So VIX is too high to do my normal trades this week. So what's a trader to do? Stay in cash? Sure, but what fun is that? How about practicing some speculation plays! That sounds like more fun.

So in this episode I give my views on spec plays and talk about when, how, and why I do them. If you're tired of my non-directional income trades, this is the episode for you as I go totally directional.

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This video is "A Tale of 2 Calendars". One calendar that went bad and one that went very well. It's a good opportunity to talk about how I handled each one differently and how that affected each trade.

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Theme this week: "What is it with Wednesday?" RUT hit me again on a Weds. But my other trades did ok. See how I got out of that long-term fly that's way out of the tent. Also see how I wrestle with a calendar that I probably should have taken off last week. But it's not all bad, I swear! :)

This week is about whipsaws. See how a market moving around a lot can make us traders make some decisions on what to do.
If you ever wanted to watch someone review their options trades, take a look at this series of videos. Hopefully we can learn together.

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"One Direction. Up" is the theme this week. The week started out normal but by Weds, it was up, up and away. That messed up the newer trades I put on this week, but I got out for small losses. I also explain the longer term flat Butterfly and how I intend to exit that one in the next two weeks.

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The theme this week is "Love My Calendars!". I put on 2 calendars this week that came off profitably by Friday. On the butterfly side, Monday blew out all 3 SPX BFs I had on Monday. I closed two of them and did an alternative adjustment for a third.

Want to see more? Check out my weekly trade review of live trades with real money.

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This is a quick video to introduce my new website midwaytrades.com. It's a blog and archive for all my videos (you can download them and the slides). Hopefully it's yet another way we can talk about options trading.

Check it out! Thanks

So the theme for this week is "On the Road Again". I spent the latter part of the week on quick trip to London but kept my trading going. Take a look at how I did. If you're interested in how I trade on the road (remotely, on planes, etc.), let me know here or over on Gab.

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The theme of this episode is "Small Profit!". The week wasn't too bad with 2 big up days and 3 flat days. Some short term trades are back and working. Take an opportunity to look over the shoulder of an options trader while I do my weekly review of my trades.

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The theme this week is "Return to Normalcy?". The market calmed down quite a bit this week. Some folks may find this video less interesting, but I like boring weeks where I can collect Theta. If you've been watching this series during the crazy market moves, tune into this one to see what a good week looks like!

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The theme this week is "Surviving the Grind Up". I'm still in longer-term butterflies and dealing with a week that started with a sharp move down and then a set of up moves. I have some new adjustments that I haven't shown on this channel before so take a look if you're interested in Options Trading.

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This week's theme is "The Aftermath". As short term trades have been kicking my posterior recently I talk about a new technical that I plan to try as a guideline to help determine when to put them on. I also show how I got out of the short-term trades and continued in my longer term butterflies while the market rocked around.

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In this video I show how I tried to handle a bad down day with long puts. Some I handled better than others, but there is a good discussion on what to do when the market gaps down at the open and you can't get fills on spreads. Hopefully this will help some folks out there.

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This is the start of a new series where I record my trade review for the week. I talk about what I did this week, how I entered the week, how I ended the week. As it's the first episode I go over my trading plan and overall goals as well. This was an interesting week because we are coming down off some high volatility and so I'm putting my toe back in the water.

Please let me know what you think of this idea for a series. I'd love to have discussions around options trading

This video is a companion to the TR video "When Volatility Hurts". The idea is to show how Vega can work in favor of a trade when the trade is positioned favorably for a spike in volatility. We had a spike in volatility earlier this week and this video shows how it helped a calendar trade as the underlying continued to go down.

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In this final episode of the series, I take everything in the series and bring it all together into a trading plan. I talk about what makes a good trading plan, and give an example of a trading plan I'm using right now. I talk about what it takes to be a consistent trader and how important it is to bounce ideas off of people.

Finally, I introduce my idea for my next series! So please watch until the end and let me know what you think of this series as well as the new one!

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In this episode of Options Fundamentals I return to theory and talk about adjusting trades. It's a summary about what are adjustments, why one would adjust, when one would adjust, and a bit on how. I talk a bit about my theory of adjustments and what I've done over the past few months to change my thinking about adjusting trades which had made me more consistent.

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Just like diagonals..only double! In this episode I discuss double diagonals: what are they, how they work, how they make money, when to trade them. This will be the last spread I plan to cover in this series. I do have a few more episodes to do before I wrap the series.

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In this video, I continue talking about time spreads by introducing the quirky cousin of the calendar: the diagonal. Diagonals are a very flexible trade and I show different ways to set them up with all sorts of greeks as well as I show a covered call alternative using a diagonal.

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So in this episode I move on from vertical spreads and into time spreads. The first time spread covered here is the calendar spread. I discuss how they work, how they make money, how they are different from verticals, and how to use double calendars as an adjustment to a single using a real world example from a live trade.

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In this episode, I round out the vertical spreads with ratio spreads, specifically back spreads. I show how to set them up and how I would use them.

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Is there such a thing as a good loss? I think so and I talk about it in this video using a real-world example of a trade I did recently. One of the toughest parts of this business is taking losses. Losses happen...to everyone. Knowing how and when to take them is important to staying profitable.

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This episode goes to 11 as I continue talking about vertical spreads, specifically Iron Condors. I talk about what the are, the conditions where they commonly traded, and how to set them up for a high probability trade.

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This episode builds on the ep 9 which covered spreads and introduced vertical spreads. I talk about how to build butterflies from vertical spreads. I talk about different ways to play butterflies (balanced, unbalanced, standard, iron, directional, non-directional) and the pluses and minuses of using butterflies.

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In this episode, I introduce the concept of trading options spreads. I talk about why people like to trade spreads and introduce the vertical spread trade and different ways to set it up.

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