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Iran launches missiles into US air bases in Iraq as a retaliation for the assassination of Soleimani, and then a Ukraine airline flight crashes during take off in Tehran, now believed to be a ground to air missile from Iran's defence system. Ryan and Alex join me to discuss the intended and unintended escalation of "World War 3".


Every comedian bombs on stage, the thing that matters most is how you react to a bomb and what you learn from it. Veteran comic Sam Walker gives us his view on bombing, wise words.

Sam Walker is a stand up comic working in Canada, search for 'Sam Walker Live' on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.

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There isn't a formula for being funny, but there are processes and rules you would be wise to follow if you want to be good at stand up comedy. Sam walker gives a few pointers that I wish I knew when I started.

Sam Walker is a stand up comic working in Canada, search for 'Sam Walker Live' on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.

This is a clip from the Midnight Mass podcast, watch/listen at www.midnightmass.church

Have you seen the wish app advertised online? What the hell is it all about?

I was too busy enjoying myself when listening back to this podcast that my notes suffered, so here are the bullet points I made.
School and social media
Keeping tabs on other planets
The court of public opinion
Red baseball hat/red hats
The economy and currency
Bumble bee democracy
This is a great podcast
"The New World"
Climate change
A flash in the pan
Just listen to the podcast and enjoy the meandering conversation, the bullet point list is way bigger but I didn't write it. Oh and stick about to the end to hear our Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 review, after that Alex and I compare iPhone screen times.

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Time to review episode 3 of season 8 of Game of Thrones.

This is a segment from episode 24 of the Midnight Mass podcast.


Craig is back and we're here one day early because Game of Thrones is out on Sunday night and we want to fully prepare you for what this season may hold.
HUGE SPOILERS if you haven't seen up to Season 8 of Game of Thrones, you've been warned.


The host of The Spoken Metal Show, Mark Cooper is back on the podcast and we talk about his recent experiences taking the show live! We talk about Coop's journey through show business from it's origins in his childhood and to today with his podcast and all of the other projects in between. We discuss wrestling, depression, show business, suicide, trapeze artists, and hells angels. Amazing conversation as always.
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Is there a gun problem in America? Shaun tells me his thoughts on the matter.

Craig explains the history of chess computers, and how Deep Blue, a chess-play computer developed by IBM, defeated Garry Kasparov and became the first computer to defeat a reigning world champion at chess.


Mass and Pete take a closer look at the Gillette commercial and tally up the perpetrators and heroes. Is there a racial bias? Why would there be?

Shaun joins me in the church to discuss the Google walkout and what it means for world. We debate whether intellectual property can actually be considered property; are there other incentives other than a guaranteed profit? We look at artificial intelligence and how it is coming for all of our jobs. Finally we talk about self esteem, how to develop it, and how it relates to getting what you really want from life.

Brexit is becoming an absolute farce. Being a member of the European Union means you have a deal with Europe, so leaving the EU means not having a deal! This is where democracy dies.


This week we discuss the concept of deplatforming, be it on social media, on college campuses or through government censorship. We look at high profile cases of deplatforming from the past 12 months, specifically the cases of Tommy Robinson and “Count Dankula.” We also look at the definition and political history of Fascism, and argue whether the act of deplatforming is itself a fascist act, even when it is used against so-called Fascists.

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