Millennial Woes

A young man in the reactosphere trolled a friend of mine, and it resulted in me making this video for him. He is troubled, confused, frightened and anxious. These are common afflictions among the young, so hopefully the advice in this video will be relevant to other people too.

A book came into the shop, "In Birdland" by Oliver G. Pike. It was 104 years old. This inspired some thoughts.

By incredible coincidence, a blue plaque commemorating the book's author was unveiled at his old grammar school just 11 days before this video was filmed.

One of my most idiosyncratic videos. A sticker at the front of a century-old book inspired some thoughts about the girl who once owned it as a school prize - Alina MacLachlan, of Uig, Portree, in the Outer Hebrides.

NB. It seems that the abbreviation "Archd." meant "archdeacon", not "Archibald".

One of my best videos (IMHO), this was a speech I gave in London in May 2017.

Karen Straughan, of the MRA community, seems to be coming around to some kind of white identitarianism.

Sargon's video:

NOTE: This was filmed using the Hauppauge Rocket recorder, and audio was recorded separately. As a result, the audio and video are occasionally unsynchronised. I tried to correct this, but it is a never-ending task. I did what I could.

[This video is not intended to condone violence or hate.]

[This project is my livelihood. Please see Thank you.]

After being prompted by various people, I am inviting everyone who enjoyed Millenniyule 2020 to give a little something in return for it. Incidentally, the streams are all elsewhere now, and linked from here:

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This is a clip from the New Year's Day 2021 AMA. I am uploading it separately so as to link it elsewhere.

For the avoidance of doubt... I don't think black men are bad, I just wonder why so many billionaires and advertising agencies want them to race-mix with white women.

In Vienna recently, I spent some time with Austrian identitarian intellectual Martin Lichtmesz. This is the second of two conversations that we recorded. Hopefully we shall meet again, and record more.

Note: due to technical difficulties, the footage is missing for the first quarter of this conversation, and the rest was filmed with a smartphone. My apologies.


[This video is not intended to condone violence or hate.]

[This project is my livelihood. Please see Thank you.]


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