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Well here is another reaction from Denis Pauna so hope everyone enjoys.

Alright welcome back to MetalBen's Chronicle's on BitCHute and my first reaction video and in this video I'll be reacting to Denis Pauna's What if Metallica wrote Reload in 1988 ...And Justice For All enjoy and check out Denis Pauna on YouTube


Hello everyone here is my thoughts about the new laws coming in affect on YouTube. Make sure to hit that subscribe button and thanks.

Welcome to Metal Album Warfare here on BitCHute in this episode we are putting 2 Thrash Metal Titans up against eachover in this battle of East VS West with Overkill Under The Influence 1988 VS Exodus Fabulous Disaster enjoy and subscribe \m/

Welcome back to Metalben's Chronicle's and we are getting a remixed and re edited review of Megadeths Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? That I originally made for YouTube and redone it based on not liking the original review I did. Enjoy and keep it metal \m/

First and for most my apologies for not being very active on BitCHute as of late and have decided to put all of my videos on here for now on so expect more content and please subscribe thanks and keep it metal. \m/

Welcome to my first of many album reviews to come here on BitCHute I hope yous enjoy and please subscribe.

Hails to all \m/ just a short and brief introduction of what you can see and what is to come on Metalben's Chronicle's here on BitCHute. Keep it metal \m/

I put this intro together back in May and this retrospective is still in the works and once it's finished the retrospective on the pioneers of death metal possessed will be uploaded here to BitCHute and hope everyone enjoys this intro for the time being.

This is my channel intro hope everyone enjoys and make sure to subscribe.


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