Reupload of Scott Onstott's discussion about Occult symbolism

A reupload of Curious Life's discussion of the coming Great Conjunction on Dec 21, 2020, and a theory about the true nature of the ISS

A reupload of Taboo Conspiracy's excellent expose of the impossible expense, hassle, and bureaucracy placed in the way of anyone trying to mount an expedition to Antarctica, making it effectively off limits to all civilians in the world

Re upload of a video by Curious Life discussing the misinformation that's circulated about radioactivity

A re-upload of John Levi's video discussing the origins of glass

Re-upload of a great video, possibly by Flat Water, discussing the Satanic trait of Inversion and how it is manifested in modern culture in many ways.

A great video from Observation Deck about the "Egyptian" antiquities found in the Grand Canyon in the early 20th century

A re-upload of White Rabbit excellent primer on Occult Symbolism and how it permeates our media and lives.

A re-upload of Observation Deck's discussion of World history, it's accuracy, and origins of the artifacts that define our understanding of it.

A re-upload of interesting observations about Lichtenberg figures - the lightning shaped fractal pattern that electricity can etch into wood, and how these patterns are evident all over the world as rivers, streams and land formations.

A brief investigation into the origins of the Dead Sea Scrolls

A re-upload of Curious Life's discussion of worldwide secret tunnel systems and undergrounds Neutrino labs, and speculations on their purpose.


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