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I don't own the footage in the video, all clips belong to Millie Efraim. The footage I used to make this compilation was from a YouTube channel called "your new home page." Please do not harass people that appear in videos I upload/reupload.

Millie's Channel:

Originally Published: July 2nd, 2017

This video is the reason why I kept defending NoBs from the critics...I'm not doing that anymore! His latest video was the last straw:

🚫🐃💩 RageAfterStorm Video:

Originally Published: October 8th, 2020

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Want to contribute to Going Free? Here's how you do it. Make a quick video where you let people know that you're a viewer of Jason Khöne's Going Free livestreams:


1) Introduce yourself.
2) Follow up with "You are Going Free with Jason Khöne, on No White Guilt."
a) It doesn't have to be exactly what I wrote down, but it should still get the message across.
3) You're done.

Also, check out Jason's website:

R.I.P. To The Nintendo 3DS; 2011 -2020.

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No proper description needed, video says it all.

Mark vs Gazi Debate:

The video says it all, no description needed.

Mark vs Gazi Debate:

My thoughts?

2020 is not the worst year ever, there's been far worse times to be alive...

This is for your own good, Brooks...

Danny Korcz is a piece of fucking shit! Welcome back, asshole!

Let's hope Susan doesn't terminate him.

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Scott Wiener is absolute scum...

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Please stop saying "Okay Boomer & Karen," those phrases are used by anti-whites...

Check out this website if you're interested:

College Humor is cringe, but this clip is pretty based.

Original Video:

Originally Published: August 1st, 2011

This video was actually reuploaded by YouTube user Astroman9991, because the original uploader, HegleSverr, had deleted his channel. So, this is a BitChute reupload of a YouTube reupload. 🤯

Original Video:

Astroman9991's Channel:

Due to off-sync audio, this needed a reupload...

In case the anti-white censors at YouTube take down the video, enjoy this BitChute reupload.

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The game is still being worked on, but I recommend you check it out.

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Originally Published: October 22nd, 2016

Original Video:

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"Get the garbage can!"

Disclaimer: Don't Harass Anyone That Appear In Videos I Upload/Reupload. My Intent Is To Not Cause Harm To Anyone, But To Instead Condemn Actions That Are Deemed Morally Unacceptable.

Every dislike is another child-rapist showing his/her saltiness.

"Get the garbage can!"

I made this new intro with the Film Maker Pro app.

Aw jeez, my own narcissism is getting out of hand...

If you want to stay, that's fine...but, this is for those who have lost their patience with me.

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Just a mestizo Zoomer that is eternally grateful for Western kind, and Western civilization.
I'm also here to entertain, and/or offend you as much as i possibly can.

I like to archive videos, but I also make some of my own content.

Bio: Throughout the mid to late 2010s, my online discourse was truly abysmal, no rational decisions were made when typing out those comments, just pure emotional anger.
Well, no more! I'm cleansing myself of #MemePathogens with #MemeCuratives, it's time to #GoFree
Although I intend on changing my ways, I have no plans on rewriting my past. All the things I've said on the Internet will be here till the end of time. That's why I plan on keeping all my previous videos up, for you to gaze uppn my journey.

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