Millennial Woes

00:00:47 Postal orders
00:01:37 TV drama as an art form (The Chronicles of Narnia)
00:08:11 Depression a gene-cleansing device
00:10:24 Vintage TV shows
00:11:44 Roald Dahl
00:13:42 Party politics, democracy and the Conservative Party
00:25:51 Power today, the WEF, and the inadequacy of democracy
00:41:56 Bad quality public
00:42:20 The recent spree shootings
00:44:51 2020 fission
00:46:57 Horizontal and vertical diversity within a group
00:58:58 Video games as an art form that requires critique
01:02:27 Substack
01:04:59 Drama, art, academia and cultural commentary are stultified
01:07:31 Why should the Guardianista celebrate Christmas?
01:10:54 The Office
01:12:22 The term "woke" is annoying
01:13:04 North Americans and class
01:15:45 Alex Jones
01:19:09 Alex Jones and Molyneux vs. deplatforming
01:21:21 Alien 3

00:00:47 Monkeypox and complacency
00:10:08 Big Klaus
00:10:47 The WEF police
00:16:58 Clear them out
00:18:35 A useful idea every week
00:23:42 Alt-tech platforms
00:28:15 Deplatforming a country
00:31:01 Lashing out in strength or in weakness?
00:32:54 Wrecked Millennial women on Tinder
00:40:35 The cyberpunk genre
00:45:58 How close will we get to the Schwabian cyberpunk dystopia?
00:49:22 The DeviantArt emo girl was the art hoe of the mid 2000s
00:49:51 Mad Max, delusion, and libertarianism
00:52:10 Which TV presenters do you hate?
01:04:01 Anglos as distinct from other Europeans
01:07:41 The Centrist and vision
01:12:49 The strange masculinity of Clarence Boddicker

00:00:50 Monkeypox
00:04:35 So many variables...
00:05:38 NPC public
00:07:06 Braveheart and Scottish nationalism
00:18:46 Reclaim our pejoratives?
00:28:21 Post-white America
00:30:10 Chris Langan
00:31:41 Extreme environmentalism, VHEMT, anti-natalism, feminism
00:40:40 Recycling and resource usage
00:41:41 Anime
00:43:51 Future MW formats
00:45:39 2010s pivot points
00:47:35 Will Scotland leave the United Kingdom?
00:51:37 Why am I an Agnostic?
00:53:54 4chan and censorship
00:59:11 Richard Spencer
01:07:40 My NPI co-podiumees

00:00:52 The Dispatches documentary about Patriotic Alternative
00:15:23 Klaus Schwab is not a Rothschild
00:20:26 Tony Blair, bestriding two powers
00:26:11 Growing your own food will be illegal in Victoria Australia
00:28:48 Doctor Who and the tragic gay man
00:41:02 Black gay Doctor Who
00:47:17 Doctor Who goes Marvel style
00:56:01 The difference between goblins and hobgoblins
00:57:20 Oasis, Blur, Pulp
01:01:54 Rifts within British nationalism
01:12:29 The deadening spires
01:18:45 Wokery as a religion

00:00:47 Twitter appeal rejected :(
00:05:06 Cosmic videos
00:06:51 Deplatforming ghettoises a content creator
00:07:19 Walking tour
00:08:31 Depression and getting out of it
00:18:15 Men, skills and telos
00:22:12 Are you a Christian?
00:23:20 Our own media products?
00:28:24 Paywalls and the Dissident Right
00:33:13 Which traditions would you abolish?
00:38:20 Political reform of Britain
00:46:16 Abolish formal schooling?
00:57:22 Mass immigration of low IQ people into a jobless West...?
00:58:13 We need a radically new Britain
01:00:00 The Northman
01:01:07 Richard Spencer's decline
01:07:10 Better if humans went extinct?
01:09:00 Worth it to live in a foreign country?
01:10:49 Certain historical things
01:11:21 Johnny Depp, Marilyn Manson and insane MeToo women

