While the week had many events that could make things crazy, there actually wasn't much to do this week and both of my trades closed profitably. But it's a good study in why I trade the way I do. I also do a quick review of July which went very well.

So this week was a mixed bag but I was able to apply the lesson I learned a couple of weeks ago when I broke my adjustment rule. I applied my Pets vs Cattle rules and got out of a trade early for a small loss. I also had a quick win and worked another trade all week. Fun stuff. Take a look and tell me what you think!

Another overall steady week with a little bumpiness in the middle of the week. Made a nice profit taking off 2 trades and have one going into next week. My narrow calendars are still working well so that's what I'm doing.

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A quick video this week because the market behaved quite well. One trade came off in 1 day for a nice profit and the other did well during the week and will hopefully come off next week. It's nice to have weeks like this after what happened last week.

This week was not great. Both trades lost but that's not why it was bad. Losses happen. It's that I should have followed my own rules more closely and I could have minimized the losses and done better for the month. I broke my cardinal rule of trading: Pets vs Cattle and I paid the price. It wasn't catastrophic, but it's more what could have been. So come learn with me. And, as always, I appreciate feedback and comments!

As an active trader, it feels weird to be in cash. But I happen to be in cash on Weds of last week and the market tanked so sometimes cash is a good position. Overall it was a profitable week with 2 trades closing at target (one trade made it in a day). I did have one decision to make at the end of the week on a trade as well.

Last week was a very profitable week but for reasons that aren't usual for my style of trading so I use this as an opportunity to discuss some of the basic ideas behind my trading style as they pertain to long and short options. I'd love to hear questions or other opinions on this from the viewers.

We had a crazy market drop on Thursday. I had 2 positions on with very different results. This is a great time to discuss what kind of trades are more resilient when this happens as well as how to manage open positions with a crazy down move. Sometimes there isn't much you can do, other times you can actually do better.

So in this episode I made an error in an adjustment that turned a winning trade into a loser. Not good, but a good learning opportunity. I had 2 other trades that worked out ok so it wasn't all bad. I'm back to all SPX trading again. On the road to normal, believe it or not.

In this episode I get back to my roots and trade SPX. My DAL trade exited nicely, and I did 2 SPX trades that both ended as winners in this short week. This week made my month. I also do a monthly review for May.

In the first episode of year 2 of the show, I have 2 different short term SPX trades, one that goes well and one that does not. The one that did go well is a modified setup of a calendar that I think works well in the current environment. I also check in on my DAL diagonal.

This marks the one year anniversary of the show and I wish I had a better week to show off, but I did get burned by SLV after many weeks of doing well with it. I work extra hard on an SPX fly and adjust my DAL diagonal. A rough week but a few good lessons so it's worth tuning in.

A special thanks to ever one as I celebrate 1 year of doing trade reviews online!

Volatility is finally dropping and I'm doing my best to cash in on it. Closed 3 winners this week for a nice profit and have a couple of trades still on to move into next week. Really enjoying being able to trade SPX again.

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In this week's episode I close out April with some small wins, including a quick butterfly in my long lost friend, SPX. Another Delta Airlines diagonal closes and SLV keeps plugging along. The market is slowly returning to sanity, though I wouldn't say we're out of the woods yet but it's nice to see VIX stay below 40 for an entire week. I do my monthly review for April as well.

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So oil really tanks and my USO trade tanks with it. But I did have some good learning with the SPY back ratios. I also have trades in SLV and DAL as well. Volatility is finally starting to drop so at some point, I may be able to return to my normal trades. But, for now, I'm still playing with small trades in this crazy market.

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So since I didn't do much last week, I did some research and am trying 2 different ideas today. One is working well, the other didn't but I got out quickly. I also closed one of my diagonals for a profit. This week was about learning different trades to work in this unusual market. I think it's important for traders to be able to adjust to market conditions and be able to find good trades in any market environment. So learn along with me. I'd love to hear your ideas as well.

Not much in the way of trades this week but I do go over what I have on and discuss a mistake I made in research around an earnings date. I always say I share the good, bad, and the ugly here and this is no exception. It wasn't horrible, but it's a good reminder to double check sources.

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Only a couple of trades this week but I did get out of a DAL trade for about 20% and put on another one. The oil trade whipsaws me a bit but it's still viable. Still just trying to wait out this crazy market as things (hopefully) settle down.

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In this episode, I continue doing long term diagonals, this time with Delta Airlines (DAL). I close out the VIX trade and continue with the USO diagonal. Not doing my usual stuff as volatility is still way too high, but having fun learning other things to do when my usual trades aren’t appropriate. Check it out, and let me know what you think. What are you doing?

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So as the markets stay crazy, I unveil a new idea I have to trade through this time. There are lots of things that are way oversold and there is little risk in doing longer term diagonals to make some money on any bounce. They probably won't be as fun as my usual trades, but my goal is to learn to trade something in any environment and this is a new one for me so it's a great learning experience. Hopefully you'll learn along too.

If you have any other ideas or want to talk about this one, leave some feedback!

As the market remains crazy I continue doing small speculation trades since trading the major indices is too crazy with the volatility we've had. In this episode you'll see some that worked well and one that I mismanaged for a loss. But this is the times when I practice this stuff so I just try to keep them small and see what I can do. I think there are good lessons here for traders so take a look.

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Since the general market is toxic, I spent this week looking for small speculation trades. I closed a couple quick in GLD and TLT and started a directional play in DDOG. These are small trades to try and make a little until the market settles down. I think this is a great learning opportunity, which is why I do this.

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So, what do you do when the market opens up 100 points down on Monday? How do you save your trades from a total disaster? Take a look this week at how I managed to keep my account from getting blown up after a crazy down week. Week like this aren't normal but they can happen and limiting the damage is key.

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This week was relatively calm but still very much butterfly season. In this episode, I demonstrate one of the challenges with the adjustment method I use for my butterflies. I do close one for a good profit, although doing so was a challenge due to market moves. We see the market start to drop at the end of the week.....

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In this episode, I continue my usual butterfly trades but I also experiment with a back spread as a hedge that doesn't work out. But there are good lessons here and I think it's good to play with other types of trades on occasion.

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