Protesters gather in occupied East Jerusalem clashes leave over 100 injured

“Do Palestinians have a right to self-defense_” US Department Ned Price avoids answering reporters

World's first wooden satellite WISA WOODSAT set to launch this year

CCTV Captures Iron Dome Missiles In Action Over Southern Israel

Israeli military spokesman Jonathan Conricus has told that "a senior Hamas leader" was the target.

Horrific footage from China, Two huge tornadoes hit China, cataclysms, earth pain

India CYCLONE Tauktae Is MASSIVE and Rapidly Intensifying! _ Coastal FLOODS Immanent May 15, 2021

THE EARTH IS OPENING! Strange Cracks Appear In Guadalajara, Mexico, WHAT IS HAPPENING_ MAY 15,2021

Torrential Rain Drops Wuxi, Chongqing Under Water States Of China Are Under Water MAY 15, 2021

! EXTREME WEATHER Hail and Floods Leave Streets Like Rivers in Toluca and Metepec MAY 9, 2021

HORRIBLE FOOTAGE! Sudden flooding in Afghanistan, thousands of homes destroyed, there are casualties

Everything Goes Flying Super Tornado Touches Land In Suzhou, China May 14, 2021 Tornado In China

CRAZY WEATHER The Sea Spins Out Of Control And Enters The City Of Chellanam, India May 14, 2021

NEW FISSURE! Lava Eruption From Fagradalsfjall Volcano Geldingadalur Volcano Eruption MAY 14, 2021

'' Strokkur Geyser '' Iceland's Most Famous Geyser, Incredible Water Eruptions (KNOWING)

White phosphorus being dropped on civilians in Gaza

Hundreds of houses flooded in Chellanam amid raging COVID-19 pandemic


Forest Fire in Mizoram - Vast tracts of land and vegetation charred by wild fire

Chellanam / Kannamaly 14th May 2021 Devastating Flooding From The Sea

THE PLATES ARE ACTIVATED Earthquake of 6.0 Shakes Panama, Earthquake In Peru, Guatemala and El Salvador

The City Is Drowning! Severe Floods Bring Douchanbe Underwater, Tajikistan MAY 12, 2021

Oman is drowning! Huge rivers in the desert of Arabia!

'' Fire Burns Everything In Its Path '' Serious Forest Fire Strikes In Kazakhstan MAY 13, 2021

! The City Is Under Water! Serious Floods Leave Mexico City Flooded _ Floods In MEXICO May 13, 2021


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