umm what was I supposed to put here again?

its a dog with a mans face super creepy

"dig for treasure pick a winner" or in this case the dubbed segments from ep120,121,123,124,127

its time for the yo-kar grand prix with speedy mountain as out host

to save the planet earth this episode was never dubbed

dr jibanyan is making his rounds in the yo-kai hospital

time to put the fire out with the yo-kai firefighters

why why why was this episode not dubbed

its time to get a haircut

wait i just rembered todays yo-kai putasockinit

lets hear some songs from some of the yo-kai bands

this eppisode never got dubbed due to copyright of the us tv show american idol, which is what the episode parodys

I have no regrets that this episode was never dubbed

Oh My God why didnt this episode ever get dubbed

this episode was never dubbed

may i ever be of service, this episode was never dubbed for unknown reasons

ill leave it all to you again this episode was not dubbed due to unkown reasons

rumor has it that mr blockhead has a block shaped head

thinks keep breaking thanks to numskull

we meet crook-a-doodle in this episode

hmm bacon.. this episode was never dubbed
due to unknown reasons

im too scared to provide this episode

this episode was never dubbed due to extensive toilet humor and cannibalism

we meet kittylumbus the yokai based off the famous chistopher colombus

tell tell me your secrets


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