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The introduction to the new Merciless Radio series. More news, less copyright violations, totally with a mission in mind and also with concern for the sanity of our Militia. As always I am trying to stay ahead of the curve, however this time I am not making the call as to what is done, the world does. With the war hanging over all of our heads like the Sword of Damocles it is time for me to integrate the intelligence of the battlefield into my shows, but without feeding you all the eternal Black Pill. as time progresses you will all understand.

More information to come as I receive more intelligence and change the medium.

As always thanks for watching and be kind enough to support my channel with a thumbs up or a subscribe.

Alcohol is a great gift though, remember that :)

Oh and do we ever have a movie for you freaks today. While we are waiting here sitting in the snow in Northern Russia watching the Giger Counter freak out we thought we would send you all some entertainment. Not only that but a movie hosted by the people who invented the genre that can only be listed as MST3K. Thats right, this week we have for you MST3K The Movie.

Scream in excitement as Mike, Crow, Tom Servo, Cambot and Gypsy watch the campy, b-movie, sci fi, 1955 classic, This Island Earth. One of the worst Science Fiction films of the time beaten out only by movies like Plan 9 From Outer Space, Cat Women Of The Moon and the Japanese B-Movie classic, Prince Of Space which I might add was also covered by Mystery Science Theater.

Now I dont know about any of you but Joel Hodgedon and crew did what most of us Gen Xers attempted back in the day with little to no AV equipment. How many of you spent hours with friends yelling at the bad cinema on TV? I know that my friends and I always did it. It was expecially cool when you did it to late night creature features.

Anyway watch as Mike is tormented by Dr. Clayton Forrester (Classic Sci Fi Reference - War Of The Worlds 1953) throug forced celluloid cinema induction on the Satellite Of Love. Thrill to the wacky hijinks as they careen through the cosmos.

Plot: The electronic engineer, Dr. Cal Meacham is a prominent scientist that is studying industrial application of nuclear energy. One day, after landing his totally taxpayer funded Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star fighter jet, he receives a different electronic part from the one he normally needed for his current project and soon his assistant Joe Wilson receives a manual and several components of the same sophisticated machine. Cal and Joe build a communication apparatus with technology unknown at the time and a man called Exeter contacts Cal. He starts a sequence of events that will threaten multiple worlds and is not only facinating but terrifying as well. Thrill to the bad cinema that is 1955s This Island Earth

This was recovered from the RoHH Archive of Hinikuna Haiiro Island when the island was taken over by Cyber-Crabs. Our Fearless Hero DJ Crotch Sweat stole as much equipment from the work room before the evacuation concluded. Or at least as much as he was able to fit in his cabin on the RoHH Navy Carrier Baka before it left. Strangely the box that included all of the video was found outside the blast radius (if you can call it that) where the Merciless Radio building once stood after DJ Sexbot blew it into the 27th dimension. Who knows why or how but it is a great way to get maximum work with minimum effort. The employees are not fond of work you know.

The video being shown in this clip shows the real story of Communism. Not that Carl Marx bullshit, but the gnarly, dirt and blood and guts real story of what Communism really is. Please enjoy.

Never let it be said that we here on the staff of the new Merciless Radio are without kindness and mercy. Yeah, yeah I know its in the name but lets face it, its just a name. Does Beyonce' that is a stupid example, um. Is Ronnie James Dio a G.....well yeah he kinda is. Damn I am batting 0 today, baseball metaphors be damned. We are nice dammit! And with all of that we present our new advertisement simply giving the left a way to ease their suffering. Someone should have done this a long time ago. See we are even cutting edge! Anyway without further ado here is the new Ad Spot simply titled:

Message To The Left: Kill Yerself

I would like to also give a shout out to all of the people who worked so hard to obtain and consolidate the footage that I am using even though I am technically stealing it. No one minds right?

Also I would like to thank TVFilthyFrank and the Pink Guy. NO NOT JOJI! JOJI is not real and you cannot convince me otherwise. Frank is real.

Sometimes when you create an endeavor like this, you realize that you have been shielding your audience the whole time. Sometimes you do it simply because it seems like the right thing to do. Sometimes you do it because that's what everyone else who came before you did. Finally, sometimes you do it simply because you were having a seizure.

Well I have noticed that I have been doing exactly that. Shielding you all with my breakfast menu. No more. What the hell is up with that anyway? I don’t care enough about anyone here to lift a finger to help. Seriously, I enjoy tormenting people!

