One of the most effective tools for people to change their reality. Unfortunately, in the hands of the unscrupulous, it has led to much hardship and disaster. Therefore, something very important to be aware of.

The rest of the interview can be found here https://www.bitchute.com/video/D6sKoroDue3T/

An interview with Jonny Dupre and Bob Podolsky. We focus on Neuro-Linguistic Programming. What is it, what it is about, how understanding it helps unlock one’s purpose.

The videos as reference:
James Corbett - When the News isn’t the News - Propaganda Watch (Sept 4, 2019)
Truthstream Media’s - Where Eyes Wide Shut Meets Social Credit Scores (Sept 5, 2019)


Explaining what this work represents to the passionate people within our community to steering them toward success and away from the traps
Helping people change for the better by sharing our abilities and knowledge
Most precious commodity - Our attention
Where we want to go and willingness to challenge of what we know.
Starting with language
Using words with purpose and the results - questioning the words opens your mind(s)
Most are exchanging their attention for pleasure
Responsibility for taking charge - be a questioner, be curious, be childlike in wonder
Continue growing toward infinite choice
NLP to freedom and sovereignty
The map is not the territory, we can alter the map, throw it away, improve it, create a new one
Shad Helmstetter’s “What to Say When You Talk to Yourself” - Three missing ingredients
1. Understanding the temporary nature of “solutions”
2. Knowledge of the processes of the brain
3. Technique for changing your own beliefs for beneficial results
We each have the opportunity to reformulate and correct our own map


Enormous flexibility
Trustworthy relationships - Three promises
Is it lying if one is lying to one’s self?
How does one become aware of the instance that one is lying to themselves?
Profound effects of awareness of childhood traumas and our relation to “authority”
Lack of caring by those with “Authority” that are outside the perception of most

Anger as a reflection of the anger we have about ourselves and is it a blind spot?
Stress reveal our own character - a transference
A way of getting past those


A completely different take on anger
Anger is two different things
Representation of a trigger of a boundary within yourself
A negotiation of understanding of boundaries
Me against me or me against others
Navigating our shared understanding
Intersections between interpersonal dynamics and the ethics
Ethics is essential - the most important pursuit
Paying attention to your own life
A tool - What is happening right now as a reflection of their own lying to themself
Discord in your relationships
Negative hallucinations are apparent to those who can see, do you see it?
Be truthful with yourself can work from many different ways.
What I believe vs. what is being experienced
A fourth missing ingredient - Motivation or Willpower to take action
Alana Rubenfeld - “Understanding is the boobie prize”
People are resistant to changing their amnesia
The subconscious can work on it without the conscious mind


Use of words carefully - “Try” “Can’t”
Firewalk experience - What can one really do? Phenomenon
Danger of words
Really appreciating the differences of perspective of the broader value of this area and usefulness
Holding ourselves accountable
The next episodes - Psychology of Fear and Insecurity - Ethics

An interview with Jonny Dupre and Bob Podolsky. We focus on Neuro-Linguistic Programming. What is it, what it is about, how understanding it helps unlock one’s purpose.

The videos as reference:
James Corbett - When the News isn’t the News - Propaganda Watch (Sept 4, 2019)
Truthstream Media’s - Where Eyes Wide Shut Meets Social Credit Scores (Sept 5, 2019)


NLP, what is it?
Grinder and Bandler studied Pearls, Virginia Satir, Erickson
A compendium
“Frogs into Princes” > Seems like magic https://www.pdfdrive.com/frogs-into-princes-d33423829.html
Training with John Grinder
A conversation and debate
Is there a definition?
A technology of understanding and ability with regards to reality
Aware or awareness forever - consciousness
The most efficient way of making change
Six channels of communication
Tools for using those channels effectively
What are the results that are needed?


