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Now that you know what Nukenin is in context, now you have to be in the right mindset for it. It is useless to deny yourself the poon tang if you can't resist it the next time out. Do you have the dedication to make this work? Morale is one of the most important items in any major undertaking. In this episode I tell you the what and why.

While I know this isn't much of a surprise, I mean they have been on the ADLs hate list for a while but Red Ice TV was deleted from YouTube today. The reason I bring this up is that Red Ice is one of the only really truthful general news sources out there now. They are where I get most of my first line news. The other source is Red Elephants but it is sad to see people who do so much for all of us end up being torn down outright without any explanation by marxists who should have been expunged years ago. Anyway, here is the URL for Red Ice TV's Bitchute entity. Merciless Radio stands with you.

Red Ice TVs BitChute URL:

MGTOW with a giant weaponized Strap On! An idea I had a while ago which I believe may happen naturally on its own but, I had nothing better to do. I wont explain it here because then you wont listen to the episode. If you don't listen to the episode then why make them? If I don't make episodes then why don't I just play in traffic?

Just for all of you. I fucking hate Twitter.

Twitter URL:

This one is kind of special in terms of the underground of music. This is based around the late 80s when Thrash Metal was in full swing and Death Metal was just starting to take hold with the advent of the band Death. It was in these years that literally hundreds of unknown bands started to pop up. Bands that few would remember next to names like Exodus and Testament. Every so often you would find a cassette in a bin or a box that the music store couldn't sell because it was just too much for mere mortals. It was in this space that I existed in my late teenage years. In fact I careened through a number of metal bands myself in that time. (Lycanthrope, Auschwitz, etc.). Here I have put together some of the best of the unknowns. Enjoy.


Facebook URL:
Bandcamp URL:

Anvil Bitch

Facebook URL:
YouTube URL:

Coven: No Data Available

Excel: No Data Available

Sacrifice: No Data Available

Holy Terror: No Data Available

On this Episode pf Merciless:

The Evolution Of MGTOW (Nukenin / Ronin)
Where Did Anonymous Go? (See Below For Link To Full Video)
Cult Classic Racing Games: Psygnosis's Wipeout.

Music: Horse The Band - Lord Gold Throneroom
Kataklysm - The American Way (Sacred Reich Cover)
Author & Punisher - Nihil Strength

As for the shit that needs to be here to avoid lawsuits, here it is.

Clowncore (Music Video At Beginning Of Episode)

Google Play:


Video URL For: Seytonic's: What Happened To Anonymous?

A little change in my format to see how it works with all of you. Mostly a rip on Feminism. I do love smacking em around the head and shoulders. That and another installment of the commercial Action Man Battlefield Casualties. The first installment of Video Vivisection and a song from Nervosa. BTW, if you are a feminist and you decide to write me angry letters about this, understand that every time you do I see it as a victory and you become a sticker on my kill board. :)

Today on Merciless Radio, more music, more video and my grand dillusion that you want me to show you any of this. On a serious note though, today I give you a quick look at the incredible dark humor of Amazon Prime's series The Boys and the first of a 3 part commercial series I found by accident from the UK. I never knew the Brits could be so fucked up and morbid. There might be hope for them yet. Also three pieces of music and enough video assault to make the ass itch.



Raven Black - 13
Maximum The Hormone - Alien
Clutch - A Shogun Named Marcus.

Video Clips:

Clip: The Boys
Advertisement: Action Man Battlefield Casualties Action Figures (Veterans For Peace / UK)

Ok so here it is. Voices From The Underground 2. I know I put these out kind of close together but yesterday I was in kind of a rut. I figure this is a cheap and easy way to keep the brain dead masses occupied while I think of new content. I mean this is supposed to be a radio station right? And really there are only a few things that radio stations do. They play music, host self-righteous idiots convince themselves that someone actually cares what they are talking about and finally, they tell you when the nuke is about to go off in your city. Ever since the golden age of radio passed that is really all they do in this capacity. So hell, music it is. I mean I can't offend everyone 24-7-365. Believe me I have tried. Eventually your listeners gouge out their eardrums with a spork rather than listen to you. Anyway here is the info for today's music. Enjoy....

