Millennial Reject

Millennial Reject

A new decade is upon us and I think Americans are hungry for inspiration, action and self improvement. The days of social media, politics, dating and Hollywood are going to be in the past. People are in a rut and they want authentic and inspiring energy!

Today I analyze Surreal Entertainment's video on Pewdiepie vs T-series. Good stuff

Experiment on privilege is a racist test and not only should you avoid it, never feel guilty of the results, they might be fabricated for racist reasons.

It was a win, win tonight. Republicans got what they wanted and Liberals got what they wanted. Or so we think.......maybe this will end the Social Justice Warrior phase in the Liberal party.

I was right, Brad Little wins in the state of Idaho. Happy times, stay tuned for the midterm results!

My 2018 midterm prediction. Why I think Conservatives will win and why I blame Halloween costumes on Liberal's defeat.

Are fairy Tales Sexist? We find out the truth!

Why I'm not offended by Middleton High's Costume Controversy in Idaho.

Google hired a bunch of Social Justice Warriors who are attempting to over throw the most brilliant people in the world. This is a very bad day for the internet. Brace yourself. The dark ages of the internet are upon us. Supporting Alt-Tech is a must today.

These rare women want their boobs extra large! They can't stop inflating their boobs!

I beat Knee Deep in the Dead and the shores of hell on ultra violence! Enjoy!

Second best Pewdiepie video of all time.

What happened to the once popular Fox Conservative who turned Liberal and joined NBC? How did this strong woman known as Megyn Kelly turn to jello and lose the culture war against the radical left?

Crazy woman decided to tattoo her eyeballs and cuts her tongue in half! My opinions come out.

YouTube's website and apps stopped functioning for 2 hours. YouTube is still figuring out what happened. Only time will tell if this will happen again. Hide your children!

Idaho has a Liberal problem and it needs to end. An internet bill of rights needs to be written for the state to stay red.

A Scary Time is stupid and I'll explain why!

I fully support Kanye West and Donald Trump. Stop watching the mainstream media, they are lying to you!

Taylor Swift is not voting for Marsha Blackburn. Liberals get wet with the thought of winning the midterm elections in Tennessee. Taylor calls on fans to vote on November 6th.

Republicans get ready to vote in Kavanaugh. Democrats panic when they realized the FBI investigation fails to stop Kavanaugh. In a last ditch effort Democrats claim Kavanaugh doesn't have the temperament to be a Supreme Court Justice. Bill Maher blames Social Justice Warriors. Jersey Shore - The Situation goes to jail for 8 months and Cristy Caserta from the The Bachelor dies at age 38.

Ford has trouble proving her own facts while Kavanaugh fights back. The Senate is most likely going to vote in Kavanaugh tomorrow morning. CNN is losing their minds over Kavanaugh hearing. I react to Trump's UN speech and his support for Kavanaugh.

Tonight on Alternative Influence part 5, Tim Pool dates the racist Dave Rubin in shocking detail! We expose the truth as we dive further in the rabbit hole!

The Kavanaugh crap won't end until Thursday, what a waste of human time and news coverage.

In this episode I prove how Henrik Palmgren, Bre Faucheux, Mouthy Buddha, Jared Taylor, Lana Lokteff, Wife with a Purpose, That guy T, Tommy Robinson, Tree of Logic, Tara McCarthy, Mark Collett, James Allsup, Chris Ray Gun, Braving Ruin, Colin Robertson (Millennial Woes), Styxhexenhammer666, Jordan Peterson, Brittany Pettibone, Blonde in the Belly of the Beast, Baked Alaska, Richard Spencer, Some Black Guy, Tim Pool, Jeff Holiday, Andy Warski, Dave Rubin, Coach Red Pill, Faith Goldy, Ben Shapiro, Destiny, Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad), Kraut and Tea, Owen Benjamin, Lauren Southern, Candace Owens, Steven Crowder, Stefan Molyneux, Black Pigeon Speaks, Mike Enoch, James Damore, Michael Knowles, No Bullshit, Roaming Millennial, Caolan Robertson, Andrew Klavan, Mike Cernovich, Mister Metokur, Nicholas Fuentes, Vee, Gavin Mclnnes, Paul Joseph Wastson, Bunty King, Mundane Matt, Milo Yiannopoulos, Computing Forever are all related to each other and much more in the stream!

The US and China Trade war could affect your beer prices! BREAKING NEWS on Brett Kavanaugh's accuser! We prove how Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, Styxhexenhammer66 and mundanematt are connected! We also prove how H3H3 and Pewdiepie have no connections to these crazy people who influenced our election! Trust me! I'm Fake News!


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