Lack of understanding of what is worth doing?
Character Structure - Lohen - Traumas we’ve suffered effects on ourselves
Represents Conflicts within that have not been dealt with as an adult, we’ve hidden
Creating honesty within ourselves
“What changes do I need?”
Finding an ultimate outcome and a structure to get there
Neuro-science and an interpretation
Both conscious and subconscious work together
Holistic effort to survive with a steerable concept of future.
Serving each other to derive a reality, neither has dominion
Eight-brains working together
Everything comes through the subconscious
Both filter each other


A map that segments our experience
Reality is a belief of what exists - virtual reality?
Five + Sixth sense - Awareness
Environment > Behavior > Capability > Values and Beliefs > Identity > Purpose / Intention / Spirituality
Just a map - the ability to make more maps is ours
Is it the map the system uses to control people’s perception?
Feedback loops and their essence
Changes that are positive rather than negative
Need to categorize is the nature of how to build power over people’s attention


Social Credit scores is just the latest blatant version of this control of perception
Setting people up with a lack of information
It’s easier to see with the map
Using our own experience to start from and leverage leads to awareness
Hiding the man behind the curtain shows demonstrates the hard boundary of that perception
How to see and potential choose how and where we employ filters
Looking forward to future conversations
This is just the tip of the iceberg - it’s a good thing!

225 seconds of insight into human weakness. Find the rest of this interview at https://www.bitchute.com/video/eHs1lgGExhTo/

153 seconds of insight into human weakness. Find the rest of this interview at https://www.bitchute.com/video/eHs1lgGExhTo/

152 seconds of insight into human weakness. Find the rest of this interview at https://www.bitchute.com/video/eHs1lgGExhTo/

This is how Voluntaryism Works!

A brief interview with an Kenton Van Dunk. A American "celebrity" in China with over three million followers. He's a man on a mission to help others find themselves and be the best at doing so.

It's not only something worthwhile, it's worth doing and he's certainly a great example. The interview is worth the time.

We get into the topics below:


Introduction to Kenton
Che Guevera influence
Mexico and seeing how ethics impacts school children - The Four Agreements
Traveling to China - the differences
A Chinese village of a million - living ethically
Building community and becoming an actor and star in China
Do what ignites your fire
The beauty of people everywhere
Showing people different options
John David Garcia - Creative Evolution
Focusing on ethics
Inspiring videos - Growing up in Milwaukee


Growing up white with low esteem
White privilege and the realization that our minds are conditioned
Helping people achieve and overcoming the difficulties
Challenging yourself to be yourself
Conquering fear - the biggest challenge
Visualizing a goal and training yourself to succeed
Practice works
His fear of public speaking and overcoming it
Take a step toward your fear regularly
Long term thinking and habits
Evolutionary Ethic


Increase your ethics and behaviors to evolve
Decrease the fear
Self-correcting system
A process - statistical process control - constant improvement
Low Consciousness vs. Higher Consciousness
Differences with Anarchy - focusing on creating solution rather than complaining
Finding real happiness
The best way to change the world - develop your best life
Be honest with yourself


China and the “Trade War” - “Americans are bullies”
Win or Lose vs. Win Win
Chinese were poor 30 yrs ago - but have worked and grown
Chinese desire for creativity
Learning from each other
Learning Languages - hit him up!

This is how Voluntaryism works. This interview explores human potential. Despite the rise of technology, the current paradigm is doing an abysmal job of recognizing human potential and utilizing it. There’s much to improve. But let’s start with where we are at and what kind of vision we can come up with.
Part Two


Humanity on a sociological level - combining value, virtue, love… with technology
Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
The Rise of Superman - Steven Kotler
The amazing things humans are doing in the last 50 years is amazing!
Flourish by Bob Podolsky - “Moses and the 10 suggestions”
Growing a consciousness beyond ourselves
The next “Dimensional Quadrature” - conscious of our consciousness
Psychologically coming to terms with ourselves
Accelerating technology forces us to brush off the ignorance
It’s a mixture of technology and learning about our psychology

Question Three: As a community, what is one thing you would recommend we do to further our progress away from weaknesses and toward our strengths? Raising our consciousness.

