What Happened At Bush Senior Funeral Explained ever wonder about those envelopes that just seemed to appear to some interesting recipients.

The video shows what appears to be mask malfunctions and other strange things going on with some key players in the government!

Placing a wrinkled flag on a casket is a sign of disrespect to a traitor

The news footage appears to be digitally altered. There are a few bad words in the video.

Guess who shows up on Marine one, and Airforce One?

You be the judge are the blue anons correct in calling it a conspiracy theory?

Is that an ankle monitor Hmmm?

Goes through the history of replacement theology and why it is unbiblical

Memorial day message originally given in 2019

Deals with the inconsistency of preterism, the mid and post trib theories and their origins

Focuses on the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the parallels with todays society.


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