In 1998 technical skateboarding made a comeback with skaters like Peter Smolik, Dave Mayhew, and Rob Welsh bringing back into fashion tricks like flips out of tailslides that had been pioneered in the early 90s.

January 1998
Carl Shipman on New Deal, Richard Kirby turns pro for Santa Cruz, Pig Wheels releases All systems Go
February 1998
Mad Circle releases 5 Flavors
March 1998
Donny Barley is on Element
April 1998
Shortys video is out, Dave Mayhew rides for A-Team, Frank Hirata rides for Planet Earth, Zoo York releases "Mixtape", World Market releases "Rising", Element releases “Third Eye View”, Globe tour of Australia
May 1998
Frankie Hill starts Legion Skateboards, Cairo Foster is on Mad Circle, Rob Gonzalez is pro for New Deal, Ethan Fowler on Foundation, Trouble Shooters video
June 1998
Toy Machine releases Jump off a Building
July 1998
Duffs releases Wonder Years
August 1998
Phil Shao dies in a car crash
September 1998
Arcade welcomes Malcolm Watson and Tyler Moore to the team
October 1998
Stevie Williams on Chocolate, Plan B has broken up: Pat Channita is on Powell, Pat Duffy is on Think, Jeremy Wray is on Element, Powell releases “Magic”
November 98
Birdhouse releases “The End”

Ryan Townley's part from the 2017 Welcome Skateboards video "Fetish".

Watch the entire video on our Odysee channel here:

Month by Month video timeline of Street Skateboarding History: 1997

January 1997
Quim Cardona is pro for Real
February 1997
60/40 releases Glasses for your Feet
March 1997
Mike Carroll gets on DC, Rhythm releases Genesis, Brian Emmers on Plan B, Tuan Nguyen on Shortys, Bam Margera on Toy Machine
April 1997
Tim O’Conner on Element, Jamie Thomas on Zero, Kerry Getz and Chris Senn on Toy Machine
May 1997
J.B. Gillet on World Industries, Natas on Element, Rocco sells Plan-B to Danny Way, Colin Mckay, Pat Duffy, and Jeremy Wray, Caine Gayle gets on Plan B, Rodney Mullen starts the A-Team start
June 1997
Alien Workshop releases Timecode
July 1997
World Industries releases “Rodney vs. Daewon”, Volcom video "Freedom Wig" is out
September 1997
Chad Bartie on Foundation
December 1997
Shorty’s releases “Fulfil the Dream”

Aaron Kyro's part from the 2004 Bay Area skateboard video "Seasons 2"

You can watch the entire Seasons 2 video on our Odysee channel here:

Lucas Puig's part from the 2016 Adidas skateboard video "Away Days".

You can watch the entire video of Away Days on our Odysee channel here:

The Second Birdhouse Projects Skateboard Video "Ravers" came out around December 1992 and features skateboarding from Tony Hawk, Jeremy Klein, Willy Santos, Heath Kirchart, Ocean Howell, Andrew Reynolds, Dan Rogers, Dom Kekich, Matt Beach, Mike Frazier and Mike Yousepfour.

This is the original soundtrack with no blocked music.

Habitat - Mosaic (2003) with no blocked music

2:58​ - Danny Renaud
6:30​ - Tim O'Connor / Brian Wenning
8:46​ - Fred Gall
11:09​ - Rob Pluhowski
12:55​ - Ed Selego
14:08​ - Kerry Getz
16:57​ - Alien Workshop Section
20:56​ - Jason Dill
24:38​ - Anthony Poppalardo
27:18​ - Stefan Janoski
30:55​ - Danny Garcia
33:38​ - Credits

1:26​ - Arto Saari
9:16​ - Ronnie Creager
11:41​ - Rodrigo Teixeira
18:37​ - Skatepark, Contests, Demos
23:27​ - Tom Penny
29:09​ - Rick McCrank
36:11​ - Bob Burnquist
43:54​ - Eric Koston
51:54​ - Closing Montage
54:50​ - Credits

Early 1992 footage of Jeron Wilson, when he rode for Real Skateboards.

The entire 101 video "Falling Down", with no blocked music.

"Falling Down" was the second 101 video, released at the beginning of 1993, but most of the filming seems to have been done in 1992. Featuring:

Eric Koston
Adam McNatt
Gabriel Rodriguez
Andy Stone

In 2001, legendary early 90s skater Henry Sanchez made a brief but unforgettable comeback, with a part in the Transworld Skateboarding video "Sight Unseen".

"He Skated so slow he actually slowed down time!"
A barley believable scenario has Chris Fissel filming a line for over two decades in a slowed down time vortex created by his slow paced skateboarding. But he pulls it clean with a career reboot after banger bonus, complete with hardcore marketing gimmickry that rhymes.

Jamie Thomas Original "Sponsor Me" Video from early 1993. His first board sponsor, Invisible Skateboards, sponsored him after seeing this footage.

Unused footage from the 2012 Girl/Chocolate Skateboards video "Pretty Sweet"

Featuring Sean Malto, Guy Mariano, Marc Johnson, Eric Koston, Vincent Alvarez, Chico Brenes, Brian Anderson, Brandon Biebel, Kenny Anderson, and many more.

