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Information regarding the Biden crime family and their corrupt dealings

If this guy is brave enough to make this video - please be brave enough to share it.

Apparently now removed from YouTube as I expected. (after over 1 million views)

Original clip taken from Rodney Howard-Browne's YouTube channel.

Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAXdB...

Rodney Howard-Browne's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC773...

Please share this with anyone and everyone! God Bless!!!

Please advise all of your friends and family to see this before taking any vaccine

Listen here as Lt Gen McInerny describes the use of military technology across the world on Nov 3rd 2020, is Trump going to act on this nest of Vipers?

Related video - https://www.bitchute.com/video/6Fc9iO7Lw4DS/

The implications of this are huge from the Italian Supreme Court.
Adding to Trumps myriad options to call a halt to Bidens Inauguration
Arrests must be imminent

Related video - https://www.bitchute.com/video/lvskFnyhYyIk/

This video again removed from YT and FB, as it does not follow the political narrative to brainwash you to comply and take the Covid vaccine. Can you see anything wrong with the content of this video?

Another professional speaks out and is instantly silenced, not questioned or debated but silenced.
Are you sure you want that vaccine?

Twitter have blocked the original link from the original up loader - https://www.bitchute.com/video/N0idc0ntblIE/ so I guess there must be something to it.
Grab a copy and share widely

If throughout history as Dr Fauci says that a virus has never been driven by Asymptomatic people why are large areas of Britain now under lock down even when for months we have worn masks and not been allowed normal human interaction?
Has the Science changed if so where is the evidence?

After 3 hours of peaceful Protest the Met police saught to change that and anger the peaceful crowd for seemingly no reason other adhering to unproven rulings over a non existent disease outbreak.

A full 35 minute video of this weekends events in Trafalgar Square.
Skip to around 12 minutes if you just want to watch the shouty fighty bits.
I made a longer vid to give a better context, I had over four hours to edit down so I selected video that gave a flavour of the event and the people there
It was a bit hairy at times.

At the Freedom rally in Trafalgar square on September 19, this is a video showing the responce of the Patriots to the Met
Police's atempt's to shut down the rally. Of course they eventually did close it down but the speakers all managed to
talk to the crowd of around 20,000 people.
Saturday September 26 is going to be very interesting.

A very clear concise account of the disease and it's likely progress throughout the world. It shows the difference in approach from various governments had really no effect on the course of the virus and ultimately shows that Sweden took the correct course

Happy to be vaccinated for Covid 19?, why the need for a new type of vaccine? - a vaccine that will change you genetically.
A vaccine that will make you into someone or something else, what is that something else?
And not just one vaccine but also a vaccine with a chip in it? - scary stuff

Listen how we will be lead into a dystopian nightmare, you may be human now - what will you be in the future?
Several injection per year are planned apparently

That so few of the general public know of this shows how the MSM is in collusion with drug companies and corrupt politicians the world over.

You would do well to seek out Dr Vernon Coleman on YouTube to get a perspective on what is going on.

New studies pour cold water on WHO and UK findings of the effectiveness of HCQ, it seems that their findings were as a result of overdose in trial.
I expect that because this video is in support of HCQ it will at some point be removed from YouTube

Happening in America as we speak but will be coming to a country near you - probably starting with the UK

Call him what you will, but listen to his words and compare them with events as they are unfolding around the world as different governments move towards imprisoning and then forcing their populations to comply with regulation that make no sense.

Strange goings on in the world of disease Control when a top professionals opinion and advice is not called for and is in fact bypassed.

The initial four Video's posted then deleted from YouTube after a few hours with tens of thousands of views. Edited as one video here.

It's good that I downloaded this as I was viewing it - by the time it was finished YouTube had already deleted it. so here it is where you can see the truth that is removed from you on an hourly basis.

200 million buys a lot of influence doesn't it.

HCQ and the early treatment of the elderly.

The effect Chloroquin has is to allow a virus to attack Cancer.


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