young & old, different approaches, same conclusions

Women's needs Or their 'Wants'

YOU need permission..

YouTube is anti-speeeeeech

you are Objectified

YouTube Censorship PROOF !!!!!!!!!

Young Girls & Their Man Hatred

women DON'T love you 💔

Why America is under Feminist Control

Women in the Workplace

Women on MGTOW channels!! Nag-Nag-Nag!!

why YOU need a daily dose of red pills

When a Girl becomes a Woman!

Why Men are 'Going' ........ enjoy this one!

Who Pays First

Where & When YOUR decisions are made for you

What Men WANT! Now that's what really matters!

What's all the Arguing about

What Has She Done for YOU

What 'benefit' do YOU get

What is MGTOW - brief discussion (& a must watch!)

What is My Purpose in Life

We're Sorry...

We are Exonerated by our Adversary

Wepponized Flesh (intentional bad spelling)


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Big John's full "MGTOW is Freedom" archive courtesy of Gargamel the Wizard, aka Gargoyle & the Cats.

The videos on this channel were recorded between October of 2016 and October of 2017.

All of Big John's epic pieces of wisdom were saved days before the channel was shut down by YouTube. Shut down "because truth" and the ongoing leftist bias and censorship by Big Tech.

Best bulk download of all 376 videos in one 40.5 GB zip file and in their original picture quality is possible on the Internet Archive:

(Many videos in 720p HD resolution)

I also made MP3-Audiobook versions of these videos' sound tracks. Suitable for listening on mobile devices, automotive and home HiFi-systems.

Big John - MGTOW is Freedom - is also available on under the following link: