Millennial Reject

Millennial Reject

In this episode I prove how Henrik Palmgren, Bre Faucheux, Mouthy Buddha, Jared Taylor, Lana Lokteff, Wife with a Purpose, That guy T, Tommy Robinson, Tree of Logic, Tara McCarthy, Mark Collett, James Allsup, Chris Ray Gun, Braving Ruin, Colin Robertson (Millennial Woes), Styxhexenhammer666, Jordan Peterson, Brittany Pettibone, Blonde in the Belly of the Beast, Baked Alaska, Richard Spencer, Some Black Guy, Tim Pool, Jeff Holiday, Andy Warski, Dave Rubin, Coach Red Pill, Faith Goldy, Ben Shapiro, Destiny, Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad), Kraut and Tea, Owen Benjamin, Lauren Southern, Candace Owens, Steven Crowder, Stefan Molyneux, Black Pigeon Speaks, Mike Enoch, James Damore, Michael Knowles, No Bullshit, Roaming Millennial, Caolan Robertson, Andrew Klavan, Mike Cernovich, Mister Metokur, Nicholas Fuentes, Vee, Gavin Mclnnes, Paul Joseph Wastson, Bunty King, Mundane Matt, Milo Yiannopoulos, Computing Forever are all related to each other and much more in the stream!

The US and China Trade war could affect your beer prices! BREAKING NEWS on Brett Kavanaugh's accuser! We prove how Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, Styxhexenhammer66 and mundanematt are connected! We also prove how H3H3 and Pewdiepie have no connections to these crazy people who influenced our election! Trust me! I'm Fake News!

Tonight I attempt to finish the report about the Alt-Right's influence on YouTube! Here we go!

Brett Kavanaugh's accuser is wishy washy on her decision making. Republicans are setting a deadline on the bizarre issue and Democrats complain like children. New article reveals the alternative influence that's turning YouTube viewers in radical racist? It's all Trump's fault and much more!

Sarena Williams had the chance to redeem herself but she chose to put politics frist. Her carreer is over, her mind is now filled with rage. Go woke go broke! Keep a fresh mind and stay clear of politics folks!

Serena Williams yells at the umpire because he thought she was cheating. She's now blames the loss on sexism. News outlets have conformed that her opponent was female in nature.

Apple decides to ban Alex Jones and Infowars from the App store, Obama asks why it's so hard to say Nazis are bad. I prove that mainstream media is just as nutty as Infowars. #freespeech Elon Musk gets high with Joe Rogan!

Twitter "permanently" bans Alex Jones for touching out of touch Marco Rubio. New York Times deals with a credibility crisis as President Trump investigates if the article is even real.

The best Pewdiepie episode known to man

As an expert fighter myself, I analyzing Logan Paul's boxing match that Surreal Entertainment uploaded. This video is going to be a HOOT! HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS!

God is a Woman has a lot of hidden messages in it's lyrics and music video! Today we dive into the truth behind these messages!

The Tinder Trap experiment is crap! This has to be the dumbest social experiment known to man!

Sometimes your bum explodes, sometimes it doesn't. Join me on this wild adventure into the unknown!

A little update on what CNN is up to these days. Never ever call someone a dog! Ever!

Brad Little is going to destroy Paulette Jordan in the 2018 midterm election ahaha!

YouTube's censorship could consider this video sexist in the near future. Enjoy the history of internet culture.

President Trump officially supports freedom of speech and that's extremely good for the right.

I don't like the direction YouTube is going and I feel the need to archive videos that I like from other channels because things are disappearing at an alarming rate. This site appears to be unsustainable and desperate for survival. Susan Wojcicki needs to be fired I don't have much faith in this platform's future.

Social Justice Warriors attack Doom Eternal's mortally challenged joke and compair demons to immigrants. They claim the jokes are a dog whistle to the Alt-Right but the joke went right over their heads.

Censoring Infowars and Alex Jones will direct millions of users to alternative sites. Big tech is losing their minds and money over these issues. We are winning the culture war!

Why Infowars won the culture war and what will happen to mainstream media social networks if they fail to reverse their actions.

I've been reading Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules For Life and I realized my room is a mess! Today I finished cleaning my room!

I've been reading Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules For Life and I realized my room is a mess! I like making videos so I decided to make a series on it. Enjoy the video!

Star Wars is more real than the moon landing and I can prove it!

History was made June 11th/12th when president Trump meets with Kim Jong Un. The mainstream media clearly has a bias against Donald Trump.


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