CHC 77 complete guide. Because is CHC77 on TACC base, loses energetic properties during a 5 days. In video are 24 Hrs old reagents, resp. TACC for create CHC77. CHC = Copper Hexamine Chlorate. 77 = 7% hexamine and 7% NH4ClO3

NC3 (14%N) versus CHP66 in detonator. CHP66 is on base Tetraamine copper perchlorate (TACP) and is stabile minimal one year in close glass jar. Also CHP66 is same stabile. Basic mixture is TACP 88% + hexamine 6% + NH4ClO4 6%. Therefore were established comunication mark CHP66. The method of prepare is same as for CHC77.

Electro Ignitor for rocket engines and detonators. Diameter 2 mm.

Wrappolite 60g from Dr.Liptakov (edited)

Wrappolite 38g from Dr. Liptakov (edited)

Wrappolite 133g from Dr. Liptakov (edited)

Wrappolite from Dr. Liptakov 107g on thick steel tube (edited)

Wrappolite according Dr. Liptakov
Is weaker explosive on ammonium nitrate base. His advantage are in very easy cutting, packaging around the tree, resistance against moisture. Recommend salts: AN, AP, KClO3. Recommend fuels: Ethyleneglycole, Diethylene glycole, Triethyleglycole, WD40 (solvent naphta), hexamine, alu powder, magnesium powder, magnalium powder. According stechiometric ratio on zero oxygen ballance, or - 15, counted on CO2. Secondary fuel is packaging.

Synthesis of Tetraamine copper (II) perchlorate from NH4ClO4 + Cu + NH4OH
according Dr. Liptakov

CHP 66 is TACP with hexamine. Video from Dr. Liptakov (edited)
Very interest. Were tested. CHP is really not primary substance. Detonatable is only in solid cavity.
With ETN 1:1 is it incredible powerful mixture in detonator.

Copper Hexamine Perchlorate properties comparative testing from Dr. Liptakov

Plasticizer and binder from Dr. Liptakov

Detonator on CHP base, fuse type.
by Dr. Liptakov

Tetraamine copper perchlorate synthesis from Dr. Liptakov 2 easy way.
1) Copper spoon
2) CuO pressure glas jar


Explosively Formed Penetrator. Method for counting for maximal penetration.

PETN synthesis from Dr. Liptakov. Firstly is pentaerythritol dissolved in HNO3 65%. And after added as molecular solution
to H2SO4. Very interest.


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