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A very rare 100KPH corner in the Northern Territory. Talk about tight :-P

Apparently the big boss of Newcastle commanded convicts to dig this 'swimming hole' out of the rocks so his dear wife could have a nice place to take a dip.
Must have really loved her! lolol

Sunday fun near Darwin.
Shady Camp, Mistake Billabong, Corroboree Billabong.
Nikon Z6

Critical camera testing Nikon B500 out the back of the Darwin Aviation Museum.
Great little camera when you don't want to lug more serious gear around. If I accidentally run a coach or an extremely big truck (with shitloads of wheels) over it by mistake I won't lose too much sleep. Such things DO happen - but I will not go into detail about those.
All footage is straight from the camera. No post whatsoever - not even the screengrab.
I bought this camera from a pawn shop. It cost very little. I bought it because taking professional gear wherever you go (daily) takes its toll on the gear. Nikon resilience is legendary, but I did wear-out some expensive Nikon gear that travelled wherever I went in Japan for twenty years.
So, for day-to-day use I am testing this little fella.
So far the only real shortcoming is that you can't fit filters.

Sex Objects In Supermarkets

Bought a Nikon B500 for AU$75 today to throw in the backpack. Won't get upset if it croaks out the bush. Takes AA batteries, which is GREAT! Rechargeables are a pain.

Dundee Beach Northern Territory, Australia.
More parts to follow.

FJR ride. Other wee installments with NO NUDE FEMALE TERMITES include; Dundee Beach, Berry Springs, Adelaide River, Manton Dam, Humpty Doo. All not too far from Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia (where it gets ferkin' hot). I'll upload those when I get time to do more editing and am sober.
On this ride I melted one camera, wore the front brakes out, fried my legs, burnt my arms... but that's nothing compared to the poor bugger on the Beemer who delaminated his back tyre near Berry Springs in the heat.
Re-hydrated with shjtloads of VB last night. Day off today. More vids from the ride to follow when I get time to do more editing - providing I'm sober.
Sorry to all those pervs who thought this video had hot naked women (previous upload of this same video with dubious titling). NO HOT NUDE WOMEN HERE AT ALL. :-( No Tits, Whistling Kites, Pie-eyed Herons, Green Pygmy Geese or Spliney-Legged Gypsie Darters either!

IMPORTANT NOTICE; Animals WERE harmed while making this dang video. Will take a while to clean the buggers off the bike.

I have a day off today, so off for a wee bit of a ride.

Quit the coal roadtrains in NSW and moved to Darwin.
First vid here.

FJR loves the steep road up to Bingara Lookout.
Don't go here with a caravan, bad brakes or dodgy clutch!
Sorry about the shakey rider views. Don't use rubberised double-ended RAM joiners! They crap-out BIGTIME.

Skippy The Bush Kangaroo drops-in for a guest appearance.
Sorry about the REALLY shakey rider views. NEVER use rubberised double ball RAM joiners! New hard ones arrived today, just as this was rendering.

Most of this onboard recording stuff is behaving itself now.
Had a lot of fun making this. I hope you like it.
Feel free to ask about the setup.

Boxing Day ride to Lake Keepit with a mate, Jason.
Bike kept cutting out. Engine kept croaking. Instruments went silly.
Had wired-in some extra V-Sys cameras and mucked around with powering 'em. Turned out I had not tightened a battery connector! Oops!
The FJR 1300 Yamaha still got me there and back though.

Audio test, stabilisation test, hangover test, etc

FJR 1300 - Scoot On Any Sunday
Almost got the exhaust audio right. Auto stabilisation on front cam needs to be turned off. It tries to smooth the horizon and so doesn't show correct lean angle.
Edit was done in a hurry.
First of more to come - from Any Sunday


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