Well this week I spent a great deal of time finding things that will make others nervous, uncomfortable or otherwise itchy. At any rate, if that doesn’t happen, at the very least, if the rest of the world sees you watching this, your standing in society will change on religious levels. Your permanent record will have the Clown Porn checkbox checked from now on. I cannot think of anything more fucked up. You’re welcome.

This time on Merciless Cinema we present the pirate movie Yellowbeard. One of the many movies where the cast of Monty Python whored itself out to the public. This time with a number of other comedy troupes who also did the same thing. This particular one had the following actors from the groups listed.

Monty Python:
John Cleese
Graham Chapman
Eric Idle

Mel Brooks:
Peter Boyle
Marty Feldman
Madeline Kahn

Cheech And Chong:
Cheech Marin
Tommy Chong

And FInally

Nigel Planer (Neil The Young Ones)

Plot: After serving two decades in prison, Yellowbeard (Graham Chapman) breaks out determined to recover the treasure that he buried so long ago, alongside his son, old crew, and the British Navy.

From the desk of Merciless Radio's C.E.O., D.J. Crotch Sweat.

Seriously, how did humanity become the dominant life form on the planet with this sheer overwhelming amount of terminal stupidity? I have given up on listing how many obvious propaganda campaigns that the people of this world bought into without question and obviously without brainpower. Ow. Ow. This amount of retard actually stings from a distance.

Oh, note, these Russian video editing tools are antiquated and I did my best. The guy I bought them from could not speak English. Although I couldn't tell if that was because it was not his primary language or because he had been drinking too much low grade vodka. I guess we will never know.

We rejoin our heroes as they journey to Northern Russia after D.J. Sexbot went completely mental and sucked the whole station into another dimension. We see D.J. Crotch Sweat and two others as they ride the rails having no other way to get to their destination. At the end lies the replacement for the station that meant so much to the staff of the station. Like having a refrigerator for beer. During the time of this video we join them on the Canadian Pacific tracks in Alberta. The natives being as friendly as it is legally allowed to be, albeit, strange eh? Welcome to the Great White North! Not that you will really see any of it. I know that was a lot of build up for nothing! Yeah well fuck you!

Many questions follow our crew and may be answered on this episode.

Is D.J. Sexbot gone?
What about the other inhabitants of Merciless Radio?
Did Gilligan make sensible furniture out of the bodies of the fearless crew?

These questions and others answered.........maybe.......tune in and find out retard.

Well, today on Merciless Cinema Presents (Reboot) we bring you a landmark in cinema history, the legend that is the live action adaptation of the anime story The Guyver!

So what does this movie have going for it? I am so glad you asked! It has Mark Hamill in one of the major low points of his career. Watch as he turns into a giant cockroach! And that is not the only failure of George Lucas brought to glaring celluloid reality. See the origin of the most hated Star Wars characters to ever exist! Yep! Jar Jar Binks! This should confirm the suspicions of a number of you out there. The Jar Jar Binks prototype! J.J. Walker! Even more than that you get to see where the CGI model came from. Yep the most racist monster ever! J.J. Walker as a Chronos Zoanoid! Watch this and tell me that I am wrong about the Jar Jar Binks lineage. I dare ya!

So today you get to see one of the worst B-Flicks ever. So bad that I use it here because I have no fear about copyright reprisals. No production company would ever claim, let alone get uppity about a movie like this! Thus is the new standard for Merciless Cinema to bring you new and inventive movies because no one wants them anyway!

Plot: A young man discovers a mechanical device that merges with his own body, turning him into a cyborg superhero. When strange creatures start appearing, trying to take the device back, he begins to uncover a secret plot to genetically engineer terrifying monsters.Blah blah blah Chronos...... Blah blah blah Zoanoid....... Just shut the fuck up and watch.

D.J. Sexbot just came out of her Ketamine induced stupor and she is not happy. Need I say more? T Minus.......

This time on Merciless Radio, D.J. Sexbot (Eva) takes over and works her magic with the mic and turntable as only she can. This time we have music from Centhron, LBMixPro, Devin Townsend and Powerman 5000. We also have shows like Francis Trash & Buzz, Shadoe Stevens, DiscoSean21, Mobius and Don't Hug Me I'm Scared.

Don't blame me I am Welch. At least my current body is.

A Public Service Announcement that points out the mental retardation that is the Fear-Porn surrounding the “Pandemic” of the Corona-Virus and the village idiot like passion shown by the snowflakes that believe them. You call them cowards, we call them Cotards.