00:01:37 Elon Musk buying Twitter
00:20:09 Trump and social media
00:23:28 Elon Musk buying Twitter (II)
00:24:45 Is social media dying?
00:27:36 Middle-aged revulsion towards the young
00:28:45 Zoomers and Millennials and childhood
00:29:28 Elon Musk buying Twitter (III)
00:33:13 Generational shoes
00:34:26 Rebellion in the age of global capital
00:37:40 Eric Chappell and Rising Damp
00:49:57 The 1970s will be gone soon
00:52:18 Hornblower
00:53:08 ITV3 repeats (Quincy, Ironside)
00:53:47 American and British TV drama
00:54:44 Do I rate Red Dwarf?
00:58:15 Right-wing cultural critique videos
00:59:14 Modern filmmakers are technically spoiled but creatively vacuous
01:00:27 Remakes and respect
01:01:07 Sharpe
01:02:03 Production vs writing in drama
01:07:56 The Themeless Author (reprise)
01:11:39 The Young Ones
01:13:57 Rik Mayall
01:15:54 90s TV quirky detectives
01:21:57 Tips for red-pilling
01:29:46 Instinctual revulsion at diversity casting

00:00:49 The Chilean effect
00:13:20 Decameron and The Secret Garden (1993)
00:14:45 Lambster
00:15:56 Elon Musk and Twitter
00:30:07 Elon Musk and digital ID online
00:35:17 Cheddar or American cheese?
00:36:42 Are your ancestors proud of you?
00:37:28 Feminists blame 50% of the human species in order to avoid being prejudiced
00:39:36 Ireland and decaydence
00:43:15 Do I consider myself elite?
00:44:32 What Ngubu does to Norf FC
00:49:24 Flattening of the British class structure
00:53:04 What do you lament most about the decline of the British aristocracy?
00:53:58 Dickon and The Secret Garden
00:56:54 Do we even have an elite any more?
00:58:05 The Family Sex Show
01:05:55 If Alex Jones left the stage
01:08:03 Molyneux's tragedy
01:10:36 Do I like black metal music?
01:11:09 Submitting to a corrupt elite?
01:13:57 Guests for Millenniyule 2022
01:15:46 Me and controversy

00:01:14 From Norf FC to eternity
00:11:44 Is the Great Reset a conspiracy?
00:15:01 What conspiracy theories do you believe in?
00:29:09 Anti-white sentiment among Indians
00:30:22 Genetic drift in Britain due to miscegenation
00:32:23 Dialogue with the Left?
00:38:16 Globalist wars as consumer pastimes
00:40:54 New Worlders and their Scotch heritage
00:43:36 Brexit as a globalist ploy?
00:45:33 The significance of Brexit in a globalist world
00:49:47 Anti-white sentiment among Indians (cont.)
00:51:12 Famine in Africa and plans in Davos
00:56:14 King for a day (reprise)
00:57:09 Bono lackey who wants to replace the Irish population

00:01:03 Ritual, the letter Z, and the need to virtue-signal
00:08:00 The LGBTQIAP calendar
00:21:13 Latvia bans the letters V and Z from public display
00:23:44 Was Michael Jackson murdered?
00:28:01 Democracy and the French election
00:30:30 The Brown Sauce question
00:32:27 King for a day
00:35:57 Possibility mining
00:38:26 King for a day (cont.)
00:41:45 Irvine Welsh
00:47:38 Blonde Laura Loomer?
00:48:23 Gay Rebus
00:50:26 Jonathan Bowden transcriptions
00:51:25 Content creators disconnected from ordinary people
01:01:25 My childhood
01:08:04 The duty of content creators
01:10:42 Nero fiddling, Rome burning

00:01:19 The letter Z
00:01:53 A phoney war
00:04:29 The letter Z (cont.)
00:14:38 Twin Peaks, and the babes thereof
00:23:21 Will Smith punching Chris Rock (I)
00:25:59 Perennialism vs. the news cycle (and my tardiness)
00:29:22 Royalty and the represented / two cucked princes
00:38:35 Still a threat to the system?
00:42:03 Will crypto be banned?
00:44:12 Central Bank Digital Currencies
00:52:10 Will crypto be banned? (cont.)
00:53:44 How to Get Ahead in Advertising
00:56:48 The Multimoral Society
01:04:37 The decline of the Oscars
01:05:12 Cultural change since 2000
01:12:17 The hipster and multiculturalism
01:16:51 Will Smith punching Chris Rock (II)
01:21:32 Beliefs as companions (and hindrances)

00:00:55 The Anime Question
00:02:41 The move from changing society to changing oneself
00:27:18 Iraq and WMDs
00:28:24 Boomer Neocons
00:35:17 Non-Ukrainian refugees
00:37:39 Inadvertent larping
00:40:07 Anglosphere unity
00:41:21 Inadvertent larping (cont.)
00:42:22 Power, the pod and the public
00:46:05 A political solution
00:47:53 The Tain
00:48:53 HP Lovecraft
00:50:42 Guilt-tripping whites about refugees
00:54:00 Warhawks and hypochondriacs
00:55:40 Martin Bashir and Princess Diana
00:56:54 Biden is freakish
00:58:10 Globalism and food rationing
01:00:23 Is COVID over?
01:01:52 Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle?

