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My thoughts if Trump loses the 2020 election.

I explain why Liberals are miserable and it has nothing to do with Trump!

YouTube has censored me before and it's only resulted in more views.

Gay pride month nam sayin.

Joe Rogan explains how he changed entertainment with podcasts with Jordan Peterson. Full interview is on Joran Peterson's YouTube channel.

Everyone knows Taylor Swift is the one that needs to calm down, she can hardly date a man without self-pity ahahaha!

I don't like this part of Doom. It's too easy. The audio will be ten times better on the next episode.

YouTube's cencorship is getting so out of hand it's becoming hard to keep up with it all! Has anyone noticed the unsubscribed error that's occuring on YouTube? It seems like the site is dying at a rapid pace.

Tech censorship is going to elect Donald Trump in 2020. Conservatives and Independents will begin to lie to Liberals to keep the peace and a blow out victory will implode mainstream media's credibility.

At the end of the day, only yourself can make you happy. Dream big my friends!

Played through The Shores of Hell today. Not too bad. I did get stuck on one level ahahah

Why are Millennials so negative these days? This is Doom on Ultra Violence bitch!

Why the average man will defeat the dystopian feminist gay agenda.

Doom Eternal is so powerful it's most likely going to change the culture and entertainment. The profits will expose the truth.

Doom Eternal is coming

I love you Coach Red Pill but you gotta take BitChute a little more serious if you want to get ahead in life!

A gay reporter from Vox is actively destroying YouTube's platform. If YouTube fails to listen to us, we have to jump start alt-tech.

It's sad because Gillette has the best razors but they cut too deep into my politics and I can no longer buy their product. Rest in peace you sad failure.

Hunter McIntyre is one cocky man and he really thinks he has what it takes to win in the CrossFit Games!

I don't even watch the show and I predicted the ending lol!

Bill Nye got me angry. Warning to those parents out there, this one is harsh.

My opinion about this drama between James Charles and Tati. I'm not even apart of this community and I got sucked into this hell hole.

BuzzFeed writes a hit piece against YouTuber Soph. YouTube censors a few of Soph's videos. Soph uploads them to BitChute and the censored video gains 30,000 new views. BitChute has the ultimate laugh in the end. New and exciting things to come to my channel!

I'm tired of social media. It's not fun anymore. People need a life and I explain why.

Modern dating has a ton of issues but I believe the head of the snake is an economic bubble that's waiting to explode on the Millennial generation, primarly the women.


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