Women have several secrets that they are very careful not to talk about and will deny they even exist when asked about them. BlackRam313 exposes those 20 secrets. This vid. has the first two..

Speaking to three men in front of the family court and hearing about how they are being screwed over by those feminised, bigoted, sexist courts. An absolute disgrace. SHARE this Important information..

Another prime example of a feminastie demorat 'legislator' performing perfectly for an oscar nomination. Women got what they wanted and now they have to live with it. Whaaaa!!

Once again we have the feminazies back pedalling on their moronity. Now that they have promoted the insanity of transgenderism and it's paedophile ridden associations. They are back pedalling after a so called trans pretender/female impersonator aka drag queen beat the piss out of a female wrestler and picked up two gold medals. Now they want to change it back to picking sex rather than gender identity. Meanwhile feminists have royally screwed it up for everyone..

It's not often that we witness an Oscar performance but luckily I have the video. A star performance by another privileged princess stalling her inevitable arrest. Enjoy..

Oh yes, feminist drones keep making the lying claim that "feminazyism is about 'eqwalitee'" which is a complete lie. They are and always have been "man haters" as by destroying the man, they build themselves up. This video has a few different views on just that disaster. After 'MeToo', Men are no longer associating with the very hos that feminists are pushing as being special. That "ride the cock carousal" as long as you want and then 'settle down' at thirty. Erm! Nope, that ain't happening nowhere. She's a feminised HO!..

Whenever women are educated by the anti-male Colleges and Universities. Their female ego is also lifted so exponentially as to believe that only they and their opinions are relevant.

When do females actually take responsibility for their own lifestyle choices, actions and decisions.
Arbour is the typical female, once they hit the wall. After spending the last fifteen years chasing d*ck, they now DEMAND that Men line up so they can choose a sucker to pay her expenses. Are you kidding Me Nicole. Be gone THOT...

(Still Learning - Video Editing Suite) Quite a few guys have stated that Asia is a sound alternative for mating and spawning. Costs are much lower and the 'women' are more human, behave as such. Unlike the despicable, narcissistic, feminised, egomaniacs we don't have to put up with in western society. One really wonders. Does one completely write-off those (despicable, feminised, creatures) locals or does one pursue other goals along the same lines with Asian females. It would appear that it is a 'buyer beware' situation. No one is guaranteed of success. Are the risks worth it? The asian female on the screen demonstrates that ALL women are AWALTS. Without exception. Just different levels..

Finding alternatives to the current range of dolls available on the market. This particular manufacturer has a noticebly better quality product then some of the other one available. I decided to let other know what else was available.No greater joy than pissing off the feminasties..

Feminists have been sabotaging the introduction of Men's Contraceptives from reaching the market place for the last twenty years. They do not want to miss out on the billions they are paid every year for all their pet projects and programs. Planned Parenthood being their favourite. Murdering children is their favourite pastime..

Ever wonder why it is difficult to resist the opposite sex. Why our response is always the same, especially when it's a pretty version. See how you respond to this video and wonder how it can be overcome. It takes effort and time..

Because we are screwed if we don't..

The 'Nasty Woman' Promotion requires closer attention.

MGTOW Ghost Intro video.


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