Dogs lick for your bones inside and they like the taste of salt.

Halsey invites Lamprey Milt back on for a second round to discuss Jogging for Justice and the break down of Society.

Bestiality means never having to say you’re sorry.

Halsey has Lamprey Milt on Radio Free America to discuss Balkanization,White Flight, and Justice Joggers.

A Andy Nowicki B-side from late 2019 prior to Ayam Sirias channel termination.

The Current Events Revisionist Andy Nowicki returns to MGTOW Chats to discuss some of his ruminations on the lock down and depopulation.

Check out his books here:

Turd Flinging Monkey joins MGTOW Chats and catch up on current events.

Lamprey Milts article was featured on The American Sun.

We discuss his article and current events.

MGTOW Values and Lamprey Milt talk of the Covid Chimp Out of 2020

Redpill Philosophy join us to discuss Flat Earth.

Ed returns to discuss The Social Media Actor Based Reality Propaganda, Riots and the Corporate take over of United States of Slavlandia.

We rattle the list of demands made by Black Lives Matter and see how close they are achieve the Wakanda Dream.

Andy Nowicki returns to discuss Hypergamy and the ongoing civil unrest.
Check his Youtube channel out:

Viva la revolución!

I have a talk with Ed Chiarini. Author of and artist on two books on the JFK assassination. Links below. We talk about what is happening today and all the lies we have been told in the past. Strive for the truth, throw fear in the trash where it belongs.


Sources for mask health that Ed mentioned:

I can't stop watching this.

A chat with a MGTOW Legend. Benard Chapin is no longer active on social media but you may still find is work floating on the world wide web.

Youth is a novelty. Its like a car air freshener. Its not linear. Its fleeting at every Milli-Second. Its something the thot cant take with them. In society that solely functions on the principle of youth its glory is more fleeting then the Jones's can imagine.

She craves admiration but shits on those who provide it. And naturally gains zero satisfaction from her social successes.. She attempts to push others while remaining unmoved herself. A brat by definition.

She doesn't care about career achievements its about the pleasure of the achievement as baby boomer parents lavish her in adulation and attention.

Her pursuit of pleasure now rears into her intimate encounters where the pleasure is exploitation. Pleasure is an end to itself. You can be content with pleasure but happiness is a different kingdom because happiness requires work which shes not willing to do.

Juveniles are now the advisors for the direction of the society. A total inversion where the young knows whats best since they know how to upload videos onto Youtube and use cellphones. As we get further into the 21st century we soon realize that we are in era of youth worship…women 60 years of age dress like juveniles..limp injections…ass implants…the lack of modesty..tattoos etc etc.

With this being stated we are country that does not award wall hitting Thotistic Behavior. No Country for Old Pussy!

A chat with Foreign Devil & Brooklyn Monk who have a combined 20 years of living in Mainland China. We discuss China's roll in the global lock down and of course COVID-19.

The Egyptians had the locusts and in Europe there was the Black Death with the rats, but the Han Chinese are the plague of our century and we'll not survive this one.

In an era of very real danger in the form of pandemic outbreaks and circus politics, one is tempted just to withdraw from it all.

Be safe and wise.



Twitter: @SiriasAyam

An interview with The Brooklyn Monk regarding expatriate's slide into the Abyss.
Many deaths of westerns in South East Asia go unreported and for good reason. Still want to move out of moms basement for allure of Debauchery in Pattayya?

The Red Pill is a life hack. It’s the continuation of asking questions till you are satisfied with the answer you receive. Its Knowing those subliminal nuances messages are for you to uncover and for those of the horde to become conditioned to its subservience.
Yes the Redpill is a one track mind where you’ll be unable to cleanse yourself of the knowledge that will torment your psyche into your it forms Congenital distortions. detonations. leaving you fragmented and isolated, considering those who are nearest and dearest to you are parsimonious drones unwilling to grasp the hilt of ckham's razor
And dare not disturb the drone that you have plucked from the babbling horde.
its too preoccupied indulging on the latest and greatest fads and trinkets.
The Redpill is a psychological form of Op-Art that once you see it by slowly withdrawing your optimistic perceptions, your pathetic dream world you cannot un see the toxic dynamism with its breath taking speeds and you always be able to recognize its tangible and intangible framework wherever you are wherever you may go.
And at times you may be fixated on one mosaic mess for longer periods then others. Because you see everything for what they are not for what they are told.

So I wish you all the best of luck as we approach the second decade of the millennial and reconcile with the pillars of the new dawn which swings hammers of weaponized anthropology that has seeped into every meaningful aspect of our societies. Just know my friend that I have inoculated you from the malignant malaises plaguing Earths plane.

L.M 5/22/2019


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This is a channel dedicated to the MGTOW CHATS series featuring Ayam Sirias & Lamprey Milt.

Ayam Sirias is one of the forerunners to the MGTOW movement where his work stems back a decade uploading MGTOW content onto Youtube. After taking a hiatus between 2016-2017, Ayam Sirias teamed up with Lamprey Milt whose known for his discussion with Stefan Molyneux where they began the infamous MGTOW CHAT series that garnished over a million views. The MGTOW Chat series has had well known youtubers and revisionist such as Sandman,Turd Flining Monkey, Dr. E Micheal Jones, Ed Charini, Andy Nowicki, Paul Proteus, John the Other, Honey Badgers and many more.

Be apart of the talk and have some fun. Remember though....No Women,No Ladyboys,No Sodomites.