Girl Skateboards - Mouse (1996) + Bonus Features (at the end)

Mouse is the second full-length skateboard video from Girl Skateboards. Directed by Spike Jonze, the film is based on the novel “Das Maus” by Art Spiegel. Following in the footsteps of Goldfish, Mouse largely features skits and narrative shorts in between skate heavy sections.

Ben Sanchez
Chico Brenes
Daniel Castillo
Eric Koston
Gabriel Rodriguez
Gino Iannucci
Guy Mariano
Jeron Wilson
Jovontae Turner
Keenan Milton
Mike Carroll
Mike York
Richard Mulder
Rick Howard
Rudy Johnson
Sean Sheffey
Shamil Randle
Tim Gavin
Tony Ferguson


Intro - Bob Dorough - Three Is the Magic Number
Jeron Wilson - Eric Burdon & War - Magic Mountain
Sean Sheffey - James Brown - Doing It to Death
Jovontae Turner, Tim Gavin & Rudy Johnson - Booker T. & the MG's - Time Is Night
Mike York - Hard to Get West Coast Hip Hop
Chico Brenes - Joe Cuba - El Pito
Daniel Castillo, Shamil Randle & Gabriel
Rodriguez - Cymande - Brothers on the Slide
friends - Curtis Mayfield - (Don't worry) If there's a hell below we're all going to go
Ben Sanchez - Earth, Wind & Fire - Shining Star
Richard Mulder - Bob James - Nautilus
Keenan Milton & Gino Iannucci - Royal Flush - World Wide
Tony Ferguson - Gwen McCrae - 90% of Me Is You
Rick Howard & Mike Carroll - War - Slipping Into Darkness
Woods - Five Style - Hard Afro Rubalon (Track 2)
Eric Koston - Joe Bataan - Aftershower Funk
Guy Mariano - Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man
Credits - John Mellencamp - Jack and Diane
Bonus #1 - Paul Simon - 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
Bonus #2 - Herbie Hancock - Chameleon
Bonus #3 - Rick Howard & Richard Mulder - Bob Dylan - Ballad Of A Thin Man
Bonus #4 - Keenan Milton - Smif-n-Wessun - Sound Bwoy Bureill
Bonus #5 - Guy Mariano - Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man

Chad Muska - Fulfill the Dream (1997)

January 1996
Mark Gonzalez on Real
FTC releases Penal Code 100A
Acme releases “Ago Go”

February 1996
New Deal releases Promo 96
Real releases “Non Fiction”

March 1996
Tampa Pro Street Contest

April 1996
Santa Cruz releases Pack Media

May 96
Planet Earth releases Silver

June 1996
Toy Machine releases “Welcome to Hell”
Chad Muska is kicked off Toy Machine
Tim Gavin starts DVS shoes
World Industries releases Trilogy

July 96
Stereo releases Tincan Folklore

August 96
Gino Iannucci on Chocolate

September 96
Gershon leaves Powell for Human Skateboards

October 1996
Girl Skateboards releases Mouse
Sal Barbier starts 23 Skateboards

November 1996
Steve Berra and Heath Kirchart move from Foundation to Birdhouse

Toy Machine - Welcome To Hell (1996)

0:00 Intro
1:36 Mike Maldonado
4:01 Elissa Steamer
5:18 Parks & Demos
7:46 Brian Anderson
9:34 Satva Leung
11:20 Friends Section
14:18 Zero Commercial
15:16 Donny Barley
16:48 Ed Templeton
18:57 Jamie Thomas
23:52 Slam Section
26:13 Credits

How could you watch this classic video without Bobby Puleo skating to Van Morrison? Here is the FTC video "Penal Code 100a" from 1996 in high definition with no blocked music.

Bobby Puleo, Karl Watson, Scott Johnson, Pepe Martinez, Keith Hufnagel, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Rudy Johnson, Mike York, Eric Koston, Keenan Milton, Lavar McBride and many many more.

Etnies 1995 video "High 5" with no blocked music

Showcasing the 1995 Etnies All star team that included Eric Koston, Chad Muska, Tom Penny, Jamie Thomas, Chris Senn, Marc Johnson, Richard Mulder, Shorty Gonzalez, Peter Smolik, Josh Kalis, Satva Leung, Tyrone Olson, Oscar Jordan, Dave Mayhew, etc.

Real Skateboards - Non Fiction 1996 (with No Blocked Music)

0:00 Intro
1:11 Matt Field
3:10 Tommy Guerrero
6:14 Quim Cardona
8:51 Shawn Mandoli
12:17 Drake Jones
15:04 Ben Liversedge
17:29 Jamie Reyes
18:33 Kelly Bird
20:03 Joey Bast
21:54 Jim Thiebaud
23:52 Mark Gonzales
33:30 Max Schaaf
35:59 Keith Hufnagel
39:26 Credits

Caesar Singh in the 1996 Planet Earth video "Silver"

