Have you ever written on a dry erase board with a permanent marker by mistake? To most folks, it sounds like a devastating error. While there are countless solutions out there to clean it, there are also solutions right at your fingertips. From rubbing alcohol and standard home de-greaser to even the actual dry erase markers. I share quick tips on how to clean that board without any fuzz.

There are alternatives to baby powder and talcum for personal use. My preference is arrowroot. And scenting powders is not as difficult as one would think. A little essential oil usually does the trick. But how do you mix essential oil with powder without making a mess? Quite simple. I show you how.

Garages and closets are probably the two spaces in any home that can quickly get out of control. When it comes to organizing and simplifying, I think closets are easier. I share how I simplified my closet and organized it, employing a minimalist approach to it all.

Home studios can be costly. But they can also be done on a budget for pennies on the dollar. I share my setup, from about 3 years ago, when I started to experiment with different equipment types (cameras, audio, lighting, etc.). What started as a beta stage ended up becoming my permanent studio. I found no reason why I needed to upgrade my equipment since it was serving its purpose just fine. Maybe I will upgrade in the future, but for now, I continue to use the same equipment in all my videos. Watch how easy and how affordable a home video studio can be.

Shop vacs are great. I love them. Whether for general cleaning or some serious messes, the power they possess is amazing. When not using the oversized internal vacuum bags in them, we rely on small paper filter elements over the the suction area of the interior of the vac. Sometimes, these small paper pieces are not easy to buy off the shelf or are simply over-priced. I rely on old spare bags from uprights or canister vacs for this... and save a good chunk of change in the process. Watch how I do it.

Looking to bring life back to some of your automotive plastic trim without messing around with chemicals? Magic Erasure might be the solution. This tends to work on most non-painted plastic trim, depending on the texture. Roughly textured trims will often destroy the Magic Eraser before it can do its job, but smoother trim seems to work just fine. The secret is simply removing the oxidized surface of the trim so that conditioners and protectants can actually penetrate the plastic. This worked well for the rear trim on my wife's truck.

Frameless door designs in early Subaru's are notorious for creating excessive wind noise. While many cases are due to worn down gussets, there are times where the issue lies with the actual weatherstrip around the windows. In the case of my former 2005 Subaru Forester, the latter was the primary issue and cause of excessive wind noise. And I share a simple solution that can serve as a temporary, and often, a permanent solution. With a few minutes and a small roll of flat screen spline, the solution is at hand.


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MiAGon provides a series of DIY videos about general topics... essentially, everything from home and garden to automobiles and more. I welcome feedback and requests for new videos and provide as much information as possible. All my videos are narrated if full detail, making it easy to follow. This is my new channel, replacing my YouTube channel, and will have ALL of my YouTube videos once completely uploaded. Thank you for watching... and, "Until Next Time!"