thinks keep breaking thanks to numskull

we meet crook-a-doodle in this episode

hmm bacon.. this episode was never dubbed
due to unknown reasons

im too scared to provide this episode

this episode was never dubbed due to extensive toilet humor and cannibalism

we meet kittylumbus the yokai based off the famous chistopher colombus

tell tell me your secrets

its time to party til the sun goes down

near misses?, must be a yo-kai's fault

the untold story of Jibanyan after he became a yo-kai before he met nate

static electricity my favorite

eurkea! its time for the u2 watch upgrade

im so bad at life , sigh

its the kappa rap gang

this episode was never dubbed and was skipped for unknown reasons

hypon dective agency case no06

OMG this episode

classic Yokai cause trouble during the Halloween parade after being picked on

wait i just remembered the song battle episode never got dubbed due to copyright of the us tv show american idol, which is what the episode parodys, so its included ,

Jibanyan helps a lost cat go home

"flush"-- time to rember all those painful memories

i just rembered to upload this

the rocket is complete time to launch it

just your typically yokai family feud between frazzle,mama aura and papa bolt

warning: yokai cannibalism is present in this video and that's very prideful


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