Hahaha another (((Jew))) pretending(actor) he's White and Christian... The White Race are the TRUE ISRAELITES OF THE BIBLE, NOT THE FILTHY HOOKED NOSED CREATURES THAT CALL THEMSELVES JEWS. FOR ISRAELITE'S WERE NEVER JEWS... The Jews of today are Edomite/Cainite creatures that are at war with the White Race for dominance of the world. One has the Birthright of Yahweh, the other wants the Birthright back...

A frank discussion with Sven Longshanks on how he woke up, how he found Christian Identity, his internet radio show called Radio Aryan, the state of the white race today and the things we can do to affect our race's future in a positive way.

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Germany, Berlin May 11-13 2012. Goethe Institute Marc Siegel is leading a discussion between International Jews from Germany, Poland, Israel about how to take over Poland. Fascism, Totalitarianism, Supremacy in pure state. All of these people make their carriers and money out of their supremacy and destruction of Native Populations.

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Look at what is happening in white nations today, Submerged in the sea of people, of revelation, other words known as the flood from the DRAGON'S MOUTH. The Jew opened our borders, and promote Immigration.

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Rosette does a beautiful job breaking down the symbolism and numerology of the tarot deck. It's a very insightful and informative video, and should be shared with all. Enjoy...

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Another meme video... Enjoy...

This is a meme I created, that I turned into a video, enjoy...

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Bill Cooper is a liar, and a fraud. If you thought he was a true patriot; a man who loved his country and died valiantly exposing the people behind the curtain, the people running the US, the people behind 9/11. But that is not the real Bill Cooper. Let's listen in Bill's own words exposing himself for the charlatan and traitor that he was.

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The White Race Are The True Hebrews Of The Bible. The Jews Are Of Their Father Cain And Esau Through The Devil...