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This week was calm and, therefore, good for my style of trading...just what I needed at the end of a very challenging November. I talk about the changes I made this month to get back on the right track and the importance of sticking with it. It's easy to get discouraged after taking some losses but these are a part of the business. I do a quick review of November and look forward to finishing the year strong.

Thanksgiving week can be a bit strange with a day off in the middle of the week, a half day on Friday and, generally, thinner trading due to the holiday. But I managed to break my losing streak and put up a win with one trade and, essentially, breaking even on another. If I trade much this week, I definitely play it with a bit more caution, but I did make some money so it's all good.

November continues to be a challenging month and this week we had a new challenge...a really big overnight gap up for the CPI. That blew out a trade I had on that was otherwise in good shape. Good lessons here. I did put on a new trade the next day that did ok this week. Take a look at what can happen when big gaps happen.

A good lesson this week. I tried to squeeze a few more percent out of a trade and the market moved against me and I ended up losing on it. While that isn't great, it's a great lesson and that's why I do this. I'm learning and my hope is to have others learn along with me. I put on another trade as well handled the moves this week quite well. So take a look and let me know what you think

So as we move into November, the market went straight up which is a challenge for my style of trading. And this lead me to change how I do one of my trades which I think will lower losses when it doesn't work. Volatility dropped a lot this week so I'm back to being long Vega and I start doing that this week as well. Good stuff here as I think it's important to see what isn't going well and tweaking strategies accordingly.

We were mostly down this week so that allowed me to lean a bit short delta and make some quick money. Nothing wrong with that. I also review the month of October which was very good and put me back on track for my annual goal. Take a look and feel free to reach out with questions or just to talk about options.

So we had a very volatile week with the market going down for most of it, but I was able to properly position a few trades that all came off very quickly for nice profits, including a double dip of my put diagonal. This is a good example on how to lean with the market but still be non-directional. Take a look and let me know what you think!

This was another wild week with all eyes on news that the market was using to guess the next move of the Fed. I had one trade from last week that I had to watch and manage and I did put on a small new one. Both were successful but took a bit more work and attention than my typical trade so there's lots of good lessons here. Take a look and let me know what you think and what you're doing. It's always good to talk options.

As the new month/quarter starts the market couldn't really decide which way it wanted to go so it tried going down, then changed its mind and went up such that there wasn't a lot of difference by the end of the week from the start. But I was able to take advantage of the down move early in the week and manage the up move later in the week. Take a look and let me know what you think.

So as we wrap up the week/month/quarter, I had a very busy week of trading closing 3 trades for target profit and, thus, making my goal for the month. This week was all about patience...the market was a bit crazy but by waiting and being patient, my trades did well. Lots of good lessons here so take a look. I also do a monthly/quarterly review of my progress.

This week was the long awaited FOMC announcement and it definitely shook things up a bit. But I weathered it well and made money. One of the ways I did this was to flip a trade from long to short vega as IV spiked. I don't always do this but I think it's a nice tool to have in your trading toolbelt. So take a look and feel free to ask questions, comment or otherwise reach out.

So this week started not only my recovery from surgery but also my account from my mishaps the last couple of weeks. We had a CPI that didn't move the markets much but some other things that did. I got a decent profit on one trade and set the other one up for profit next week. Take a look if you want to see a retail options trader navigate this market.

A short video for a short trading week due to the holiday in the US. I didn't put on anything new this week, mostly because I had surgery on Friday and didn't want to have anything on during that time. But I did clean up the last of my messy trades from August. The key here is showing how to try and minimize a loss which is an important skill as a trader since you can't win them all.

The first half of August went very well...and I managed to wreck it in the 2nd half. Lots of lessons here. This is a series about learning and sometimes the lessons are hard ones. But it's great content as I review what I did wrong and talk about how to do better. I don't just post the good stuff. Hopefully folks find that valuable

This was a crazy week with the market moving in large swings in both directions which makes things difficult for a range bound trader like myself. But there's good lessons to be learned in rough weeks, probably more than in good weeks. So take a look and ask questions. Let's talk about trading

So, the week went very well. I had a work trip to the west coast this week but I still traded while travelling and doing meetings. So I talk about what I did differently. I had 3 different strategies this week, all of which worked out. But I do talk about the trade-offs that are sometimes made when you are trading in the real world with a real life. Take a look and reach out if you have questions or just want to talk about how to do this.

I am on the road this week so the quality may be a bit different but I'm still trading and I did a couple of trades around the CPI report this week. And the volatility was right on my line of going short or long vega. I will show you my trades and how I decided which trades to put on. Hopefully you'll find this interesting. Feel free to comment or reach out and we can talk trading.

August started out with a volatile week including the US credit downgrade however, I was well positioned and had 2 successful trades. Consistency is the key to being a good trader and this week went quite well. Lots of good stuff here so take a look and let me know what you think.

Note: I will be travelling next week but do plan on putting out a review video, I'm just not sure which night.

As I wrap up July, which had a lot of events with FOMC as well as some big earnings, I went a bit aggressive and it paid off and I ended up making my goal for July. There are some great lessons here about what I did to make it, and multiple examples showing why having a closing order in is so important. Take a look and fee free to reach out with questions, comments, or just to have a conversation.

As we enter the big earnings for the S&P, I had a mixed bag of trades as well as setting up a trade to close next week. This month has been up and down a bit, but that means there's good lessons here as we learn together. Take a look and reach out with questions, comments, or conversations.

The big news this week was the CPI and the market did jump starting on Weds. My trade from last week didn't work out so I took it off for a loss, but I put on two new trades post-CPI that went into next week with a chance to do well.

We had a vol spike on Thursday of this week that made doing butterflies appealing for the first time in a couple of months. I closed a trade from last week, and put on 2 new ones, one of which (you might guess what is was) came off in a day for a nice profit. Overall a decent start to the new month/quarter/2nd half of the year.

As I wrap up June, my streak of winning months this year ended as I took my first losing month of the year. I had 2 trades that lost but set myself up for a good start to July. Good lessons here as usual with losing trades. But with all of that, I'm still slightly ahead of my goal for the year.

So after a big week with lots of news, this week was pretty quiet in comparison. So I started putting on my regular trades given that it was a short week due to a US holiday. One came off for a good profit and I'm still working the other one. Take a look and feel free to reach out with anything about trading options.

This week had the potential to be hectic with CPI, FOMC, a quadruple witching, and a 3-day weekend. But I managed two trades, one through the mess, and one later in the week after the big news. The first is a lesson in patience as well as trading around real life while the second was a reminder to always have a closing order. Take a look and let me know what you think.


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