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This is a quick Election Promo I made while I had my morning coffee. LethalFilms is shooting some "B-Roll" for REVENGE OF THE RUSSIAN BOTS. This is our most ambitious project yet! We're making extensive use of Green Screen & other new Special Effects...hopefully it will be worth the wait!

Iron Trump can be viewed on all the major (and not so major) video hosting sites!

Short but sweet. Learning how to edit with Green Screen...and add new life to one of my more popular GIFs!!

Thanks for being patient!!

Just doing what I can to assure our President's re-election!

VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!! Your country is depending on you!

A quick look at the Democrat's Debate.....LETHALVISION STYLE! A little something to hold you over until the new Iron Trump video comes out!

Check this channel for future updates!

The team at Lethal Films is always eager to find new ways to improve our work. This test footage is a result of that hard work. Thanks for viewing!!

Have a great holiday everyone!! Sry about the re-upload. The 1st one didn't look so great...hopefully this one will!

This started off as a run of the mill profile pic/gif....

Test footage has been leaked from Lethal Films! No additional details available at this time...

An old enemy surfaces again who wants to destroy our country!! Check this channel for updates...the staff at Lethal Films is working hard to bring you top notch entertainment!! Check this channel for previous episodes of IRON TRUMP! (So my little "War Of The Worlds" spoof turned into a new Iron Trump episode....weird how that happens eh!?)

This is the result of my boredom & testing the limits of my editor. Not sure yet if this will turn into anything......give some feedback and maybe it will!

Our hero is back and bigger than ever! Iron Trump uses his new armor to vanquish rabid environmentalists!! Pentagram by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...)

The new episode premiers tomorrow night!! Here's a preview! The Iron Trump Saga continues!

Iron Trump is fighting for your rights to a fair & equal internet! A little quickie to keep you going until the new episode...

Yes Carlos, we know. EVERYONE knows. Anyone who goes online for more that 15 seconds knows. Can we have our internet back? Because that would be great.

It's almost here! After an extended hiatus Iron Trump is back! Lethal Films has been working hard on the new chapter in the IRON TRUMP saga. IRON TRUMP 2.0: MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW!

This is where the "Dark Master" makes his final transformation into Obamadon. This is from Iron Trump: Exodus and/or The CERN Chronicles. I realize it's difficult getting some folks to sit still for more than two minutes so I'm hoping a teaser like this might motivate that type of viewer. Thanks for the view! (as always this was filmed in Lethalvision)

A little side project I made while testing out some new features on my editor.

This is my gift to you. Feel free to use this when the need arises. Be proud and play it LOUD!!

Lethal Films is busy creating the next chapter in the Iron Trump saga, more exciting details to follow!

Rachel's highlights condensed down to 20 seconds...


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Artist-Musician-GIF Maker-Film Maker-Creator of IRON TRUMP! This channel will be almost all animated videos. Most people find a movie and make GIFs from it...I make GIFs and turn them into movies! I hope you enjoy my work!
I'm a HUGE Sci-Fi & Horror Movie fan and that shows in much of my creations. I'm also a drummer who has played almost all genres but I prefer harder & faster...metal-hard rock-punk. Anything with an edge!!