Proof the crazy train has no brakes!

I'm glad she was safely returned home.

If you replace "child" with "husband" your bad relationship is laid out for you to learn what's happening.
See Prince:

At 2 min he said Marxist Ideas are rife in USA - see - Only thing not yet accomplished is abolition of private property!

Active measures (Russian: активные мероприятия) -

This cycle will never be broken? See full Vid:

Just believe women - OK?

Just go on tinder & swipe right on them all!

Tom Leykis

Think about this if you want to turn a "whore into a housewife" or sleep with hookers. Great Doco from 1993 -

Darlene Gentry, now 42, is serving 60 years in prison after her murder conviction in the November 2005 shooting death of her husband, Keith Gentry, the father of her three sons.

Trial testimony showed Darlene Gentry shot her sleeping husband in the head while their three sons were asleep down the hall and then staged their Robinson home to try to make it appear an intruder broke in and shot Keith Gentry.

Full vid:
She's also a volcanically angry woman with no self control and her mom ass raped her dad in the divorce court... go figure!

Chris Watts Killed Wife, After She Killed Children In A Blind Rage.

I bet it's her poop-hole that's on sale...

She got life as that's the only sentence for 1st degree murder in Florida!

Doctors are supposed to save lives, not take them.

Shows boys are disposable.


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