Model by AkatoBasu, TDA, Lelu-chan, WacimTooth, Shiinarei (used as reference), UtauRueCross (used as reference), Owth, auauauaua, ChoiMinYeon, MMDFakewings18
Motion, Camera by 玲音@れいん様
Stage by notQ様
MME: HATOON2, AutoLuminous, ExcellentShadow2, ExShadowSSAO, o_SelfOverlay, o_Bleach-bypass, o_LikeHDR, Diffusion7, HgSAO, ColorShift, ikGouache, Croquis, PostMovie_Red, Air Perspective, ikClut modified Retouch Biscuit, A-screen, PostRimLighting2D, ikPostFogAcs, ikOverray, ikLensGhost_Light, Sakura, CRT, ikWatercolor, Cinemascope

Model by ff50優
Motion by yurie
Camera by Bugs6868
Stage by フクxai

Excuse the title.

Models by Animasa (both edited by me)
Motion, Camera by Li Ai
Stage by MMD3DCGParts, 3DCustom Girl
Magic Circle by keemrap
MME: dGreenerShader (normalmap edit), Diffusion, TrueCameraLX, PowerDOF, SSAO_Lite, o_SelfOverlay, PostMovie_red, CheapLens, o_Vignette, Screen_Otome, ExcellentShadow, Beam_lv1, Earthquake,

Models by T-tom
Motions by 日曜。, 盗賊@つばきP, むつごろう, ノン
Stage by User_Decorator
Microphone, Microphone Stand by ましまし
Camera by 日曜。
MME: ikWetFloor, AutoLuminous, HgSAO, o_SSAO_HQ, WhiteOut, o_toPaleProcColor, o_SelfOverlay, tanzania, scott_pilgrim_vs_the_world, RC, likelooks, ikSunshaft, Dust drifting in the air, PowerDOF, MLAA, L2AA, CheapLens

Models by Kurooni and ff50優
Motion, Camera by あひる@anatroccolo
Stage, Ticket Gate by 葱畑P
Skydome by UssyP
MME: HgSAO, HgSSAO, SvSSAO, CheapLens, MotionBlur, Diffusion, o_SelfOverlay, o_Bleach-bypass, o_toProcColor, o_Tonemap, Film, Dust drifting in the air, WhiteOut, L3AA, PowerDOF, A-screen, AutoLuminous, 1color

/!\ I deleted the PMM file on accident, I have no idea what MME I used here. I'm sorry. /!\

Models by Kurooni
Motion by nico_keke
Stage by rossi_bi
Camera by ピックマン
Guitars by Paper Guitar, 雪月花
Drums by Drumaster
Micophone by CrazedVampireGirl
Speakers by TrackDancer
Credit to the people who made the MME

Models by Kurooni
Motion, Camera by 2TIGers
Stages by UnluckyCandyFox, Reseliee, DollyMolly323, JuleHyrule, 天堂不去
MME: AutoLuminous, HgSAO, o_SSAO_HQ, WhiteOut, o_toProcColor, PostMovie_blue, WorkingFloor2, PostRimLighting, CheapLens, Post4color, FireTail, superman_returns, Diffusion, A-screen, KiraKira, PowerDOF, 1color


Models by Kurooni and ff50優
Motion by デニム萌えP
Stage by SachiShirakawa
Camera by GM
Crop/Transition Panel, Deck Panel by Reggie Dentmore
Sparkle Overlay: https://youtu.be/izVsC4rkjJs
MME: ikPolishShader, ikSunshaft, BlackOut, WhiteOut, ikDiffusion2, superman_returns, o_SelfOverlay, o_toProfileColor, HgSAO, HgSSAO, WorkingFloor2, SvSSAO, TrueCameraLX, ImRadiosity, PowerDOF, Dust drifting in the air, o_Vignette, MLAA, Cinemascope

Models by Shiinarei, AkatoBasu, TDA, Lelu-chan, WacimTooth, Shiinarei (used as reference), UtauRueCross (used as reference), Owth, auauauaua, ChoiMinYeon, MMDFakewings18
Motion, Camera by Green Vlue
Stage by MrWhitefolks, TheMeatly Games
MME: HgSAO, HgSSAO, A-screen, PowerDOF, WorkingFloor2, ColorShift, o_Vignette, dust, FilmFrame, o_Monochrome, o_Bleach-bypass, WhiteOut

Model by Kurooni
Motion by Shikidark
Stages by melty, kaahgomedl

Models by Kurooni, T-tom, Blackanimecat21
Motion, Camera by Shikidark
Stage by Illusion, Deexie, Arisumatio
Bag by One Billion Pixels, Reseliee
Umbrella by Deidarachanheart
Skydome by Wampa842
MME: ikWetFloor, HitRain_low, WorldSnow_fog, AutoLuminous, ParticleEX2, ActiveParticleLight, PostRimLighting, ExcellentShadow, SVSSAO, o_BleachBypass, PostMovie_red, PostMovie_green, L3AA, Hologram, Ghost, PowerDOF

Models by Kurooni
Motion by シバ
Camera by FeMinzu
Stage by ketokeas
HDR Image from heypik.com
MME: http://www.mediafire.com/view/4ntd7pvrnp96fte/break%20the%20ice%20mme.png

Original Idea by TotodileDash
Models by me
Motions by MotionMakerDiva and TheEssudesu
Camera by MotionMakerDiva
Stage by nampukkk
Skydome by UssyP

Models by Kurooni
Motion by Mahlazer

Models by Kurooni and ff50優
Motion by mahira
Skydome by UssyP
Stages by SachiShirakawa and JMatt379

I cut out the ending because it didn't make sense, especially with X. If you have seen the ending, please don't spoil it.

Models by T-tom and Kurooni
Motion by Dionn
Stage by Illusion, PekoeTea

"And here we have two maverick hunters recording themselves acting stupid after messing around with sub-tanks. How many? I have no bloody clue."

Models by Kurooni
Motion by Flutternya
Skydome by UssyP
Car by arisumatio

Models by Me
Motion by Alvinloser1
Stage and Skydome by Shiruhane, chrrox
Music by Frank Nora

Models by T-tom and Kurooni
Motion by Rynatro
Skydome by Shiruhane, chrrox
City BG by ejima


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