A short film by Mihailo Dragojevic.

Music by Medulla Mactabile Maculae

Medulla Mactabile Maculae (music video)

"In our "utopia" only the ego is eternal in its radioactive silent waved symphony.

Constant invisible battle of self vs silence, day and night, becomes visible to us only in a form of a flashback from suppressed reality.

But the flow melts everything... especially our perfectly projected dreams. Adapt in order to survive... but surviving from what, where and how? The Real and the Unreal, are we ever gonna make it? We think we're all doing just fine."

Short film "utopia" by Mihailo Dragojevic 2012.

Self tattooing by Mihailo Dragojevic

Music by Medulla Mactabile Maculae

Best of Medulla Mactabile Maculae's music "UNIDENTIFIED HITS" release available on 93.93 publishing from 24/04/2020


Medulla Mactabile Maculae on Bandcamp

Original video, music & production by Mihailo Dragojevic

Short film "TRANSCEND" by Mihailo Dragojevic

"Art is just expressing the sickness of our society using various mediums, because everything that is beautiful and communicative already exists perfect as it is in nature.”

Soundtrack "TRANSCEND" from Medulla Mactabile Maculae's album ON HUMAN available on BandCamp https://medullamactabilemaculae.bandcamp.com/track/transcend

10 Years of Directing, Camera & Video Production by Mihailo Dragojevic

Scenes from videos:

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Showreel contains scenes from music videos, interview, documentary, live events recordings & short films done by Mihailo Dragojevic / a presentation of 10 years of filming from 2006 til 2016.

What is wrong with our Human world?

In 2012 I wrote the book ANIMA which explains my understanding about the origin of human confusion, everlasting life, geometry, animal vs human, nature vs fake, one vs none, ego and much more...

In this video I explain one very simple thing. How to understand goal setting and focus which will guide you to reach your goals and expand your horizons by yourself.

Moment you doubt your goal, in that moment you are not in focus, in other words in that moment you are wasting your time in doubt instead in going towards it.

Hope this will benefit your life as understanding this did benefit mine.

No fear, just goal focus and you're near ;)

From A to B consistently. Passion, dedication, never ending search and discovery called your life's creativity expansion.


How it is like not to be here? How to accept not to be alive? How to end a story?

A simple thing everybody knows but very rarely it is mentioned.

In this talk with myself I tried to share my understanding of DEATH & LIFE with you, simple and perfect as I came to understand.

I'm talking about fear from death, being present in the moment of now, being free from human concepts and the experience the present moment which connects all living.

We are not going to the universe as we are in the universe.

03:41 What was your first memory in life?

08:26 All religions have the same meaning underneath
(Not accepting things as they are / Control)

10:08 When you understand there is Nothing
(The reason why "everyone" is convincing "everybody" about "everything")

11:13 We are all the same, going to the same thing
(When all our own "stories" in our mind stop, when we do not focus on anything, there is total awareness of present moment an in it there is the ease of being alive)

12:20 Giving meaning to Nothingness = Being the Creator
(But not in a way that has being presented by the inferior position in society, history or religion)

13:38 When you see there is nothing before you
(Having no problems with not knowing what happened before you were born)

14:22 How come life is so "Perfect"?!
(Nobody can put the "word" on it and that's why "everyone" is aggressive about it because they themselves know deep inside that if they don't put the word there is Nothing to it)

18:57 All the religions are the same in essence

21:51 Any creation will give you the insight if you want to see the insight into it and if you want to investigate in it

22:00 Why am I saying all this?
(There is Life in you that nobody can touch, the presence. A place where there is no Fear. The true self. One. Aliveness. True equality. Neverending understanding. Nature.)

30:02 RECAP (Overview)

34:08 Blackout / Nothingness
(Talking about my personal experience when I blackout while freediving)

Ultimately knowing and embracing emptiness, nothingness and reminding ourselves to one thing that everyone knows deep inside. Reminding oneself that there is a place inside of yourself that nobody can touch. Be in tune with it as it is the true freedom and connection to everything which is alive now.

Nature creates things so perfectly and the only non perfection are our own stories that we invent ourselves.

#Nothingness #MindTheMessage #Death #PerfectNature #Beingness #Religion #Fear #AfterLife #Essence

Full uncut version of conversation with myself about observing the Gut Feeling, Thoughts, Dreams and much more.

Sharing my insights about life, experience of being present observing without the evaluation for mental clarity, health and peace within.

Freedom from fear and getting the ease of life without an effort.

Self-explanatory life. Nature of life.

Also touched "MUST DO" saying and connected it to NVC (Nonviolent Communication) model.

"It’s much worse to be blind in your heart than being blind in your eyes, because if you are blind in your eyes you can still see."

In this interview with Fatmir Seremeti we talk and discuss the issues that people with disabilities face with the User Experience design, usability of digital products today and dived deep in the subjects of worthiness, needs, human connection, depression, ego, art, beingness, motivation and much more.

How do "blind" see more than those who think they are not "blind"?

Is there some kind of blindness that prevent us to stop and realise that there is much more happening in the world outside our current state of being, perception and life we set for ourselves?

Part 1 - 00:00 - USER EXPERIENCE
Part 2 - 26:08 - INNER BEING
Part 3 - 56:05 - EGO

Fatmir Seremeti - Motivational Speaker

Fatmir also wrote a book about his life which can be found by title

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If we observe without the evaluation the Nature teaches us to see everything as it is and to recognise its creativity and the logic which connect things together.

To accept is to embrace who you truly are as creative being (which is not separate but one with all living). Understand perfection.

In this video I remind you how the very essence of thought and focus connects directly to the nature, trees, branches, roots, river, seeds and ideas.

I also remind that in examining, isolating focus to a single point in order to analyse we often tend to lose the connection with the whole of it. In that way we lose connection between things which holds everything together and we tend to create an isolated perspective which does not help us to see clearly.

Being aware of this never ending flow of creation inspires us in thinking about products that we create and play with but most of all it helps one to understand better connection between things, oneself, inner and outer world.

The One & Only True Intelligent Designer in the Universe is Nature.

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Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mihailonet

#OneAndOnlyNature #MindTheMessage #TrueDesign #Conditioning #MIHAILOnet #UniverseInAll


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