Women will destroy Everyone they Touch..

Marxists feminists and their ilk constantly try to change the biology of male and females by trying to blur them into one. They are wasting their time..

American women are the most loathed female on the planet, and that is just the black female. They have been trained to hate Men as trained by feminazies and their pathetic soyboy minions. One wonders which is worse. The obnoxious, loud mouthed black female or the trained, pussy worshipping, pathetic, soyboys. It's close..

One wonders if and when, a copy of a life form could be that precise as to not be noticed as being anything else. There are whispers that genuine copies have become so real, they cannot tell the difference. Imagine that and watch, see where they are in that area of construction. This will change your outlook. And we have a well spoken common sense video from Paul Proteus as well..

What will SHE do now, without a Man..
She is just like every other female..

Not only do they crave to be like a Man, they are trying to behave like us as well. So much for 'feminine' women. They have disappeared from the landscape. Now we have pretend females who do neither well and are as bad as each other. Badly imitating, annoying, irritating and falsely pretending to be something they certainly are not. They have become such frauds. the Juice is NO longer worth the squeeze. Avoid at all cost or it will..

Our favourite Coach Greg Adams explains the fantasy wonderland that is Disney Propaganda. Stuff that has been forced down every privileged princesses' throat and other cavities since they were manipulating Grandad for freebies and cookies. Also Shrekeeta and Twin Shreketta), the bastard love-children from Shrek and Pelosi, make an appearance..

We used the razor to cut close to the bone. Fat free with no harm to whales or manetees..

Ah yes, almost wedding bells, a former rock queen and a selection of other female vices unlocked and explained..

"We have to eat the BABIES" because climate change. These females expect to pair up with a MAN for a relationship. One that will not last and one that SHE cannot adhere to because the effect of 'OSMOSIS' has damaged their cerebral cortex. One would go through HELL to try and keep these 'osmosis' creatures 'happy'. Plus a bonus - A particular part of the soundtrack from Witcher 3 Game performed by a symphony orchestra. Beautifully performed by a large orchestra and a tune that stuck in my mind for it's haunting sound..
Playing games can be a good time to relax. Also these older games sell very cheap (around $10-25. Depending where you go. They can also become completely engrossing. This particular game gave the impression that you were part of a movie. Good fun and good therapy.

One wonders why those black females are so nasty, toxic, LOUD and downright disgusting human beings. I think I may have come across the reason..
This video and my account on YOUTUBE was removed and BANNED on YOUTUBE..

MGTOW Ghost 22: Women's Secrets 5+, Has been Updated to improve the voice audio and background music levels.
We already are well aware that the cancer that is feminastyism, is LYING to women. They promote the 'go out and chase as many cocks as you can' because propaganda. This
LIE will destroy their lives until they die. No Man wants a HOE, No one. And yet, there they are promoting this thotery like it has merit or will even improve her life. But NO MAN wants a HOE for a wife as that will come up a lot as the history of the THOT never goes away, people have long memories. One of Man's greatest fear is finding out that he has married a HOE. That will destroy his and her standing in the community and Men HATE THAT..

Catering non-stop to selfish, narcissistic wenches will not only make your life a living hell while also keeping you broke. Not only that, what you do for her today will be completely wiped clean for what you will do for her tomorrow. The female brain erases, removes, wipes away everything overnight and when it arises in the morning it will begin demanding all over again. Does that sound to you like 'bliss' at any level ?..

Pheromones have been exposed as being a FRAUD. It is FAKE.

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More videos up to No 26.

HammerHand on Entra Manure

The speaker in the video is Sunrise Hoodie. Wise words indeed..
The different way Men and Women are treated leaves a lot to be desired. A woman will get away with murder, call in white knights to take care of HER malfeasance, while escaping any consequence for her actions (James Von Maxwell just did a two part vid on precisely this topic). It has to stop, Women HAVE TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for their actions otherwise we will have an increase of even more grown female children on our hands..

It is a well known fact that females demand attention. That attention seeking will distract you from your own goals and aims in life. I went through this and simped by allowing it, hindsight does that. One cannot redraw time. One has to accept that one's decisions will affect every part of your life, either now or in the future. If you do not plan, life will drag you from one bad decision to the next. It will not be good..

These so called "relationship" coaches are preying on vulnerable Men and teen boys who believe their concocted fake narrative. Their indoctrination BS is just another method of keeping Men and Boys on the Plantation. These greedy fraudsters need to be stopped..

There are 20 secrets that women fetishise about and they ain't good. Not every single female of course but the majority, now they ride the c*ck carousal at will without consequence apart from pregnancy or getting a dose of those nasty sexually transmitted diseases. Thank feminism..

Women have several secrets that they are very careful not to talk about and will deny they even exist when asked about them. BlackRam313 exposes those 20 secrets. This vid. has the first two..

Speaking to three men in front of the family court and hearing about how they are being screwed over by those feminised, bigoted, sexist courts. An absolute disgrace. SHARE this Important information..

Another prime example of a feminastie demorat 'legislator' performing perfectly for an oscar nomination. Women got what they wanted and now they have to live with it. Whaaaa!!

Once again we have the feminazies back pedalling on their moronity. Now that they have promoted the insanity of transgenderism and it's paedophile ridden associations. They are back pedalling after a so called trans pretender/female impersonator aka drag queen beat the piss out of a female wrestler and picked up two gold medals. Now they want to change it back to picking sex rather than gender identity. Meanwhile feminists have royally screwed it up for everyone..

It's not often that we witness an Oscar performance but luckily I have the video. A star performance by another privileged princess stalling her inevitable arrest. Enjoy..

Oh yes, feminist drones keep making the lying claim that "feminazyism is about 'eqwalitee'" which is a complete lie. They are and always have been "man haters" as by destroying the man, they build themselves up. This video has a few different views on just that disaster. After 'MeToo', Men are no longer associating with the very hos that feminists are pushing as being special. That "ride the cock carousal" as long as you want and then 'settle down' at thirty. Erm! Nope, that ain't happening nowhere. She's a feminised HO!..

Whenever women are educated by the anti-male Colleges and Universities. Their female ego is also lifted so exponentially as to believe that only they and their opinions are relevant.


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