Just another Merciless Radio Advertisement. Since they are incredibly easy to make.

This week on Merciless Radio we bring you a new concept. This will be the prototype episode for this show and probably the last knowing our track record. So "What is The William Shatner Moment Of Searing Green THOT Disco?" you ask. Well its just like all of our other shows but this time it has a different name. This week we bring you mostly music videos to get out of working so hard. Pre-Manufactured content is awesome like that. Now I know what you are thinking, "What makes this any different than any other program that puts together categories of content?". Well that is easy, we are Merciless Radio!

This week we bring you the most irritating media we could get our hands on. We have music from Zlad, Winny Puhh, Filthy Frank and more. If it offends someone we have it locked down. Throw into that all of the weird ass shit we had tucked away (don't ask where) and you have our show.

Being vague you say? Yeah.....absolutely.....this way you can't blame us later! Plausible deniability is a wonderful thing. Ask our government. Or any government.

My suggestion.....shut the fuck up.....sit the fuck down and enjoy.

Or don't......what the fuck do I care?

An advertisement to promote the viewing of Merciless Radio or perhaps the use of Thorazine. Who Knows?

Merciless Radio's DJ Crotch Sweat Explains the mental retardation that we have designated as COTARD-19 Syndrome. The inability of people to be able to accept reality no matter how much of it you load into a sock and beat the subject senseless with.

Xephula.Com Advertisement Made By Merciless Radio Media Group

Welcome to possibly the only Corona episode I will ever do. Mainly because I don't take it seriously. This episode has DJ Crotch Sweat's Beginner's Guide To Solitary Confinement. Normally a $20,000 course. We are (ugh) giving it to you for free......

(What the fuck are we doing?)

Also, your lack of subscribership has FORCED us to do a new format! Full on video with a side-order of clones. I know you all thought that you could twart us with your demographic ways, but our diabolical master plan is right back on track now. With my move to Xephula and teaming up with Scathing Take to incorporate the most EVIL group EVER, the most MALEVOLENT group EVER, the Not Safe Four, your puny Internet oligarchs will bow to us! Zuckerberg! I am calling you out man! Your plans for world domination are over. You are lukewarm EVIL! The lite EVIL! Now our plans for world domination begin! This world is no place for small children like yourself.

Welcome to the new Merciless Radio. Now in video! (Yes I know how that sounds) The place where we drag your mind over the broken glass, concrete and razor wire of weaponized sarcasm.

Don't ask me why I do what I do, I don't understand it either.

This was the original station ID that I thought I would post for shits and giggles.

Some more experimental video crap. I am so good at abusing your retinas so I thought I would do it a bit more. It amuses me.

Experimental humor based advertisement for Xephula.Com. Xephula is in no way responsible for what we do at this channel. If you cannot understand parody and humor, please eat a land mine. Big happy!

The second part of today’s madness comes in the shape of Little Jimmy Urine. The man, the myth, the legend, the complete and utter asshole and all around bizarre man child. Who is also an interdimensional playboy and all around gelatinous guy. From Mindless Self Indulgence to The Left Rights to Lolipop Chainsaw there is nothing Jimmy cannot do.

Today we take a look into the concert video Mindless Self Indulgence, Our Pain Your Gain as well as a number of other important videos in this mans catelog. The listing is below. This is the second installment of today’s celebration of the 1938 dimensional tear in New Jersey. Seriously, you didn’t think the man was human did you?


00:02:29 Mindless Self Indulgence - Our Pain Your Gain
01:13:42 The Left Rights - Ad Spot Bad Choices Made Easy
01:14:51 Mindless Self Indulgence - Shut Me Up
01:18:45 Mindless Self Indulgence - Mark David Chapman
01:22:57 The Left Rights - I’m On Crack!
01:25:!3 The Left Rights - White
01:28:18 The Left Rights - White (Behind The Scenes Clip)
01:30:43 The Left Rights - Genesis 16:12
01:33:02 The Left Rights - Genesis 16:12 (Clip Of MDotStrange Creating Video)
01:37:48 Frontline Assembly Ft Jimmy Urine - Rock Me Amadeus (Falco Cover)
01:42:15 The Left Rights - Little Hard Ons
01:43:29 Jimmy Urine - Behind The Scenes Lolipop Chainsaw (Video Game)
01:46:51 4Y Records (Jim Mathers Ill Will Press) The Left Rights Episode

Well this one has been sitting on the couch in reception for some time. We has wanted to watch it but shit who remembers this shit. This movie is special to us because of what it represents. The fact that some writer got ahold of information about the dimensional rip in the fabric of reality that we rode in to get to this planet. October 31st 1938, Grover’s Mill, New Jersey. That place has always been so fucking odd that no one even noticed that the landscape had been flooded with bizarre creatures. From tenticles to eye bubbles to gas bags, all dem creatures were there.

