Yes, the sharks eat a small fish every so often.

Netanyahu tweets ‘war with Iran’ then replaces it with ‘combating Iran'

As I left many comments on this video, I've mirrored it to show my comments.

Here's Portions of a 1962 Aldous Huxley speech at UC Berkeley From mentioned in Part 1. 1.40 - Ultimate revolution

With 2 main ingredients, it can't get better!

Thoughts On Winning & Losing

Predicted in the 1960s, arrived by now!

I don't know where these crazy women get off selling their "art" for $155+

Today things have only got worse!

The speaker & I spoke a lot and he means to only "spank" women like you do children - nothing more than mild slaps to backside.

You Might Not be a MGTOW've never had RPR!

I'm only making this public for a few days as this is a channel I enjoy and make lots of comment on its livestream.

Here's HDBL's latest upload. I made lots of comments on the livechat which were mentioned in the video, so I'm leaving it live for a few days.

I'm putting up this video for only a few days as I made comments in the livestream chat which were mentioned in the video at some points.

Karma's a B!tch ladies & this is just the start! Chongqing bus plunge caused by fight between driver and passenger

Why marry a crazy woman in the first place?

Prices are way down on the highs we saw around 9 years ago.

Now I've seen it all

Woman Who Took Baby Was Let Off!! Would a man get this leniency?

Really good summary of why we need MGTOW. Fair use for educational purposes.

On April 10, 2009, Tony shot and killed his fellow classmate at Henry Ford Community College - 20-year-old YouTube user AsiaMcGowan and turned the gun on himself. Allegedly, Tony made a video in the empty classroom prior to the shooting, but copies have yet to surface.

"Sex Robots" will become normal.


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