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So I said to myself, "Self, remember how they portray Ron DeSantis as a Migrant Hating maniac? Why don't you make a video portraying the real deal?" Twenty four hours later with no sleep and DESANTIS DEATH TANK is born!!

Mumblin' Joe is ushering in a new era for Lethal Films...where "Yours Truly" is adding something new to my productions. The power of the human voice!! Mumblin' Joe is getting greedy, he plans on selling watered down petrol to Putin to make a quick buck. That decision is going to turn around and bite him right in the A$$! Thanks for the view, please like and subscribe. It makes a huge difference!!

Mumblin' Joe and his merry band of miserable miscreants are hoarding all the gasoline in order to drive up the price! THOSE FIENDS!!

Well he was just here a second ago!

The title is self explanatory...

Sick of these two chuckleheads yet? I know I am! I tried to think of a way I could destroy these two without pissing too many people off and it came to me....MAKE THEM ZOMBIES.

Sick of these two chuckleheads yet? I know I am! I tried to think of a way I could destroy these two without pissing too many people off and it came to me....MAKE THEM ZOMBIES.

Ted Nugent On A Pterodactyl....

CNN is going through some major changes...they're purging the beleaguered News Network of their most partisan newscasters in a desperate attempt to save their sinking ship! Will this work or is their pending demise inevitable? Stay tuned for new developments!! Hey, while you're here in my channel...could you give a like and subscribe? That would ROCK!!

It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine...

Thinking of heading to the Great White North this summer? Maybe you should rethink those vacation plans.

I'm just sayin'...

Doc Greer wrote the book on passive aggressive behavior...

In Episode Two our hero crosses paths with THE GRUESOME TWOSOME...and it won't be pretty!! Thanks for viewing my video and as always PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!! Music by Kevin MacLeod.

He's BACK!! That's right your Iron Clad hero is back and he's better than ever! The country is going down the drain and Iron Trump is back to set things straight....using the new TRUMP TANK as an agent of DESTRUCTION!! Music by Kevin Macdonald. Script and animation by Lethal Films

I filled this video with the SCARIEST DEMOCRATS I COULD FIND.....BEWARE!!

How long before our "Puppet In Chief" gets handed his walking papers?

Why isn't this man in jail yet????

A trailer for a nonexistent film....just having some fun. But if there's enough positive feedback I might make a full length video. Thanks for viewing!

The Democrats want to dismantle our country...it's our job to make sure that never happens!!

The engineers at Trump Industries have done it again! Iron Trump is dealing his own kind of JUSTICE! Pentagram by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...)
Artist: http://audionautix.com/

Just watch the video...

Testing the limits of my editor & knocking around some new ideas for the next BIG video. Thanks for checking it out!!

The Conspiracy Squad has been hard at work formulating new theories regarding President Trumps Covid-19 diagnosis!

For years I've been making video game gifs...now they have sound!


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