Smaller communities and small groups


Implementing as many Agorists systems as possible
Evolution of human development
Education- education - education! - Learning in every way
Seeing and perceiving choice
Powerlessness is the most energy sapping situation
Being willing to challenge beliefs and exam contradictory evidence
Current institutions don’t encourage making ethical decisions
The Octalouge - the ability to be honest with oneself and others
Developing trust through group knowledge
Truth, Awareness, Creativity, Love = Peace, Prosperity and Freedom
Soul Bonding Workshop - September 21-22 Tepoztlan Morelos Mexico


Courage to confront Fear
Psychedelics vs. inability to escape the consensus trance
Being empathetic
Fear of failure or success as major hurdles
Find your own MDMA - but be careful
Some traumas can be cured where others can be exacerbated
Fear can be good - Phobia cure - John Grinder
Adjusting fear to the correct amount of caution
Being intimate with fear
Distinction between danger and fear


“Danger is very real, fear is not.” Knowing the difference
Stop believing your own hype - the doubting mechanism can help!
Risk small but risk often
Build your ability in small increments

This is how Voluntaryism works. This interview explores human potential. Despite the rise of technology the current paradigm is doing an abysmal job of recognizing human potential and utilizing it. There’s much to improve. But let’s start with where we are at and what kind of visions we can come up with.

Part One of Two


Introduction and to the guest’s introductions
Sterling Lujan - Voluntaryist/Anarchist, Relational Anarchist, Psychologic Anarchist on Facebook before it was taken down, Working to help companies change the dominant paradigm to greater freedom
Jonny Dupre - Psycho/Social Coach, NLP master practitioner, fuses both psychology and sociology with one’s consciousness to make the best choices for themselves and their success.
Bob Podolsky - Physicist and Psychological Therapist, studied 15 different therapies, worked with John David Garcia for 17 years on experiments with human creativity. A pursuit of changing the world for the better.

Question one: What are the psychological human weaknesses being exploited in the current paradigm. Which ones are the worst in your opinion or the one's most people fall victim to?

Ignorance - we are governed by what we know
A system of institutionalized ignorance leads to ignorance
Cognitive Biases
A bind - “I already know that” when one doesn’t
Ignorance of self - character structures
The hungry character structure - oral character structure
This is a large percentage of the population


The desire for Socialism and Communism
Socrates - come to terms with our own thoughts and character
Group Think - Consensus Trance - Culture
People go along with unethical means and ends
Considerations of understanding how to understand each other positively
Children’s developmental stage is a key point
Sarcasm and Superhero movies as a reflection of society’s condition
May reflect positive traits as well as weaknesses
Solutions, Virtues, Principles
The difference between the surface structure to language and what is actually the message
The dangers of sarcasm - evading responsibility
Negative effects on communication but says something deeper about the individual


It can also be an opportunity to interpret our own feelings and understanding
Needs are something to focus on regardless
A safe form of communication

Second Question: What are some real examples of the potential of human kind that stick out for you? Do these reflect on the potential of the whole or could they?

Move toward technology and utilizing it more. Science fiction to science fact.
Trans-humanism, Ray Kurzweil, AI
Becoming “God-like”
We need to understand each other to apply technology ethically
Our ability to predict and problem solve - That is our role
Our desire to know, to wonder, to innovate.
Our weaknesses can lead us to our potential

This is how Voluntaryism Works! We explore the love and excitement for Anarchapulco, John Taylor Gatto, and defining Education and Intelligence.


His path to Anarchapulco and why he loves it
The work of putting on Anarchapulco
The importance of Freedom
“The Secret of Happiness is Freedom, the Secret of Freedom is Courage”
The amazing energy that comes from those who value freedom
Where to live free?


Where to find the powerful circle of friends and associates?
Finding great ideas and taking action.
Being the example and having determination
Soaking in Anarchapulco. Come early and stay late.
John Taylor Gatto, meeting him and working with him
His amazing willpower and dedication to children
GATTO Project


Tragedy of Benson Vermont
Anger > Resolve
“A real education doesn’t cost a penny”
Gatto is a person feared by the system. “He is their kryptonite.”
Education and learning as an opportunity to draw people in
What is education? WHat is schooling?
Children have genius within
The nine intelligences and the unique education
IQ tests - third party evaluation


What do you need for your education?
Establishing the intention of growing
Theft + “Legal” = Government
People that are leading the way in education and learning
Richard Grove, Brett Venotte - “School Sucks Podcast”, Connor Boyack - “Tuttle Twins”, Issac Morehouse - Praxis, Zach Slayback - Praxis, Charlotte Iserbyt
Community Summit on Education and Learning
Compassionate Communication - The Love and Healing Committee (Anarchapulco)
Transmuting the anger
Finding the things we agree on
Improving the level of consciousness

Looking for the few, the motivated, the undeterred, the passionate.