00:01:18 US biolabs in Ukraine
00:08:48 Bigger chad: Putin or Zelensky?
00:16:36 Are there limitations of nationalism?
00:27:57 Progress, peoplehood and Star Trek
00:32:25 The modern world feels unnatural
00:37:13 The zeal of the newly red-pilled
00:41:55 Nicked by the German rozzers
00:47:21 Isolation and being red-pilled
00:50:28 Faustian self-destruction, or equilibrium and harmony?
00:54:07 Is truth-seeking a form of autism?
01:04:00 Weapons of mass destruction
01:06:11 Would you go on the Joe Rogan Experience?
01:08:59 My Side of the Mountain
01:09:59 Are you a racist?

00:00:48 The Ukraine crisis
00:08:50 Russia and different contexts of war
00:13:59 Arguing with friends and family
00:19:11 The widening gyre
00:30:28 Confidence, security and recognition
00:34:40 Understanding in exchange for time
00:36:50 Confidence, security and recognition (cont.)
00:38:16 Cosy on Telegram
00:39:24 The artist getting older without a magnum opus
00:42:47 Innocence, beauty, and growing up
00:46:43 The excesses of fandom (mockery of childhood)
00:49:17 New York, Los Angeles, Sonic and Lemmings
00:53:49 Getting older, getting detached
00:55:16 What will social media be like in 10 years?
01:00:48 Twerking
01:01:29 Hiking
01:02:35 Pressure for hot takes
01:07:13 Is the era of censorship ending?
01:11:06 Is this 1984?

00:01:35 Ruler without a cause
00:02:57 The consumed consumer
00:07:23 Transhumanism and my degree thesis
00:09:30 Transhumanism and nationalism
00:14:10 The SNP and the Age of Consent
00:16:25 Transgenderism as a policy weapon
00:19:44 Repatriation
00:23:02 Agnostics advocating religion
00:28:26 The perfect gourmet pizza
00:30:19 Humanity and hierarchy
00:40:39 Present-day realism vs. future idealism
00:42:03 Grounded self-sufficiency vs. rootless automation
00:44:31 Working in a call-centre
00:46:19 Future MW content
00:48:45 The utility of being interviewed
00:49:56 Isolated a la Alinsky
00:53:06 DMT
00:53:42 The Daily Record's dishonesty
00:56:23 The pragmatism of HNH
00:57:42 The Online Harms Bill and pundit paranoia
00:59:43 Bestiality
01:01:53 Cryptocurrency and 1990s cyber utopianism
01:05:12 My doxing and the realities of dissidence
01:15:34 Self-doxing and its advocates
01:19:52 Patreon betrays Morgoth
01:21:32 Sean Connery
01:24:08 My ideal county for a cottage
01:27:16 The utility of crypto

00:01:58 January 2022 advancement of things
00:04:21 Introductory faffing about
00:11:23 Dave Cullen on Millenniyule
00:13:16 Kriss Donald, immigration and Scotland
00:18:48 Blackpool and immigrant atrocities
00:20:49 Northern ex-industrial towns
00:23:09 The trucker convoy
00:48:18 Patriotic elites within a globalised economy?
00:49:48 Authenticity and the trucker protest
00:50:19 Tommy Robinson
00:52:16 Millenniyule 2021
00:54:35 The Millenniyule website
00:56:10 Louis Theroux and the Groypers
01:05:08 Overcoming addiction
01:08:01 Religious in-fighting
01:10:16 Folkishness
01:12:37 Can religious people prioritise ethnicity over their religion?
01:14:40 The superchat bot
01:15:40 Autists and society
01:22:50 Vaccine avoidance and loyalty to one's home state
01:26:35 American ethnic mixing and Michelle Pfeiffer


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