Millennial Reject

Millennial Reject

Star Wars is more real than the moon landing and I can prove it!

History was made June 11th/12th when president Trump meets with Kim Jong Un. The mainstream media clearly has a bias against Donald Trump.

I'm very disappointed in the direction of the new Doom movie. I think feminism has gone too far. You can't replace doom guy with a woman.

Miss America will not survive with it's new rules.

ABC will lose money over this while another network buys the show. Twitter doesn't affect our life. Roseanne needs a Gad and Minds account to freely express herself.

My honest opinion about Tommy Robinson and the UK government!

Hitler's dog's DNA is apart of every feminist dog! Lots of racist dogs out there.

Men are sick and tired of the feminist talking points. Get a life and start a family already.

Social Justices Warriors still exist apparently and Dave Rubin proved it with his recent speech.

Pewdiepie likes granny in Resident Evil 7

Why I don't care about the Boy Scout's destruction. American's don't need the Boy Scouts to create leaders.

Facebook is rolling out a dating app! Facebook is so smart it's stupid, they can't even perfect a dating app! People want to connect with others they all ready know! Not STRANGERS!

My thoughts about Bill Cosby's fate. Why I don't really care about him but worry more about men's future in society.

Never drink and Fortnite! You won't win!

Starbuck's CEO is closing all it's stores to teach them a lesson about "racism." Rather then dealing with the real issue and that's free WiFi.

YouTube is falling and it's falling fast! Philip DeFranco no longer believes in YouTube! This is BitChute's chance to shine!

The truth about fake news and why mainstream media is failing to tell the absolute truth!

An epic speech by DeAnna Lorraine. Buy her book on Amazon - 'Make Love Great Again.'

I tried to upload this to YouTube some time ago and it was banned from the entire world because of copyright issues. Give me a fucking break.

Facebook didn't listen to my advice. Oh well, they can fail now. Shout out to dmatthewstewart on Gab! His video of the YouTube Shooter made my day!

Tony Robbin's apology was a mistake but the #metoo movement is doomed to fail because they've placed all their eggs in one basket.

These cheesy songs will get stuck in your head.

My book review of DeAnna Lorraine's 'Making Love Great Again.'

My wonderful Fortnite game play! Episode 1!

I'm giving a shout out to Pewdiepie because he currently has zero subs on BitChute!


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