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In this video we make the Tila-Herringbone Bracelet, Let's Bead!

In this video we Like, make the Dual Image Bracelet. Thanks for Watching!
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Materials List:
8gr tube Paisley duos
11/0 seed beads
15/0 seed beads
4 mm bicones
8/0 seed beads
3-4 mm rounds
6mm rounds 14
beading thread
beading needle

This is the second part of the Christmas Party Necklace. Materials List is in description box of the first part.

In this video we make the Christmas Party Necklace/Choker.
Materials List
2x 11/0 seed beads (lava red, Matt Green)
3x12x22 mm top drilled marque cut, or oblong crystal beads
2x wire guardians
2 eye pins
2 decorative beads(crystal stars)
11x4 mm fire polished
2x3 mm rondelles
2 5 or 6 mm jump rings
lobster claw clasp
beading needle
fire line

In this video we make the second ring in the set. The peyote stitch ring.
Materials List:
11/0 sb x 3 colors
fireline, 8 lb
beading needle

In this tutorial we make Snowflake Cross Earrings.

Materials List:
Czech Twin beads
12 6mm rounds (Czech Pearls)
11/0 seed beads (2 colors) * may be substituted with 1x2 mm rondelles
beading needle
fireline or other beading thread
ear wires

In this video we review this month's BBB.

In this video we look at and review this months DBB.

In this tutorial we make a CRAW Station Necklace from the Czech glass beads we got in October's Dollar Bead Box.

Materials List:
8 6x9 mm Czech Rondelles
50 3 mm Czech fire polish
50 3 mm pearls or rounds
40 4 mm fire polish or rounds
x2 colors 11/0 seed beads
toggle clasp
2 jump rings

In this video we make a ring using the large Czech Candy Bead that came in October 2019 Dollar Bead Box. Grab your beads and join me!

Materials List:
Large Czech Candy Bead
8/0 Seed beads
15/0 seed beads
3 mm rounds
3-4 mm montes
beading needles, size 12,10
Wildfire 6 pound

This tutorial is intermediate to advanced because you must already know how to peyote stitch and basic beading abilities. This isn't really a step by step tutorial, but instead shows the process of making these paper dolls. Creativity required.
Materials List:
stiffened felt or interfacing and a backing
nymo size D or B
2 and 3 mm beads
size 11/0 seed beads
swarovski elements or flatback crystals*(optional)
glass cabs , I used the ones from Dollar tree
paper to draw face
use your imagination, use any beads you would like
beading needle

In this video we look at some of the finished jewelry pieces that I have designed and made in preparation for craft fair season.

We review this month's BBB.

In this video we make the Crystal Tracks Bracelet.
Material List:
super duos or Czech Twin Beads
11/0 seed beads
1x2 mm crystal rondelles (2 mm will worl also
3 mm beads ( fp or bicones will work also)
6 lbbeading thread
size 10 beading needle ( 11 or 12 will work)

In this video we make the Diana Bracelet.
Materials List:
64 6 mm Swarovski Pearls (iridescent blue)
*10 6 mm pearls (black)
56 3 mm druks (black ab)
11/0 Czech seed beads (galvanized silver )
matte black Czech Twin Beads
1x2 mm crystal rondell beads
2 6x8 mm crystal rondell beads

In this video we will look at this month's BBB.

In this video we look at bulk bags of beads, fancy chain, sliders, and other jewelry making supplies

We look at this month's DBB and Bag! Lots of very nice beads!

In this video we make the Christmas Trellis Bracelet
Materials List:
68 4 by 6 mm bell flowers
56 3 by 5 mm rondelles
11/0 sb
2 or 3 mm rounds
17 3mm montes or 3mm beads
20 6 by 8 mm rondelles
toggle clasp
6 or 8 pound Fireline or Wildfire beading thread
size 10 beading needle
small leaf beads*(optional)

In this video we look at the great deals I got on jewelry making supplies...card stock also(bundles)!

We look at the great closeout deals from Pat Catan's and 50 % off at Hobby Lobby.

we make the Summer's End Leather Choker Set

In thisvideo we make the Star-Gate bracelet.
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Materials List:
4mm bicones
11/0 seed beads
Czech Nib-bits 36
8 pound fireline
beading needle

We look at this month’s box!

In this video we will look at the contents of the August 2019 Dollar Bead Box and Bag.


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