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This week on the New World Next Week: the Davos Agenda for Governance 4.0 unfolds on your telescreen; Visa launches a platform for governments to test CBDCs; and Taliban weed is is set to attract millions in foreign investment.

Wow! This is it, the first "Illuminati" movie, in that it deals with many common Illuminati themes we've become accustomed to seeing, such as, deals with the devil, transference of souls through occult rituals, transhumanism, mind control, sex "robots", and much more. Check this out!
Song: Hot Heat by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
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Ernst Zündel interviews David Irving (1994)
An interview with the British historian David Irving in California, from Ernst Zündel’s show “Another Voice of Freedom” (AVOF). It was presented by Samisdat Publishers, a small Canadian publishing house, founded in 1977. It was owned and operated by Ernst Zündel during the 1980s and 1990s in Toronto, Ontario. The name was taken from samizdat, a practice in the former Soviet bloc countries, of covertly distributing documents which would have been impossible to publish openly.

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Satan is everywhere. I so little time and so much to warn others about. Keeps me busy it does. Source: 3am Lowdown.

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This Jew brags how Jews are behind the weaponized "vaccines" (clot shots).
("Even the best of the gentiles should all be killed") Soferim 15, Rule 10 in the Jewish Talmud.
They have already killed many people and damaged many more all over the world and enslaved everyone who took the injections with the vaccine slave passport. Never forget evil supremacist Jews waged war on humanity. Nuremberg rope justice needs to get them all for crimes against humanity.
You will never see the truth on the mainstream fake news sources on TV cause Jews run the vast majority of US television networks, the printed press, the Hollywood movie industry, the book publishing industry, and the recording industry. Most of these industries are bundled into huge media conglomerates run by the following seven Jewish individuals:

-Gerald Levin, CEO and Director of AOL Time Warner
- Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company
- Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Chairman of Seagram Company Ltd
- Edgar Bronfman, Jr, President and CEO of Seagram Company Ltd and head of Universal Studios
- Sumner Redstone, Chairman and CEO of Viacom, Inc
- Dennis Dammerman, Vice Chairman of General Electric
- Peter Chernin, President and Co-COO of News Corporation Limited

Those seven Jews collectively control ABC, NBC, CBS, the Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, and Interscope Records.

-"Since the Jews (TALMADIC) are the highest and most cultured people on earth, the Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth."
-Rabbi Harry Waton.

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On Frequency w/ Keith Rodgers - May 21 2017 (Keith's first show on RBN)

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Agenda, grinding America down.

USA, the Disposable People

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While the USA goes around the world expounding on the virtues of its way of life, it is obvious that those in charge place little value on human life. They are willing to kill thousands, even millions, for profit, for power, for money, for oil and resources.

... by Snordster

I use this method of communicating to appeal more to the skeptic, and those that are jaded by the mainstream mouthpieces, rather than preaching to the choir. A bit of dramatic music, video that is not "show and tell" and a license to stretch the imagination are the key tools here. It's my rebel yell, my agitprop theatre, of the absurd world we live in.

While the USA goes around the world expounding on the virtues of its way of life, it is obvious that those in charge place little value on human life. They are willing to kill thousands, even millions, for profit, for power, for money, for oil and resources.

So meet the mentally ill of the USA and victims of the many who go without treatment. Meet more disposable people.

............. Hence the "Shalom".............

Heretic Productions.

Uncle Sam and Auntie semite; A wicked piece of work.

'The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos.

"Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats..' - H.L. Mencken

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One of the living Performed by Tina Turner. Fan made music video to Mad Max 2 and 3.

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Eventually these evil criminals will face justice. Their time WILL come.

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