Luxury, more vicious than any foreign foe, lays its heavy hand upon us, and avenges the world we conquered.

You hear entertainers all the time saying, if I couldn't get paid for this, I'd do it for free. When's the last time you ever heard business say, if I couldn't get paid for being a chairman of British Petroleum, I'd do this for free. -Dick Gregory.


“No small part of this ugly barbarization has been due to
sheer physical congestion: a diagnosis now partly
confirmed with scientific experiments with rats – for
when they are placed in equally congested quarters,
they exhibit the same symptoms of stress, alienation,
hostility, sexual perversion, parental incompetence,
and rabid violence that we now find in the Megalopolis.”

Better Be Dead Then A Deadbeat Dad

The Black Pill is a concept which simultaneously provokes disdain and bewilderment from bystanders across the globe. They wonder what it means, and why a growing number of young men are identifying as incels, regardless of the seeming permeation of sexuality throughout modern culture. In Understanding and Overcoming The Black Pill, Martin Goldberg draws on extensive public and scientific research to clearly outline reasons for the dark capsule's emergence, and the relative accuracy of claims made by its followers. Much effort is also dedicated to providing healthy strategies for individuals and society to address the problem of romantic disenfranchisement gripping much of the male population. These approaches advise kindness and understanding instead of the mainstream dismissal and mockery which all too often permit significant social issues to fester and expand in destructive directions.

“Underneath the so-called narcissistic personality is definitely shame and the paralyzing fear of being ordinary.”

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Sandman returns to discuss dieting and Andrew Tate.

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Clenching my teeth tight My head is like a sponge Give it to me free
I want to get ripped off And drown in the airwaves Another fatal wreck
On the information highway So go ahead and kill yourselves
It all amuses me For I'll be damned to spend my life in hell
Another wise ingrate
Bring me blood and pain
Of a stranger's fate Give it all away Give it to me now
I'm desensitized I want to watch the bomb
Blow the masses high

We read Thomas Chittum's Civil War 2 and discuss scenarios of Balkanization,War and Feudalism.
This is was from Late Fall 2020.

Feminism leaves the woman free to consume, to enjoy a no-strings life, with no mutual obligation. It is transactional, meaning it seeks to replace real-life relationships with businesslike consumer exchanges. In the business of feminism the customer is always right, whatever she chooses to buy.

“Consumer feminism” is the term applied to the conspicuous consumption of the liberated woman. It celebrates the spending power of the woman unchained from womanhood, replacing her traditional roles and bonds with consumer goods, services, pampering, surgery, wine boxes, proxy children in pets. It has collided with the obscenities of the internet age to valorise the display of women for financial gain as another aspect of liberation, so that squatting in your underwear on OnlyFans is owning the men, You Go Girl!

The broader issue of the sex industry is another paradox of feminist theory which seems baffling to common sense. How on earth is it liberating to sell your body to men for money? As any sane person knows, pornography is degrading and ultimately evil, reducing the human form to a machine displayed for momentary gratification. It commodifies an impulse proper to the production of life, subtracts this factor, replacing with raw fetish the basic miracle of existence. The sex industry and its pervasive influence has barbarised women and men alike, promoting the instant objectification of everyone into a hypersexualised commodity. We are reminded by the Marquis de Sade that repeated cheap stimulation leads to a jaded appetite, fuelling further excesses in debauchery. As we are well aware by now, they are coming for the children next.

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In more sophisticated movements, the adherents will perform rituals or make symbolic sacrifices to show their commitment to the cause. It has not been unusual for cultural movements to adopt a style of dress. The macaroni style, for example, was an extreme expression of commitment to a cultural and social class. In this age, the sexual subcultures often embrace clothing styles like the “lesbian kit” to set themselves apart and show commitment to the subculture.

Whether it is getting the gang symbols tattooed on your face, wearing an unofficial uniform or committing yourself to a way of life, every cause requires something from the members as a payment. This sacrifice is not only a signal to the other members, showing their shared commitment to the cause, it is also a form of advertising to potential members of the cause. More important, it adds a sense of value to membership in the cause. The members feel committed.

The people displaying their pronouns in their e-mail signature and social media profile are signaling their commitment by sacrificing some portion of their dignity. There is a noticeable discomfort in these people then they say “I go by they/them” because they know what they are doing is foolish. It is as ridiculous as wearing a flowerpot on their head, but that is the point of the ritual. They are making a fool of themselves in public as a way to show their commitment to this cause. - Zman

First(Incelmatics) decides to take a holiday from the diatribe of western women and social media wrecking society to give a coherent dissertation on Ukraine and the ongoing conflict in Eastern Europe.

I was unaware my microphone was broken till after the recording. My apologize in advance my fellow brethren.

Gender being a focal point in history makes it an issue at all times. But it has no history much like a stable families. It becomes history when its conscious of itself.

Attempts to eliminate the double standard is the new frontier of the box wine revolution.

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