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Song: Bonecrusher - Sound the Horn

Anime: Hyouka, Toradora, My Love Story, Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out, Ah! My Goddess.
Music: Jodeci - My Heart Belongs to You

Music: Sabaton - Steel Commanders
Anime: Girls Und Panzer

Anime: Show By Rock
Song: Neil McCoy - The Shake

Anime: Berserk
Music: Kid Ink - Now it's Personal

Anime: Kuroko's Basketball
Music: Kid Ink - Daydreamer intro

Anime: Girls Und Panzer
Music: Sam Spence - Classic Battle


Anime: Girls Und Panzer
Song: Sabadu - Mighty Polish Tank

Anime: Hitori Bocchi
Song: Victorius: Shuriken Showdown

Anime: My Hero Academia
Song: Beast In Black - Cry Out For A Hero

Anime: Zombie Land Saga
Song: Hollywood Undead - Undead


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