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Investigative journalist Michelle Malkin's full, unedited interview in September 2016 with Oklahoma City police detectives Rocky Gregory and Kim Davis, who led the investigation that put former OCPD officer Daniel Holtzclaw behind bars.

I am releasing this full, unedited video in the public interest on November 7, 2019, so citizens, researchers, lawyers, criminal justice reform advocates, journalists, investigators, and educators in Oklahoma and around the world can see for themselves how confirmation bias, scientific and forensic ignorance, and sloppy police work and practices drive wrongful convictions.

Message I sent to Arapahoe Tea Party activists in Colorado planning for 2nd #STANDWITHICE rally in Aurora this Saturday. More details here - if you are in the area, JOIN US. Get off the sidelines and stand for American sovereignty.


This is video from a new angle of the brutal assault on journalist Andy Ngo in Portland, Oregon on June 29, 2019 as police did nothing. It shows the exact moment when an Antifa thug robbed Andy of his GoPro camera and equipment, as well as another Antifa criminal punching Andy in the face with appear to be weighted Oakley assault gloves and frontal views of the Antifa thug who kicked Andy in the groin.


On Watters' World tonight on Fox News, I was asked about my CPAC speech & the SJW/Meghan meltdown over my reference to Amnesty John McCain's abysmal, traitorous record on immigration. I was asked TWICE whether I apologize for my remarks. My answer is not just no. It's Hell No.

A YAF student asked Michelle about Silicon Valley de-platforming in Raleigh NC this weekend. Michelle calls out those who looked the other way

Team Daniel keeps growing.

Dr. Brent Turvey and forensic scientist Suzanna Ryan discuss the investigative flaws, bias, and DNA falsehoods and errors in the case of former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw. Dr. Turvey and Ms. Ryan are two of six independent, internationally renowned scientists who released a public report on the scientific issues in the case, which concluded that Holtzclaw deserves a new trial and was deprived of his constitutional rights to due process and a fair trial.

Also speaking out in this episode: Exoneration attorney Craig Cooley, retired NYPD detective and forensic expert John Paolucci, Oklahoma LEO Jason Angel, former LEO and investigative discovery expert Ken Tisdel, exonerees and former LEOs Brian Franklin and Ray Spencer.

For more information, read the scientists' report at HoltzclawDNAReportcom

For background, visit HOLTZCLAWTRIAL.COM

For the full MMI Episode 13, go to CRTV.com/michellemalkininvestigates

I traveled to New England to report on the plight of New England groundfishing families struggling to survive an onslaught of junk science-based regulations.

Daniel Holtzclaw calls in during a live screening of Railroaded: Surviving Wrongful Convictions. Enid, Oklahoma 9/9/17

When social justice mobs win, everyone loses. In April, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals REJECTED a request by lawyers to file an amicus brief on the circus mob atmosphere that deprived former OKC cop Daniel Holtzclaw of his rights to due process and a fair trial. Learn just how disruptive, threatening, and out of control the court climate was in Michelle Malkin's latest report.

Former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw became a national villain and target of the social justice mob in the summer of Ferguson. He was convicted of sexual assault-related crimes against eight black women. His sentence: 263 years.

But what if he didn't do it? Join Michelle Malkin of CRTV as she digs deep to find out what really happened.



The Oklahoma County District Attorney's office doesn't like what my CRTV/Michelle Malkin Investigates episodes have exposed about the Daniel Holtzclaw case. Independent thinkers around the world, unafraid of the social justice mob, are now doing their own investigations and spreading the word. Watch my new update on DNA deception & Gieger's false narratives--and be sure to subscribe/tune in at CRTV.com. REAL journalism. ONE narrative. The TRUTH.

For MORE info, read...
HoltzclawTrial.com - Brian Bates' website
freedanielholtzclaw.com - Jenny Holtzclaw's website

Watch the Q&A at our CRTV.com screening of "Daniel in the Den, The Truth About the Holtzclaw Case, Part 1" in Houston on 12/13. More strong response from viewers who have been awakened to a terrible injustice at the hands of the social justice mob.






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Michelle Malkin and CRTV.com are touring the country screening their new program, "Michelle Malkin Investigates." We showed the first of our two-part series, "Daniel in the Den - The Truth About the Holtzclaw case" at the Cinemark Lincoln Square Cinemas in Bellevnue Amazing response from the audience! Especially at 11:00 from a law enforcement officer.

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First landing, DJI Phantom - Michelle's Christmas present from hubby.

A parody response video to Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama's "Evolution of Mom Dancing." Which dance is your favorite?

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