Mindless Self Indulgence / The Left Rights (USA)

YouTube URL:
Homepage URL:

Dadaroma (Japan)

YouTube URL:
Homepage URL:

Winny Puhh (Estonia)

AcidEZ (Mexico)

YouTube URL:

The Portal (Australia)

YouTube URL:

Big Black (USA)

No official links. Band stopped playing in the 80s..

Since YouTube still has most of the viewership and the fact that they suck donkey balls means I had to figure out a way to get people from there to here. So I started a YouTube advertising campaign. And yes I know its one video but shit dude I only started all of this about a week ago. Douche.

A quick attempt at trying to bring the Progressive Left back to Earth. While Merciless Radio USA knows that these people are a lost cause and the skulls of said people are akin to an empty pool. Great for skateboards but utterly empty. While we recognize this fact we did not want anyone to be able to say that we did not try to talk sense to these tyrannical assholes before they all perished in the next Civil War. Oh well, they will make for great target practice and no one can take that away from them :) .

Our first Voices From The Underground. Our attempt at giving some spotlight to unsigned bands or lesser known bands. You know, people who actually work for a living? This time focus on the Metal/EDM categories. I listen to all of these constantly and would love to see them succeed further. The first man involved (Alex Rise - Tyrant Of Death, Psychotic Pulse, S4D-2) is apparently addicted to the creation of music. He is based in Alberta, Canada and has more albums out than I can count on all of my fingers and toes. Until the last 5-7 years he just gave his music away. When I actually bought one of his albums (Tyrant of Death - Ascendency) it not only only cost about 20 bucks but came with a shirt. After all of the albums he just allowed me to download directly I owed him.

Beyond that the last three I don't know who they are but they are all the same type. People who actually love creating music and don't much care about being rich. People with an actual work ethic. Go figure.


S4D-2 - Sonic Disarray (Canada)

Bandcamp URL:

Tyrant of Death - Processed Evolution (Canada)

YouTube URL:
Bandcamp URL:

Psychotic Pulse - Opposed (Canada)

YouTube URL:
Bandcamp URL:

Kunstzone - When All Is Said And Done (Napalm Death Cover) (Canada)

YouTube URL:
Bandcamp URL:

The Enigma TNG - Through Hell And Beyond (USA)

YouTube URL:
Soundcloud URL:

Shintuza - Servants Of God (Spain)

YouTube URL:
Soundcloud URL:

List Repeated In Video Text

Today on Merciless Radio we examine the miraculous and all encompassing energy that is human stupidity. Like dark matter it is everywhere but you cannot touch it or see it or even measure it with a multi-meter but it is very real and it has destroyed nations.

Also: Puppy Torture


Infectious Grooves - Violent & Funky (USA)
Rabbit Junk - Ghetto Blasphemer
Alestorm - Fucked With An Anchor

Video Channels Covered:

Shoe On Head

YouTube Channel:

Neurotically Yours (Ill Will Press / Jim Mathers)

YouTube Channel:

MuThis week on Merciless Radio:

The grand finale of the great energy blender debacle! Hyper-Dimensional Squirrels! Sandanistas! Comas! and we finally see just how much the Lord of the 4th Level of Hell can drink! All of this and so much more on today's. Also human stupidity, but really that is an everyday occurrence.



Stormtroopers Of Death - Fuck The Middle East
Dir En Grey - Ningen Wo Kaburu
Napalm Death - Plague Rages

Video Channels Covered

Terrence Popp - Redonkulas / Live From The Lair

YouTube Channel:
BitChute Channel:
Website URL:

RPM - RPM / Hockey Mask Time

YouTube Channel:
BitChute Channel:

Red Ice TV

YouTube Channel:
BitChute Channel:
Website URL:

So here it is, the first installment of what is to be my pirate station. The thing is that I will not use the Intro or outro every time I make a new video since the whole thing is modeled after old Pirate Radio. It just seemed like a waste of time. You know who made it and I will do station identification every so often but nothing as flashy as the intro at the beginning of this. Of course this whole thing revolves around my whim and psychosis so really I promise nothing.