January 1995 - Heath Kirchart turns pro for Foundation, Toy Machine releases Heavy Metal
February 1995 - Planet Earth releases Hiatus, Santa Cruz releases "Home"
March 1995 - Formula 1 Wheels releases Supermotor Vixens 6
April 1995 - Chocolate video comes out, Tampa Pro Street
May 1995 - Slam City Vancouver Contest
June 1995 - Julien Stranger starts Anti-Hero Skateboards
August 1995 - West LA Courthouse becomes a bust, fines of up to $1,000 given, Foundation releases Rolling Thunder, Danny Way starts XYZ Platinum, Venice Street Grind Contest
September 1995 - Caesar Singh
Oct 1995 - Battle of the Bay Contest

Some of the videos featured:




Formula One Wheels - "Super Motor Vixens 6" (1995)

Tom Knox, Remy Straton, Chet Thomas, Eric Ricks, Chris Gentry, Kien Lieu, Chet Childress

The 1993 World Industries video "New World Order", with commentary from Richard Mulder and Shiloh Greathouse.

Featuring Chico Brenes, Kareem Campbell, Daniel Castillo, Shiloh Greathouse, Richard Mulder, Daewon Song, Eric Koston, Guy Mariano and many more.

Original version without commentary:

Toy Machine - Heavy Metal (1995)

Josh Kalis
Ed Templeton
Satva Leung
Panama Dan
Jamie Thomas

The Girl and Chocolate Skateboards Teams take a trip to Europe as part of the filming for "Pretty Sweet", 2012

This is the entire video, I had previously posted just the Brian Lotti part here:

Plan-B, Blind, 101, World Industries & Menace USA Tour (Summer 1996)
Jeremy Wray, Matt Hensely, Caine Gayle, Jonas Wray, Gideon Choi, Lavar Mcbride, Daewon Song, Marcus McBride, Clyde Singleton, Enrique Lorenzo, Lee Smith, Maurice Key, Josh Kasper, Steven Cales.

1988 sees the rise of young street skaters, mainly amateurs, trying out many of the tricks invented by freestyle skater Rodney Mullen on street boards for the first time. Tricks like 360 flip (by Steve Ortega), double kickflip (by Ron Allen), kickflip manual (by Ray Barbee), kickflip 50-50 (by both Frankie Hill and Ray Barbee), and kickflips over gaps and stairs (by Frankie Hill) are filmed for the first time.
Meanwhile the competition circuit is still being dominated by the older established pros from the launch ramp era, such as Christian Hosoi and the Bones Brigade.

Early Gabriel Rodriguez video footage, from 1988. Filmed by Peter McKeon.

Before "Ban This", but probably after he got on Powell, judging by all the Powell gear he is wearing.

RIP Gabriel.

The 1990 World Industries Promo video of Randy Colvin and Chris "Dune" Pastras titled "Two World Industries Men"
Commentary by Chris Pastras

Frankie Hill - Propaganda (1990)

Here is some rare, unreleased footage of the mysterious Jed Walters who disappeared from the skate scene after his first and only part in the 1992 World Industries video.
In 1991, before Jed Walters moved to Los Angeles and got sponsored by World Industries, he was briefly living in San Diego and sponsored by BBC Skateboards. This is unreleased video footage of Jed that would have appeared in a BBC video if the company had not gone under shortly after.

The style of skating is completely different from the tech style of Jed Walters from 1992. We see big handrails and gaps instead of switch 360 flips, which really shows how well rounded and full of potential Jed was.

The Girl and Chocolate Skateboards Teams take a trip to China as part of the filming for "Pretty Sweet", 2012

Stereo Skateboards - A Visual Sound (1994)

I have a new channel dedicated to 1980s skateboarding, will be updating it periodically:

1987: the height of the jump ramp era. The summer of 1987 also saw the first frontside boardslides down handrails by two skaters: Julian Stranger in San Francisco, that would end up in the 1988 video release "Sick Boys" and Mark Gonzalez in the August Savanna Slamma competition. A few months later Gonz films another one in the streets of New York City.

January 1987 NHS starts distributing SMA
February 1987 Dayton, Ohio skate contest - Mike Vallely wins
April 1987 Alva Demo in Hermosa Beach (Chris Cook and Jeff Hartzell)
May 1987 Premier of Animal Chin
June 1987 Mike Vallely and Johnee Kop footage on "Hell Tour"
July 1987 Rocco gets on SMA
August 1987 Santa Cruz releases Wheels of Fire, Savanna Slamma
September 1987 Julien Stranger frontside boardslide on a hand rail and Mike Alcantar massive wallride over a couch that ended up in Sick Boys
October 1987 Mark Gonzalez frontside boardslide on a hand rail in New York City
November 1987 Footage of Tommy Guerrero, Jim Theibaud, Mickey Reyes skating SF that ended up in Sick Boys
December 1987 Hawaiian street style contest from December 26th in Honolulu

Daewon Song raw footage filmed by Socrates Leal in 1995.
Some of this was used in his 1996 "Trilogy" part

World Industries and 101 raw footage from 1995 filmed by Socrates Leal, some of this stuff ended up in the 1996 video "Trilogy"

Skaters in order of appearance:

Clyde Singleton
Sam Devlin
Jason Dill
Gino Iannucci
Kareem Campbell
Marcelle Johnson
Maurice Key
Shiloh Greathouse
Enrique Lorenzo


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