So yeah, this is not War of the Worlds like you all thought it would be. Nope, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. War of the Worlds was aired to cover up the really bizarre shit. Like Funky Forrest Japan level weird. If we could only tell you all in one setting.

Plot: Brain surgeon, rock musician, adventurer Buckaroo Banzai is a modern renaissance man and has made scientific history. Shifting the Oscillation Overthruster into warp speed, he's the first man to travel to the eighth dimension and come back sane. But when his sworn enemy, the demented Dr. Emilio Lizardo, devises a plot to steal the device and bring an evil army back to destroy Earth, Buckaroo goes cranium to cranium with the madman in a battle that could spell doom for the universe. With the help of his uniquely qualified team, the Hong Kong Cavaliers, Buckaroo is ready to save the world on a moment's notice and find out something that not even their crack team of adventurers could have been prepared for.

An interesting episode this time out. The station has been working with Xephula.Com and more specifically it’s admin. Because of this we let a great deal of time elapse from when we made the last episode. So instead of doing a one host episode, the whip was brought out and all were forced to work together for a change.

With that the music also became more varied which makes this episode perfect for the first on to be dumped on the new platform. Its like the buffet area of a really bad Cantonese restaurant. Tasty if you don’t know any better and with the cleanliness of your standard low rent apartment complex. All of this is perfect for us because you don’t have a taste for the high end shows yet and we can give you a cheap ass sampling of who we are, what we do and what we program.

Also, something different today. We are actually promoting a cause. Its almost like we have a soul. We are promoting the movie, Louder Than Love Aka Total Disclosure which is a documentary about human trafficking (Pedophillia) and how two great musicians were killed when they investigated and got too close to it. Suicided like everything else that the Clinton Foundation touches.


00:00:53 Danny Saber & Marco Beltrami - Blade 2 Theme
00:05:07 Megadeth - Train of Consequences (Background / Cut Music)
00:08:57 I Prevail - Breaking Down
00:12:17 Uzumaki Ft Jesse from Rize - Rush
00:18:04 Carnifex - Bury Me In Blasphemy
00:21:54 Babymetal Pa Pa Ya (Background / Cut Music)
00:25:03 Nero - Satisfy
00:29:45 Neutralize - Shining Through The Light Ft. Emily Underhill
00:34:35 Melt Banana - Monkey Man
00:36:34 Melt Banana - Vertigo Game (Background / Cut Music)
00:42:13 Real Big Fish - Take On Me (A-Ha Cover)
00:45:50 The Exploited - Sexual Favors
00:49:34 New Project - Ora Pro Nobis (Zardonic Remix)
00:54:51 Linkin Park - In The End (Background / Cut Music)
01:02:01 Soundgarden - Blow Up The Outside World
01:07:56 Temple Of The Dog - Hunger Strike
01:11:59 Linkin Park - Feint
01:14:55 Type O Negative - Hey Pete (Jimi Hendrix Cover)
01:20:04 I Prevail - Gasoline (With Video Dialog)
01:27:14 Knife Party - Bonfire (Background / Cut Music)
01:30:26 Bring Me The Horizon - Can You Feel My Heart (Varien Remix Ft Andrew Zink)

Audio Samples:

00:00:00 * (Sample) The Day The Earth Stood Still (Movie 1951)
00:00:44 * (Sample) The Prisoner (TV Series 1967)
00:08:52 * (Sample) Deadpool (Video Game 2013)
00:17:47 * (Sample) The Stand (TV Series 1994)
00:21:51 * (Sample) Family Guy (TV Show 1999)
00:24:54 * (Sample) 16 Candles (Movie 1984)
00:36:35 * (Sample) Paul (Movie 2011)
00:45:32 * (Sample) Squirrel Songs (Neurotically Yours - Jim Mathers)(Animated Internet Comic)
00:54:45 * (Sample) Daria Is It Fall Yet? (TV Movie 2000)
01:07:47 * (Sample) Metalocalypse (TV Series 2006)
01:14:39 * (Sample) Destroy All Humans (Video Game 2005)


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