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Posted by RFK Jr on YT on April 11, 2020 and they removed it.

Do you think we're not in a spiritual battle? Do you believe we don't have a responsibility? Things are revealed to us for a purpose.

#PrayHard #SheepleWakeUp

This video shows the shocking truth behind main stream celebrities and evidence of their strange behaviours which, as shown in the hit movie 'Get Out' suggests they are under some heavily influenced hypnotic state.

Evidence as to why you should no longer trust NASA or any other space agency and at the very least encourage you to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

This video from APRIL 2020 was removed from Youtube...enjoy!

60 Minutes interview excerpt ... What more do you need to see they are lying to you?

The truth the vaccine industry hides from you. Watch as this woman (Elizabeth Johnston - Activist Mommy) blows the cover off this bloody industry!

And what she doesn't cover is how post-birth abortion was legalized for #Adrenochrome and #OrganHarvesting from children.

I don't know how any parent today, with the knowledge of how vaccines are manufactured, can play Russian Roulette with their child's DNA by injecting them with vaccines not only containing aborted fetal tissue, but also:

Human DNA from aborted babies differing in gender, race, and health histories
Monkey kidney cancer cells
Chicken cancer cells
Bat cells
Dog cells
Pig cells
Carcinogens and Heavy Metals
and God knows what else.

#SheepleWakeUp #LearnTheTruth #VaccineReeducation
#BeInformed #ParentsRights
#SaveTheChildren #CrimesAgainstHumanity

I pray the DOJ and Donald Trump see this.

Better quality than the last one uploaded...

For those that wanted to know why the entire world is about to shut down, and what is really going on, I suggest you look closely at the happenings in New York and California.

Following this shutdown I anticipate the arrest of over 200,000 #Prideophile lawyers, judges, business leaders, celebrities, and persons of authority across Canada.

These arrests are chronicled in the 160,000 sealed indictments currently held by the U.S. Federal Courts. From #OperationDarkroom over 100 Million pedophiles have been identified, and are about to be terminated by the forces battling this scourge against humanity.

The Human Race is about to extinguish the Pedophile Race.

3M and their Adrenochrome industry is coming to an end,

So much trafficking through very prominent and famous people.

Ebay has Beanie Babies listed for $80,000
Etsy has mini-magic 110 vintage cameras listed for $11,765

Are they really talking about teddy bears and vintage cameras, or children?

Peggy Hall (The Healthy American) explains how #OSHA FEDERAL LAW requires businesses MUST maintain 19.5% oxygen levels in their facilities. Masks prevent that, making them and any executive or emergency order illegal and unlawful.
OSHA: "1910.134(i)(1)(ii)(A) Oxygen content (v/v) of 19.5-23.5%;"

The Healthy American: Peggy Hall - www.thehealthyamerican.org/subscribe
Thank you for supporting her channel: www.paypal.me/peggyhall

So hilarious...

It all starts and ends with #HumanTrafficking and #CrimesAgainstChildren. #PizzaGateIsReal

Mikaela Bearpaw Presents


The truth about and dangers of Covid-19 vaccines

When you understand every unique scene in this video, you are becoming awake.

To get this day was a culmination of a smooth operation in a turbulent WHITE SQUALL.... Well, it’s game on. The tables have turned......NOW COMES THE PAIN HT: @TheSwampFox_76

Did you know...

Families across our land are being terrorized and systematically destroyed?

Here you can see just a few of their faces

Some make it back home
House with garden

Some don't make it out alive.

All are loved


You can't kill an idea, but ideas can kill you.

Mobs. Riots. Church burning. Destruction of private property.
These are all tactics. These tactics have been used successfully before to topple great nations.
Want to know what is really going on?
Our country is being infected with the deadliest virus in world history: Communism.
Communist tactics are always the same - and so is their motive: Power and Control.
It is always about power and control.
Want to know how to stop it?
We must fight for our American way of life.
Fight for our liberty.
Fight. Now.
That is what this election is about: Freedom vs. Tyranny.
Nothing more.
SHARE this so others know what is going on and join the FIGHT.

Hell's Angels are Taking America Back

From Ryan Bradley in the UK https://twitter.com/RyanDarloUK

Elder Bednar released a short video calling the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to awaken...heed, remember, and act.

GOP Ad - This Isn't About Justice. It's About Destroying America. #SheepleWakeUp

We'd rather die on our feet than live on our knees.

This pastor is around 60 years old and groping a young recording artist. What a pig.


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