The 1996 East Coast Skate Video "Eastern Exposure 3". The full video in high quality. How many of your skate crews back in the day were inspired to get into night skating after watching this masterpiece?

Featuring Donny Barley, Reese Forbes, Jerry Fisher, Tim O Conner, Jahmal Williams, Ricky Oyola, Keith Hufnagel, Quim Cardona and many others.

Bad Ass Skater Chicks of 2020

Various New Deal Skateboarders comment on their video parts from the 1990-1991:

Andy Howell
Steve Douglas
Andrew Morrison
John Montessi
Ron Kniggee
Chris Hall
Justin Girard

New Deal's first video, the 15 minute promo that came out in early 1990, shortly after the company was formed.

The bLind section from the 1993 Plan-B video "Virtual Reality"

Jeron Wilson
Ronnie Bertino
Brian Lotti
Tim Gavin
Rudy Johnson
Henry Sanchez
Guy Mariano

Powell Peralta Am Jam from June 1990 in Goleta.

Frankie Hill, Guy Mariano, Rudy Johnson, Gabriel Rodriguez, Ray Barbee, Steve Saiz, and others.

Filmed by Jacob Rosenberg @jacobrosenburg

If this video won't load you can also watch it on Odysee.com here:

1986, the year of street plants, the first kick flips on street boards, and the first ollie to board slides on hand rails (though technically no handrails were actually landed on video, Natas attempted one in his Oceanside run). We would have to wait until the following year to see them landed on video.

January 1986
The Vision team are in Hawaii
March 1986
The Vision team are in Houston, Texas. Mark Gonzalez does a kick flip on a bank.
May 1986
Sacto Street Style
July 1986
Oceanside Street Style Contest
August 1986
Thrashin released
Transworld Skateboard World Championships
Mike Vallely, Jeremy Henderson, Mike Daher and other East Coast legends skating in Brooklyn, New York
September 1986
The Bones Brigade are filming in Hawaii for their next video (Animal Chin), which would come out in
May 1987.
October 1986
Police Academy 4 filming is underway with the Bones Brigade
November 1986
Streetsyle in Tempe, Arizona. Christian Hosoi wins the competition and gives a prophetic message on where street skateboarding is heading.

The World Industries 1996 skateboard video Trilogy (with Commentary from Enrique Lorenzo and Socrates Leal)
With sections from the 101, Menace, Blind and World Industries teams.

Marcus McBride
Clyde Singleton
Jason Dill
Gino Iannucci

Billy Valdez
Fabian Alomar
Joey Suriel
Javier Nunez
Eric Pupecki

Lavar McBride
Gideon Choi
Josh Kasper
Ronnie Creager

Kareem Campbell
Maurice Key
Sam Devlin
Enrique Lorenzo
Shiloh Greathouse
Daewon Song

Girl Skateboards - Mouse (1996) + Bonus Features (at the end)

Mouse is the second full-length skateboard video from Girl Skateboards. Directed by Spike Jonze, the film is based on the novel “Das Maus” by Art Spiegel. Following in the footsteps of Goldfish, Mouse largely features skits and narrative shorts in between skate heavy sections.

Ben Sanchez
Chico Brenes
Daniel Castillo
Eric Koston
Gabriel Rodriguez
Gino Iannucci
Guy Mariano
Jeron Wilson
Jovontae Turner
Keenan Milton
Mike Carroll
Mike York
Richard Mulder
Rick Howard
Rudy Johnson
Sean Sheffey
Shamil Randle
Tim Gavin
Tony Ferguson


Intro - Bob Dorough - Three Is the Magic Number
Jeron Wilson - Eric Burdon & War - Magic Mountain
Sean Sheffey - James Brown - Doing It to Death
Jovontae Turner, Tim Gavin & Rudy Johnson - Booker T. & the MG's - Time Is Night
Mike York - Hard to Get West Coast Hip Hop
Chico Brenes - Joe Cuba - El Pito
Daniel Castillo, Shamil Randle & Gabriel
Rodriguez - Cymande - Brothers on the Slide
friends - Curtis Mayfield - (Don't worry) If there's a hell below we're all going to go
Ben Sanchez - Earth, Wind & Fire - Shining Star
Richard Mulder - Bob James - Nautilus
Keenan Milton & Gino Iannucci - Royal Flush - World Wide
Tony Ferguson - Gwen McCrae - 90% of Me Is You
Rick Howard & Mike Carroll - War - Slipping Into Darkness
Woods - Five Style - Hard Afro Rubalon (Track 2)
Eric Koston - Joe Bataan - Aftershower Funk
Guy Mariano - Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man
Credits - John Mellencamp - Jack and Diane
Bonus #1 - Paul Simon - 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
Bonus #2 - Herbie Hancock - Chameleon
Bonus #3 - Rick Howard & Richard Mulder - Bob Dylan - Ballad Of A Thin Man
Bonus #4 - Keenan Milton - Smif-n-Wessun - Sound Bwoy Bureill
Bonus #5 - Guy Mariano - Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man

Chad Muska - Fulfill the Dream (1997)


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