In this video, introductions, ADL has a septic hate fit and all of the eye and brain damaging shit I could fit into 20 minutes. Enjoy. Or don't. Whatever.


Dead Kennedys - Too Drunk To Fuck (USA)
Hunt The Dinosaur - Baked (USA)
Suicidal Tendencies - We Are Family (USA)

This is the part of the channel where I am supposed to apologize to all of you for my existence. Yeah, not happening. Shove it in a very painful and dark orifice. So instead of being some panty-waisted, sheepish, snowflake beta male I thought I would take the old hardcore punk method and beat my opinion up your ass with a 10 lb sledge. I don't plan on catering to anyone except me. Hey ya lefty cunt, here comes the pain!

The old Merciless Radio opening. It ended up being a bit too hashed together so I dropped it. Might used the song again though since I ain't paying for it anyway.


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The Excuse....

Honestly, if you want an explanation for all of this, Merciless Radio is simply my attempt at a few things. FIrst, it is my attempt to curb my perfectionist tendencies. That is why all of the spoken stuff is done once with no corrections except a bit of compression and reverb. No way to obsess on it so it subverts my perfectionism. Second, I think it is the responsibility in this time of high level Clown World for all of us to come out and make our voices heard and to be word of mouth advertising to everyone else doing so as well. More than that though, we need to scream at the top of our lungs in the most brutal and offensive ways possible! We need to make the Marxists of the world severely uncomfortable. We need them to feel like they are sleeping in a vat of hot Hydrochloric Acid. We need them to melt-down. We need them in such a state that even the most compromised person cannot defend their actions. And honestly this is why I chose the Punk Rock / Heavy Metal / Goth flavor for all of this. It is why I chose the unapologetic, commie hating flavor of the Reagan soaked 80s.

Back when I was a teen I used to travel throughout California to see Punk and Thrash Metal shows. Mainly San Francisco and Venice Beach. Whenever I was waiting in line at the door of one club or another there was always hand drawn and photocopied punk mags floating back and forth, up and down the line. I would always buy one when they were available. Those were priceless. In fact they were the first places I heard about the Tank Girl, TMNT and Samurai Hamsters comics. Brilliant stuff in crappy, photocopied, black and white. The great thing about them was that the worse the magazine the more endearing it was. That is the feel I am going for here as well. That Ed Wood, B-Movie crap flick feel.

Remember that the Punk / Metal / Goth scene of the 80s was not just music, it was a tribe. From Oi to Hardcore, to Speed, to Thrash and so on. We may have been different types but we congregated as one tribe. We were the exiles and the outcasts. And in a time like this one where a large portion of the world has gone counter-culture in a bad way you sometimes need a more aggressive counter culture to beat it back. And honestly I am tired of groups like AntiFa trying to pass themselves off as counter-culture. Especially when they are so tied to oppressive government that they might as well be "The Man".

So I want to start the old counter-culture back up again. The Punks, The Metalheads, The Goths, The Cyber-punks (not Cyber-Goth that is just fucking stupid), The Hackers, The Rebels, The Black Right and yes even the White Nationalists (**GASP**). Its time for the Progressives to know they are outmatched, outgunned and generally that we could snap their proverbial necks like twigs.

I did not fight in 3 Meme Wars and start the practice of Kamikaze Trolling for nothing. What started in 1984 as me trolling 300 BPS BBSs and ended 2 months ago when I retired from Trolling, now culminates in this. Stack that on top of 40 some years of mind altering drugs, hardcore Muppet porn and long term isolation and you have a mixture for success. I mean seriously, what has reality ever done for us really?.

With all of that in mind, let it be known that sometimes evil cannot be fought by the righteous. While powerful they are utterly predictable. No, sometimes evil must be fought with Batshit Crazy. That is where I come into play.