Can mans be hot? This hard hitting documentary seeks to answer that question.

By the way BitChute, auto uploading from YouTube DOES NOT WORK at all.
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Additional song YouTube blocked.

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I started messing up near the end, then hit my hand with the controller and it lost connection for a second, but it was my best attempt so far.

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This is a commissioned piece for BearKing and it is my first ever timelapse recording. I stream most every time I paint so be sure to hang out with me, I like the company! Links below.
(This video was recorded at 10 to 15x speed and then from there multiplied by 5x.)
This was painted all on Livestream found here;

This took me a long time because I was having a lot of trouble finding what worked about it. You'll notice I change the design and pose at several points and redo the fur everywhere many times over.

Big thanks to Cafe Recorder for providing the desperately needed timelapse software I was looking for!

If you would like, you can support me on Ko-Fi, I appreciate it very very much.

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YouTube content policy update today, I'm sure this time it will finally put a stop to hurt feelings.

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I caught the death of cold but wanted to play Beat Saber. I tried Cycle Hit just to goof around, but then I somehow got farther than my past attempts so I had to get serious. Needed to pause a few times to not die.

Also my video editing sucks at the moment, I'm avoiding using Premiere because I don't to pay that crazy monthly fee, but every editor I try just doesn't cut it. Davinci's Resolve was terrible and HitFilm doesn't like to do things back video or make sense, let me get more familiar with it. I'm working on an intro animation, who knows, maybe this channel becomes something?

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I barely managed to get through it. LIVESTREAM:

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Thanks for watching, if you have any songs to recommend for these videos, I'll upload my attempt.

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Hey, it me. Dog. Thanks for watching. This is my first video, felt like I would share my gameplay which I've been streaming here.

Some nefarious neerdowell has framed me for crimes most foul!

Havin' a hoot at the Renaissance Faire.


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