The Greta Cult and 1984, Indistinguishable. Video Meme.

The company synonymous with childhood, Disney, owns the company that kept America's most prolific pedophile on the streets.

Extended musical #meme of this field of #Communists proposing higher taxes and the death of #capitalism. Not a single American flag behind them of course.

The only thing missing was the castle. I added it.
#politics, #syria, #fakenews

Taxes and reduced freedom. They are committing political suicide and not even the walk-on savior Clinton can resue them.

The left is out of tinfoil. End of transmission

Ukraine dodged an hydrogen bomb. I wouldn't want those genetics in country at all. Bill likes wearing her dresses and she is short and like teenage girls. That kid could eat corn through a picket fence and she wished the Church of Satan a happy holiday last year and it sure as fuck wasnt Christmas.

During a meeting of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), the world's oldest independent think tank on international defence and security,
Senior Policy Fellow with the European Council on Foreign Relation , Nick Witney, tells panel members that Trump needs to be "impeached" or "housetrained" or the EU should take control of the kingdoms nuclear arsenal.

presidential race is a total shitshow of NPCs and meaningless accusations of racism. These people need to be walked immediately to the fucking gallows. I support Trump. Period. If we are wrong, your dead anyway so who cares.

Question everything

The NPCs are here
Keep the TVs away

Sick of them. Nuff said.


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