“Anarchists should be creators and innovators.” ~Sterlin Lujan

When we see Violence we need to recognize it is an act of desperation. A sign of an inability to think creatively or problem solve. A sign of a society devolving rather than evolving. Deriving an alternative to that isn’t hard. But with no one else seeing the workable solutions to the many problems, it’s left to us to be the innovators, to be be relentless workers, to work incessantly on solutions until one becomes not only apparent but a no brainer.

With the coming world economic and debt mega-tsunami quickly approaching. Chaos and hardship for the masses is almost inevitable. The politicians and those with power will offer a choice… our way or starve… However, even for them, it is a risk. And thus there is an opportunity to show everyone a distinct third choice. A choice that isn’t death or falling further into the trap of victimization and the weakness of lower consciousness but of empowerment. Taking the path to responsibility, control of the future and the enlightenment and awareness of higher consciousness. The potential for Win-Win rather than Lose-Lose.

With this in mind I’ve got a solution to present! It has the potential to be that no brainer! But it’s going to require time, money and energy like anything else that’s worth a damn. It’s for those of you who would be interested in having a toolbox of tools or a cookbook of recipes that can be used to take your great idea and turn it into a reality.

I’m calling it project “Local Dynamo.” Local Dynamo is the development of the necessary community infrastructure to enable Anarchists and Voluntaryists to indeed, practice what they preach. To be the local dynamo! We have a few pilot projects in mind, one being the Anarchapulco 365 community, another being the sovereign community of Cheran. There may be others if we have the resources. These are experiments with the intention of delivering our findings to an audience at Anarchapulco 2020.

I am seeking those who are interested in contributing. In particular I’m seeking people willing to contribute $500-5000 to the cause. Donors will be trustees of an endowment dedicated to further developing the infrastructure and economic engine that allows local communities to prosper, initially by reducing economic leakage. Later, opening up new opportunities for value realization and creation as they further become aware of the potential this unlocks. This is a Win - Win - Win!! This is a collaborative effort. We’ve got some exciting minds and talented individuals and teams ready to roll.

These tools and recipes will then be able to be carried by individuals to groups and communities around the world.

Time is of the essence. If you are interested, we will be holding 20-30 min webinars soon. If you don’t have money but want to contribute, please join in.


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The meaning of 24/7/365 can be translated into these words... "A weeks worth of living, everyday of the year!" Acapulco is one place that's possible!

This page is for all those in, coming to, visiting or wanting to visit Acapulco to experience and work toward a voluntary society/community. If you have a purpose or idea you want to succeed, this is also a place to start. Collaborate, innovate, demonstrate or discuss talent, skills, abilities and opportunities. Find willing and like minded individuals who may join you.

If you look at Acapulco from the World media perspective, it's a dangerous place much like the Wild West. However, there's another story... the Wild West was also full of opportunity and freedom if one used their head for more than a place to put their hat.

As a community I believe we've agreed to one clear rule so far but I'll add some guidelines too.

1. Do what you say you're going to do. (For yourself as well as others)

Some guidelines.

This community frowns upon those who initiate violence against non-violent people. Those who do so should acknowledge, we are aware enough to see it. So if you are one of those people, seek help. We understand mistakes happen and tend to be forgiving but also be aware we also notice repeat offenders and kindly suggest they move on.

This community provides an opportunity to live and interact with a group where people understand the simple valuable things and join in helping each other grow and be more courageous. We strive to create an existence that is in harmony with our environment and the people surrounding us.

"The secret to happiness is freedom. The secret to freedom is courage."