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Jan 20, 2023
Miss Universe owned by a trans woman?! Greta Thunberg gets arrested?! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hated gas stoves?! Welcome to the WEEKLY ROUNDUP! Where we revisit the most ridiculous news stories of the week.

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Smart kid here people.
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And stupid whites are enabling, supporting and fostering this because they are brainwashed. They cannot get their heads out of their stupid phones, TV's or their ass long enough to think with the brain God gave them. They preach tolerance and acceptance and will do so until their blood is shed and beyond. Just like with the damned covid shots that governments are using to maim and murder.
They are destroying countries and cultures. You only have to look at the US southern border to figure that out.

My new parody is here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/R4NorVqt1Imp/
Since BitChute doesn't let my other two copies of this video play here it is again.
Do you have to buy a membership before BC opens all your videos for playback?
Just wondering.

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A parody of Garden Party by Ricky Nelson
Thanks for the idea Salty Cracker! : https://www.bitchute.com/video/2woPKM9nxVre/
Feel free to use my lyrics to make a better version of this song.
Just give me credit or send a link my way. Thanks!

Lizard Party Lyrics

He went to a lizard party
To plan and plot with all his friends
A chance to share some new strategies
And look at plans again
When they got to the lizard party
They all knew his name
Not everyone recognized him
But he's doctor death just the same
And it's all right now
They planed their agenda well
You see, everyone can't be Klaus Schwab
So ya just be yourself

Lizards came from all over the world
Everyone was there
Clinton brought her Bushy
And even Kerry was there
AJ was hid in the corner
Much to my surprise
Mr. Levine who thinks he's a queen
Wearing his Rachel disguise

But it's all right now
Ya all know him very well
His name is Klaus Schwab
So ya got to eat your bugs


They talk about their war junk
That's why everyone came
But don't ya know
Extermination is their End Game
They said hello to Hildabeast
She looks kind of sick to me
Then AJ eavesdrop on their agenda
And it was time to leave

But it's all right now
Ya all know him very well
His name is Klaus Schwab
So ya got to eat your bugs

Lot-dah-dah (lot-dah-dah-dah)

Someone opened up a door
And out stepped Gatesy B Bad
Playing a doctor
Like he's going to hell
And showin' off his jab
If you gotta play at lizard parties
I wish you a lotta luck
But lizard games are always the same
I guess we're all fucked!

But it's all right now
I learned my lesson well
You see, ya can't believe in the TV
So just research it yourself

Lot-dah-dah (lot-dah-dah-dah)

But it's all right now
I learned my lesson well
You see, ya can't believe in the TV
So just research it yourself

- Michael Todd

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Sorry people I do not hot-link to GooTube for a number of reasons.
1. Jew Owned. 2. When you click a link it shows the last site you were at.
3. YouTube doesn't need to know. 4. I think all us Goys should visit GooTube (I'm being nice here)
I just go there to eat their bandwidth up. Also make sure YOU NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM OR VIA YOUTUBE ADS!
That last reason is the most important one :) 5. Do you know over the years how many of my channels GooTube has taken down?
At least 6 and the last time I only had one strike on my channel. So yeah, I can't stand GooTube! - Mike
In an historic final interview, filmmaker and music promoter Aaron Russo goes in depth on the insider-knowledge given to him by a member of the Rockefeller family. Russo was told (prior to 9/11) of plans to stage terror attacks, invade foreign nations, and kickstart a high-tech police state control grid that would track the populations' every move with implantable R.F.I.D. microchips.
This information-packed presentation is filled with never-before seen footage. Throughout the film, Alex Jones breaks down the latest activities of the New World Order and how it ties into what Russo predicted. Aaron explains how the elite created the women's liberation movement to break up the family and tax working women. Russo breaks down the deception of democracy — which is nothing more than mob rule guaranteed to produce tyranny. Russo also exposes the IRS & Federal Reserve. He blasts the unconstitutional and predatory institutions that have crippled the American Republic and crushed the people with bogus taxes, inflation and loss of privacy. Russo explains that he himself was persecuted in the late 80s by a criminal retroactive tax scheme that attempted to levy new taxes on years already passed. As night falls on the Republic, Aaron Russo delivers a powerful call for the forces of liberty to rise and crush tyranny. Only then can the Republic be restored.

