Mudfossil Rabbit Hole

Be careful what you wish for.


Hydrocarbons were (by me still are) considered biological from plant tissue and fossil body fluids and tissues breaking down. There is copious amounts of Hydrocarbons in space so why?

It has been said that there is matter and antimatter...they say one charge equals the other but I can show that is not correct....actual proof in experiments no guesses.
Is this the gauge boson charge particle carrier?

CG molecules in the DNA are the programmable parts. We need unmethylated CG and only get them from Bacteria enzymes released in us... therefore your bacteria provides you with chemistry that is absolutely required for health.








Light is seen in these experiments using red laser and a Venturi particle accelerator.
Light goes EXACTLY like a polarized spinning rifled bullet. As it travels straight forward it is surrounded by polarized particles creating a Higgs field at 90 degree angle which is a Scalar wave and IMO easily seen in these pics.

Brien Foerster asks Geologists but the ones he is asking have no idea about rocks origin and that they were soft after the great I would like to be included in the discussion.
My work is far more supported by facts than ANYONE ELSE ALIVE...not one can stand up to my facts so they hide away and make things up. Brien I think honestly wants truth but will be destroyed if he REALLY looks. Put that destruction on ME Brien...I can fight anyone with my facts and will and I will win if TRUTH IS ALLOWED.

These bodies in space are biological. The Planets and Moons are written about in our ancient past. It says our solar system was constructed using body parts from Gods. Other things written are just as amazing and also proven fact.

Fabulous discovery by a Mudfossil University Associate that has discoveries that exceed this and ignored by the "experts". My DNA certified Giant Human Mudfossils are also ignored for many years seems no evidence is allowed to be reviewed so it is truth unheard. This truth is not just about fossils.

Mudfossils are soft tissue body parts that separate along the fascia planes after long salt water mud submersion that dissolves bones but not flesh. Normal size and Giants existed side by side and this is proof.

That is a Giants Finger tip. Bones are dissolved in SALT WATERS and mudfossils are all from the great "Salt Water Flood".

This is reality if you want FLAT EARTH there are other places. This is not for you and I do not appreciate your insults on my work.... Light comes from Stars and all luminescent bodies. On its way to interact with us to produce heat and a GLOW of is the AETHER and we SLOSH thru it as we are dragged around the milky Way. BTW its the DARK energy and DARK matter until it COLLIDES with complete matter.

Have fun with Physics and Light Particles as we learn the true nature of light. ANY CHEAP LASER will do. We used a Bosch GLM15 and a cell phone to capture light in transit and how it Illuminates Aether.

Join me for a series that documents this extraordinary quest for truth. A simple request to Yale University turned into the best time of my life... and likely will have consequences far beyond that.

Veteran explorer Michael Tellinger has expressed interest in doing the hard work to determine the truth about Mudfossil University claims that rocks other than lava were once biology.
FYI...I am in contact with Michael Tellinger and making all Mudfossil research available to his team. I am treating this as a "Peer Review" and the results will not be hidden and this work will be open and free as it progresses at least my work as it always has been. I will start this series "Michael Tellinger Peer reviews mudfossils" with the new species called "Notoes" that will be exciting to find the DNA result. Michael has his specimens and we have ours as well.

Megalithic structures are made from mudfossils mainly and very difficult to identify by most and very difficult to believe as well. In an effort to explore TRUTH without prejudging... Mr Micheal Tellinger sent me some pics for my take (he may or may not agree..these are my words his pics)....he is innocent haha.

A history about the Sahara and Atlantis and much more. Everything discovered was written in the ancient texts IMO but you be the judge.


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