Hello. This is from my classic podcast which ran for the first half of 2018. It's some good red pill stuff, so I hope you'll take a listen. I also have 2 new youtube pages, which I am sure you can find if you are smart enough, as well as a new podcast, which is not so new as it has been running for over 4 months now only for paying fans. That is about to change, and I am going to make it publicly available, and hope that those same fans will continue to support me. Stay tuned for more new info ;)

Also, I am not known as "The Realist Philosopher" ;)

Hello all, and welcome to my old classic broadcast the MGP show. This is some great content I produced in the first half of 2018. I hope you'll take a listen,a nd check out my new show. (Check out my new podcast here)
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My classic podcast which ran for 6 months for the first half of 2018. It's good stuff. Take a listen for your red pill, and visit my new podcast below. (My new podcast) (Donate to help me create new content)

Another episode of my classic old podcast, which I produced for 6 months. It is great stuff. Also check it my new podcast as The Realist Philosopher. Links below. (My podcast) (My monthly donation platform)
Twitter: @TheRealist1967
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This is my classic podcast. Check out my new show at the links below, and donate to my patreon.

My classic Podcast which ran for 6 months. Great material. I also make a new podcast. Links below. (My new podcast)
My Twitter: @TheRealist1967

My classic podcast that ran for 6 months. Check it out, and check out my new youtube channel. Links below.
You can view my live stream at 8 tonight EST, New York time at the 2 addresses below, and below that are my new youtube channels where I discuss political and social issues.

And here are my new channels: (The Realists Den) (The Realist Philosopher)

This is my old classic podcast. To hear my new podcast titled "The Realist Philosopher," and to see the links below. (My new twice a week podcast, and per podcast donation platform) (For donating once a month to my channel)

You can view my livestream at 8 tonight EST, New York time at the 2 addresses below, and below that's my new youtube channels where I discuss philosophy and the other channel is general social and political commentary. "The Realist Philosopher" channel is where I hold my once a week live stream.

And here are my new channels: The Realist Philosopher (My philosophy channel) The Realists Den (My social and political commentary channel) (My new podcast, per pieces donation platform) (One time per month donation platform) (My youtube channel)

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This is an excerpt from my new show. Hope you enjoy this red pill piece. If so please sign up for my new show entitled "The Realist Philosopher" for new red pills twice a week.

I hope you enjoy this classic episode of my podcast. Please visit this link and donate to listen to my new show.

This is an except from my new show, the realist philosopher. In it I work hard to red pill men. Check it out at this link. I do my best to help men, but I can't do it without your support. Thanks.

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I make a new podcast called "The Realist Philosopher." This is an excerpt from that podcast. I need your help, and support to keep making content, so I hope you'll sign up to hear my new show exclusively on Patreon.

The femizais win, and continue to do so because they support feminism in the billions each year. We lose in part because we don't support those men who are trying to help. Hope you will chose to help me help men.

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Hello. I hope you enjoy this classic of my MGTOW Philosopher Podcast. I'm helping men, and saving lives, so I hope you'll support my work by supporting my new podcast. "The Realist Philosopher." Come listen to content that's even more red pilled, and real than this. Here's the link.

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I'm a weathered and well traveled man who has seen a lot, done a lot, and lived life. I'm happy. Always. Why? No why. I just am. I'm happy, and I live alone. Imagine that. Someone who is happy, and wants for nothing who lives alone. How is that possible you might ask?

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