Former mafia capo, Michael Franzese, talks about his new book Mafia Democracy.
Interview was on 06/18/22
Peter's Site: https://www.liberty-lighthouse.com/
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🤣 Preacher Alex Jones exposes the GDI tyrants. (Credit to the last uploader for that line. 😄)
"PEACE THROUGH POWER!" - Kane (Our Dear Leader and Founder of The Brotherhood)
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Sorry but I don't hot-link to JewTube.
Can I get a "Hell Yeah!" for that people?
Funny story here people.
Back in the day (about 10 or 12 years internet time) before
I became "Jew Wise" around the time AJ did this video maybe a lot longer.
Maybe it was a lot longer because I was playing Tiberian Sun in 99
Damn! I'm getting old it's a lot longer than that AJ video. LOL!
That AJ vid is at most 15 years the stamp on that guys copy was 5 years ago.
So I'm guessing it's a least 10 years old now and I started getting Jew Wise
about a year or so after I found dear Alex. End Game is a very good flick BTW and still
worth watching because of Jim Tucker's work not Alex's. I saw that about 2007 or 08.
Bushy boy G.W. Bush the son of Mr. CIA G.H.W. Bush was still in office (Baby Bush that is).
And to think I voted for that fag (not in a gay way but a dead piece of wood way).
So don't get your "woke" panties in a wad Gay Mafia. But I digress back to my story.
Anyway I was still playing the original Command & Conquer from 1995 on MS-DOS.
And one day I'm channel surfing while listening to my dear Napster (that I miss so much)
and Billy Boy Clinton comes on my TV he was overseas doing this or that might have been NATO or some shit.
So I pause the music and turn up the TV (yeah, big time TV news hound back then. LMAO!) and here's
Billy Boy referring to NATO as GDI (Yeah, just like the game!) he didn't say GDI he said
"Global Defense Initiative" and I'm like WTF? Someone at Westwood must have known something.
Man, I about fell out of my chair! That was that moment that I realized we are The Empire!
Another funny thing is Nod's flag. And no I haven't read this book yet but I would really like to.
I'll put on my list along with some of Mark Dice's books and a lot of others that I still need to check out.
I haven't been to the library since I was homeless for about a month waiting until I got my check so I could
move back to the motel. What can I say kids "Life is a bitch then you die" - Unknown. A 70s/80s saying but true.
Unless you are born into or steal a fuck ton of money like most of the Jerks in D.C. do (DC the District of Criminals).
Anyway back to the Nod Flag and that book. The book is called Under The Sign Of The Scorpion and it's pretty much about
"The Jews". Oh goody look at what I found spell checking! Here it is! : https://archive.org/details/UnderTheSignOfTheScorpion/mode/2up
Maybe you will get why I find this video so funny now. I hope you liked my little story let me know in the comments and give the video a thumbs up if you like that too. Take care and thanks for watching my channel. - Mike

UPDATE: Alex brings up Beowulf in the video so that puts this video at about 2007 or 08.

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Black-American pastor, Jesse Lee Peterson, on Dr. Phil saying that: “I tremble at the idea that the White group is going down in numbers because if you lose white folks, it's over for America.” Jew lover, Dr. Phil, doesn't like that at all and trembles all the more just thinking about how much less shekels his Jewish overlords might pay him now.

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Righteous anger! ... A distraught father who lost his 17-year-old son due to a Covid injection delivered a powerful message criticizing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for failing to warn the people about the potentially lethal dangers of the experimental vaccines.
In a video posted to Twitter Sunday, Canadian dad Dan Hartman addressed recent comments by Trudeau claiming he never insulted members of the Canadian Freedom Convoy earlier this year.
“Yeah, you did!” Hartman told Trudeau, adding that the prime minister should tell vaccine maker Pfizer, “Fuck you, Pfizer. The deal’s off. You’re hurting my people.”
“I know people personally that would maybe forgive you who hate you right now,” the angry dad, who started the hashtag #Answers4Sean, continued to tell Trudeau.

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Streamed live on Nov 30, 2022
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Nick Fuentes Tells it like it is 12-3-22
He exposes all the players and villains


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