, who made false rape claims against two football players, ROLLS HER EYES in court
during victim's statement about how she ruined his life, as she's sentenced to a year in jail

A look into the ways that masculinity has been demonized and how some of these ways have trickled down into the school system jeopardizing boys. One study is highlighted that examines the dangers faced by playful boys. The research showed that playful boys, exuberant, funny, likable boys were singled out by the teachers in 1st grade and by 3rd grade their classmates had changed their positive opinion of them as playmates to negative. The researchers implicate the teachers in this. Mind blowing stuff.

Here's a link to the full text of the study:


A short walk and talk on the C&O Canal with the topic being how our culture has reinforced the hatred of men.

The book mentioned can be found here:

My article on this topic:

Paul Elam's article:

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This is the first video in the Boys and Schools playlist to focus on research. Learn what the benefits are of children being able to enjoy unstructured play, learn the things that have stifled that. Learn how countries around the world have used recess as a learning tool while we, in the US, leave our heads buried in the sand. Learn how research leads us to change our erroneous ways!


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Much of the research cited in this video can be found in this excellent paper that summarizes the various research on recess.

The nearly 200 year old canal that runs from Cumberland Maryland to Washington DC has been transformed into a National Historical Park. Tom takes a walk on the canal and looks at the canal's history and the connections with men's issues today.

The Washington Post ran an article titled "Why Can't We Hate Men." It was authored by Suzanne Walters, the director of Gender Studies at Northeastern University. The article clearly shows that Ms Walters hates men.

Hooray! Finally they admit the truth. They hate men. Now it's time to defund and dismantle the haters.

Will the SPLC step in?

Post article Why Can't We Hate Men:

Our boys are under attack. The culture consistently voices anti male messages and are unaware of their blatant use of hurtful double standards.

the last study mentioned about boys and girls believing that girls are smarter.

Paul and Tom discuss the basics of family systems theory and take a look at family roles and how they help to stabilize the family but can often create long term havoc for the individual.

Men ARE good and so are fathers.

Our boys are under attack. They are being judged as toxic, privileged and who knows what else. This is happening simply because they were born male. This is insanity.

Paul Elam and Tom Golden take on the slippery slope of functional relationships between men and women in a red pilled world.

Parts one and two have shown us the feminist anti-boy push in our schools. This video looks at how schools are difficult for boys and how they have gotten far worse due to the sexism of feminists.

There is a large amount of research that has been done showing how boys are different and unique. Our educational system has kept their hand in the sand and refused to acknowledge such differences much less to teach our boys about these important differences.

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Here are some references if you want to dig a bit deeper:

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This is an interview I did with Warren Farrell about his new book.
It was actually the first Q&A for Warren's Patreon site for his commission to seek a White House Council for Boys and Men. That Patreon site has excerpts from his book, my books and others. Interesting place. Check it out and become a patron. While you're at it come and be a patron at menaregood!

Part two looks at the deceit used by feminist in gaining huge amounts of funding for girls in schools. Our clueless legislators put their gynocentrism on steroids and voted them millions of dollars even though it was obviously boys who were more need. This trend has continued unabated.

Paul Elam and Tom Golden discuss the zany feminist Boston Marathon details.

A look into the overt strategy of 20th century feminists to socialize both boys and girls with the goal of eliminating sex roles and ultimately eliminating gender altogether. This video looks at their efforts in the educational system to re-educate boys. This effort has been ongoing since the 1970's and has produced a misandrist system that utterly fails in understanding and caring for our boys.

The information in this video was mostly drawn from CH Sommers book The War on Boys and the wonderful but largely unknown book The Feminist Crusades: Making Myths and Building Bureaucracies
by Frank Zepezauer. If you want to inform yourself about the feminist building of bureaucracies read this book.

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A quick spoof on the ridiculous idea of toxic masculinity.

Feminism, Toxic Masculinity & Gynocentrism: How they work together to ruin men and families. This vid offers a look at the reasons feminism has been so accepted and the reality of gynocentrism as being a driving force that has been abused by feminists in order to demand and get more stuff for women.

A quick and light look into a few of the signals that men use in navigating the hierarchy.

Paul Elam and Tom Golden talk about the many ways that misandry has fouled the mental health system. Each give their top 4 things they hate about misandry and mental health. They conclude by discussing questions men can ask prospective therapists to determine if they are "male friendly."

We live in a world that assumes men are guilty simply due to being accused by a woman. Just how did we get to this point? Look no farther than the Violence Against Women Feminists and their work to disrupt due process by campaigning that accusing women should always be believed.

The world has become a tough place for men. The misandry is hip deep as are the traps of places like the family courts. It is not easy for men to feel good amidst this chaos. Tom goes over some research driven ideas about things you can do to increase your sense of well being and feeling good! Here's a link to an article that goes over the things that Tom is talking about.

This video takes a look at the forces on men in our culture. It shows how the power of gynocentrism filters down to a wide variety of places, some unexpected, in order to negatively impact men and boys.

This video goes over the major issues faced by men in the US today. It was created 10 years ago and originally was in 4:3 format and fairly low resolution. I have now brought it up to 16:9 and increased the resolution as much as possible while still keeping the original footage and audio. I have also added an Epilogue on the end that takes a brief look at the carnage left since this video was created.


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This channel was created by Tom Golden, LCSW. You may remember him from the documentary the Red Pill. He's a therapist who has been working with men and boys for 30+ years and has been fighting the mental health system's gynocentric devaluing of men and boys. He has written three books on men and healing and was the vice chair of the Maryland Commission for Men's Health. The mission for menaregood is to bring greater awareness to the hardship and discrimination that men and boys face while offering them compassion and choice. We have a long way to go.