Unsraw King (Bitchute)



Back when my parents got married in 2000 or late 90's this was their song. I remember that day I was a naughty little shit climbing things, and eating all the wedding cake.

Was just doing my usual Expeditions in the world of conan Exiles and came across this fugly thing.


Played nearly 5hrs but the other part of the time was spent travelinng.


go to www.renderforest.com to make things like this.


thought i had music in the video but no so re-upload

Yes very aware PewDiePie is no longer NO.1

Due to my Cuntries Government blocked bitchute because of some dumb pieces of shit decided to upload the NZ shooting video my Cuntry got blocked from using this site for a while.


anyone noticed Cole is in this from Tv Show Charmed?.

Couldn't help it but to use Peter Griffin as the thumbnail


So here is what I might Start doing for now on.


Also play Pewdiepies Tuber Simulator Can add @ UnsrawKingYT

Update 400k+ subs in front.

Got this god card little moment a go.


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